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Announcing: How and When?

Category: After a Positive - Pregnancy Announcements
Posted by khl0814 » Dec. 29, 2016 2:17am

I would love to hear ways people have or plan to announce their pregnancies. Also, what factors affected when you told people?


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Reply by Dilbert06 » Jan. 11, 2017 11:01am

I got my BFP just a few days before my dh and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary :) I figured that was just too great an opportunity to not take advantage.

We went to dinner at the restaurant we had our first date and I'd convinced him to bring our "anniversary" gifts with us to open there. While waiting for our meal I had him open his gift which was a Ford t-shirt to throw him off and a photo frame that i had separately wrapped. On the outside of the wrapping I put the note that said "the only thing better than having you as my husband, is our kids having you as their dad" (I have four teens from a previous marriage that he helps me raise full time and is an incredible father to!)He commented awww and how much he loves our kids.

Once he tore the wrapping off he first noticed the frame was identical to the rustic wood theme of our wedding and he commented how beautiful but then he realized what was inside the frame, a photo of the BFP digital test. I had captioned the photo. Updated pic coming 9-15-17. He froze asking seriously, really, are you kidding?!? and then teared up (this is his very first child) He was quick to share it with our waiter hahaha and the restaurant served him up a slice of "big daddy chocolate cake" on the house after our meal.

We haven't told anyone else just yet (waiting for February) but we have thoughts on how to tell our parents. The big one for us will be how to tell our teens that a little one will be joining our highly active family haha The toughest will be telling our 12 year old "baby" girl as she loves that title so much.

The factors affecting when to tell others for us is- I, of course, need my husbands support right now as we go to first appointments and process thoughts of all the changes coming soon.
We are holding off telling our kids until after the first appointment I think just to make sure all is well and to give us time to consider the best ways to talk to them about this change that honestly affects us all.
We will tell parents after that because well they all tend to want to share with just "this one person" lol and so we are going to wait until its ok that it spreads to the world around us before we share with them ;)


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Reply by khl0814 » Jan. 26, 2017 8:35pm

That's so sweet! Thanks for sharing. Yep, I totally get the 'just this one person' sentiment. That's how my family would be too. Hoping for this cycle!!


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