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Pink Spotting then Really Thick Yellow Mucus

Category: Two Week Wait - Symptoms
Posted by Jem71705 » Dec. 21, 2011 4:34am

Hello everyone,
My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the 4th of december which was 28 days after the first day of my last period so was going to be around my next period (usually have a 28-30 days cycle). Then in the same evening, I started to have brown discharge which I thought could be the start of my period. The brown discharge lasted 3 days then had my period but strangely, it wasn't as heavy as usual and what I found really strange is that it wasn't painful at all (for the first time in years!). I was quite happy about it as my periods are usually really painful and wasnt worried as it's not the first time that I have brown discharge few days before my period starts. Anyway, 12 days after intercourse, I went to the toilet and had light pink coloured blood when I wiped myself, not enough to have some on my underwear but still had to wipe 4or 5 times. Has anyone had their period few days after sex and then got this happening about 2 weeks later?
Since yesterday (so 16 days after intercourse and 5 days after the pink bleeding) I've had really thick yellow mucus, never had like this before! It looks quite gross, like snot or something.



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Reply by Rachelnjessica » Dec. 21, 2011 4:48am

id wait until next af is due it could be your body playing tricks on you but it does sound a bit like pregnancy x


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Reply by Jem71705 » Dec. 21, 2011 7:24am

Thank you for your reply.
I know what you mean. When I had the pink spotting I looked online and saw it could be ovulation. It never happened to me before but just thought it might be the reason why I had the spotting but as I have had that really yellow thick discharge 5 days later, I am really unsure about the pink spotting being ovulation anymore.


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Reply by cravemyheart » Dec. 21, 2011 9:14am

the pink spotting could be implantation. wait until AF is due and if she doesn't come test.


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Reply by Jem71705 » Dec. 23, 2011 2:34pm

I couldnt wait anymore, took a pregnancy test (18 days after intercourse) and it was negative.
I had like big transparent globs with some white in it, then the same kind but yellow, then still the same kind but went white again, and now since yesterday I have clear watery discharge which is a bit annoying cause I feel wet all the time, am starting to think it would be good to use protection as my underwear is always wet.

I also wanted to ask because I read that urinating frequently is a sign of pregnancy, but is it also during early pregnancy? Things have been a bit different for me. During the past week, I would urinate much less and not as often as usual. Then for a day, I needed to go to toilet more often but would still urinate not as much quantity as usual. And starting to urinate more often more. I don't think it is an infection as it didn't hurt or burn at all.

Has anyone already experienced thse 2 symptoms and were pregnant? And is 18 days after intercourse still too early to test?


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