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Lets do it together! - Page 21

Reply by AKHopeful » Dec. 28, 2016 10:55am

Any updates ladies??

I went back to the doctor and had another ultrasound and the tumor was just gone... They said that it was a type of mass that looks very similar to the last tumor that they removed however this one was able to rupture and pass thru during my last cycle. I noticed my last cycle was very heavy and painful but I just assumed it was because of the tumor growing, but nope, it was because I passed it! Soo happy to know I don't have to have another surgery after all!

She also said that because of the first tumor that I had removed last may and now this one that she is guessing had been there since September that was probably why I haven't conceived yet. She now wants me to wait until at least next may or June to start any infertility work ups again and she is very hopeful that I will conceive naturally before then... So we are back to waiting


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Reply by Chekai » 10 weeks ago

Best of luck, AK! Hope everything works out for you and no more tumors!

As for me, not sure where I am in my cycle. Hubby and I on Christmas Eve. Was around the right time to try,wasn't sure if I o or not - has been hard to tell lately b/c temps were so crazy, I just quit temping regularly. Is possible that I o'd on Christmas Eve, but not really sure.

AF is due any day - no sign yet. This is CD 28, I think.

Best of luck, ladies.


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Reply by AKHopeful » 6 weeks ago

Chekai any updates?

I started yet another AF yesterday so here we go again I am just so ready for a sign or something! I have this new house and am so happy with it! I just have this empty room up stairs just waiting to be a nursery... But instead its going to just stay empty another month. I just have to keep my chin up and keep praying that a miracle happens!


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Reply by Szonja » 2 weeks ago

Hello all,
Hope that you are all right and that some good news are there waiting for me to hear...! How are you all?

As for myself: Unbelievably I am in my 19th week of a healthy pregnancy and really hoping for you to follow...




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