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Pregnant or My Imagination

Category: Two Week Wait - Symptoms
Posted by ga_peach128 » Aug. 11, 2012 11:26pm

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the site and am currently in the dreaded two week wait. I've been pregnant twice before but did not experience any symptoms with either of my pregnancies until it was time for a postive pregnancy test. One of the pregnancies ended in miscarriage.

This is the first month we are ttc for baby #2. My body temperature is usually around 97.8 to 98.6 but my body temperature has gone up to between 99.2 and 100.2 within the past few days. Since I had a stuffy nose and a bad headache, I thought I might be getting a sinus infection, but yesterday I started feeling really bloated, cramps, and neauseated. It's exactly the way I felt in my first trimester with my other pregnancy. I am only on days 6 past ovulation. Could I really be exhibiting symptoms of pregnancy all ready or am I coming down with something?? I know sometimes you can trick yourself into thinking you are pregnant, so that's what i'm afaid of.

I look forward to your reply and getting to know others on the site! Baby Dust!!!!


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Reply by feliciamclark » Aug. 12, 2012 12:45am

I have the same problem. I am 6dpo and have had cramping, sore breast, back pain, and i have been looking things up from what I have read you can feel conception, and conception can happen within 30mins. to 5 days. That doesnt include implantation. I too dont want to get my hopes up but its hard not to dig for answers.

So below are two links the first tells you how long it takes to concieve after sex... the answer will be at the bottom of the third paige. The second link will tell you about signs and symptoms as early as 3dpo.
I hope this helps.




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