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6DPO, anyone else? Symptom share.

Category: Trying to Conceive - TTC My First Child
Posted by Waiting4MySunshine » Jul. 28, 2012 10:47am

Hey ladies
so, I'm 6DPO today, my first official month TTC. Only issue is I kinda forgot I was TTC this month lol.
I ovulated on the 22nd(or around then)and BD'ed the 15th, 16th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th.
So our BD'ing was everywhere this month. It sucks because I feel completely out this month
But because there is still a possibility, I am tracking my symptoms.
Any other of you ladies around the same DPO?
Let's track our symptoms here and compare!!
So far I haven't had many, I had the usual ovulation symptoms until about two days ago. The cramps still carried on.
Yesterday at 5DPO, I noticed a wet feeling throughout the day and towards the end of the day I noticed some spotting on my panties(TMI, sorry) but it was gone when I wiped.
I woke up today at 6DPO with thick, clear CM.
It's now turned into that watery wet feeling. Aside from that all I have is the pressure feeling down below, sometimes it turns into dull cramps.
My breasts were sore around ovulation time and now no more.
Also, today I woke up with the most annoying heartburn and a bit of an upset stomach(probably due to the mac and cheese midnight meal I had lol). I'm lactose intolerant and I guess the lactaid I took wasn't enough. I'm constipated so the stomach ache isn't getting any better. I have sore knee joints and well as arms, as if I worked out.
What else is everyone else experiencing?

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Reply by PerfectMatch » Jul. 28, 2012 5:17pm

Hi there Waiting4MySunshine,

I wanted to respond to your post because I too am having similar symptoms, but this will not be my first child. Not sure if I'm having a lot of symptoms due to my eggs are too old and I just feel everything or I might just get my BFP on the 2nd.

Today I am 7 dpo and have been feeling symptoms since 1 dpo. AF is very regular and I took an OPK on the 20th and had my LH surge. We BD on the 20th and 22nd. I was taking feritily blend, maca root and royal jellly. I had DH stock up for a about 3 weeks before we BD and since he is older he had to give everything he had (tmi). So here is my symptoms.

1 dpo. Lower ab pressure, burping
2 dpo: frequent urination, still ab pressure, headache, thirsty, lots of burping
3 dpo: frequent urination, cramping, headache, thirsty, lots of gas and burping, headache
4 dpo; frequent urination, pressure, thirsty, tired, burping
5 dpo: tired, cramping, frequent urination, burping, burning in lower ab
6 dpo: early am cramping, bloat, burping, burning in lower ab
7 dpo: just a little pressure

I can't wait till the 2nd.

Baby dust to you

Me: 46DH: 54
Daughters 28 and 13 years old
Twin Stepsons 20 years old
July 2012: Our first month of seriously TTC using:
CD 2
~ Fertility Blend men and women
~ Maca Root
~ Royal Jelly
~ Preseed
and holding out from BD for 3 weeks since we are older

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Reply by leiria87 » Jul. 29, 2012 6:11pm

I'm 7dpo today, which means you and I share an O date! ^_^

As for symptoms, I'm bloated, gassy, have had nausea off and on, headaches almost constantly, some light-headedness when I sit or stand too fast also when I turn too fast, the girls have been killing me way more than my usual pre-af tenderness. As for CF, yesterday was ew quality on and off, today it's more on the creamy side. I've also been dealing with heartburn on and off, though the past couple of days it's been more off than on.

Bbt keeps climbing, so that's a good sign. Fingers are crossed for a bfp!!!


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Reply by Waiting4MySunshine » Jul. 29, 2012 10:47pm

Like both of you, I've felt symptoms like the breast tenderness..its gone now but had it a a fwe days ago. They hurt more than usual. I've also noticed frequent urination.
I still have the "wet feeling" and thick clear CM. Also while leaning ti sit down had a sharp camp/pain on right abdomen. I don't know if it meant anything but was weird.
I'm having no food aversion, nausea or vomiting. just that empty stomach feeling and hungrier than usual.
Were all on the same boat here, sounds like lol. Keep updating&

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to who need it.
to those starting out.
& to those who've survived this journey.

Reply by MrsStaceyHen » Jul. 30, 2012 5:11pm

I want to pop in too 5DPO my 1st cycle TTC #1
AF scheduled for 8/9

Didn't realize I should track my symptoms -oops!

But right now my boobies are sooooooooore!! And I am having headaches
Some light cramping and major stomach bloat w/ light constipation

I seriously want to test but know it's waaaay too early

Here is to our eggs sticking!!!


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Reply by Waiting4MySunshine » Jul. 31, 2012 7:46pm

Lol yes..try to wait. the later the better.
I feel out this cycle. Seems I'm getting a come. Sore throat, stuffy runny nose as well.
Having pain in my uterus area when squatting or turning rapidly. could be normal.
Extremely sore nipples...which is unusual for me. I sometimes get sore boobies a week around ovulation.
Also have had a crazy amount of CM. Clear, now milky for a day or two. Bad constipation as well...and headaches. Ho pefully its all for something!

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to who need it.
to those starting out.
& to those who've survived this journey.

Reply by Waiting4MySunshine » Aug. 2, 2012 6:54pm

Sooo, any news?

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to who need it.
to those starting out.
& to those who've survived this journey.