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PMS vs Pregnancy symtoms

Category: Two Week Wait - Symptoms
Posted by ma_espe » Jul. 20, 2012 11:44am

I am almost at that time that my period should of arrived or really close to since my cycles can vary from 28-38 days. (Currently day 30). I am experiencing the following: sleeplessness, very vivid dreams, sore back legs, stomach breats (including nipples), kind of nauseous the first hour after I get up, very tired throught the day, very forgetfull, bloated, runny nose on and off, and wasn't really trying to conceive yet so don't know when I ovulated or had relations with my husband.... I already had one baby, but can't quit remember everything other than the runny nose but it was way more than now and the fact that I wasn't craving any sweets near my period. So not sure, something in me kind of tells me I might be pregnant... Anyone experiencing something similar and finally got their period... thanks


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Reply by Mstout80 » Jul. 20, 2012 4:29pm

Hi there. I too dont remember too much about pre positive 'symptoms' with my first pregnancy. My personal opinion is that you really cannot tell the difference between pms and pre preg symptoms. For one, because every one of early preg symptoms can also be a symptom of pms...and secondly, because early pregnancy symptoms dont REALLY show up in obvious form, until you are well into a confirmed positive. That is one thing i do remember from my first pregnancy. Thinking back, i did have very sore almost burning feeling in my breasts...to the point i could not even sleep without a bra on because a tshirt or anything loose brushing against them, shower water even...hurt. It also wasnt until a several days and weeks after a positive test that i began having food aversions, and couldnt even brush my teeth without gagging from the taste of toothpaste. I am ttc number 2 now, and when ttc my son i kept thinking i was pregnant and having symptoms....wrong. Af showed up. After the first month i threw 'trying to determine early preg symptoms' right out the window....and poof, i was pregnant. That time i didnt want to think about it or bother testing before a missed period only to be disappointed again...so i waited til i missed af....which is very regular every 26/27 days spot on (pun intended) waited til i was 3 days late just to be safe, and tested bfp...was in shock because i swear i kept feeling like af was coming any day and kept checking but nothing. Then got the positive. So.......what i sm doing this time is the same...not bothering to test until i miss my period by at least 2 days. If your cycle is slightly irregular i would wait til a couple days past your longest cycle time...then test if af doesnt show. Good luck to you!! :)


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