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+opk then heavy spotting 7 days later

Category: Trying to Conceive - Trying For Another
Posted by Aviesmomma » May. 13, 2012 7:26am

Hi Ladies!

I had several +opks starting at 16 CD, posted the photos of the tests on here and the general consensus was that my definite +opk day was 18 CD. 7 days days on 25 DPO (7 DPO) started spotting going from light pink, disappearing, brown, then disappearing and the heavier and red disparaging again and back to a faint pink/brown. The spotting lasted a total of 5 days from 7 DPO - 11 DPO. I had a temperature drop at 8 DPO (97.2) followed by a big spike remaining at 98.3 for 2 days, then on dropped to 98.0 and this morning 13 DPO is now 97.5.

I had a positive pregnancy tests on 10 DPO, 11 DPO and 12 DPO and negative at FMU in 13 DPO.

AF is due today and isn't here, is it possible that what I thought was implantation bleeding from 7 DPO - 11 DPO was actually an early period? How did I get positive pregnancy tests during that time?

Has anything like this ever happen to you? And if it was implantation bleeding, how many DPO did you finally get a BFP on a stick or digi?

I would really love to hear your advice. Thanks!


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Reply by Aviesmomma » May. 15, 2012 12:32am

Update: I had a chemical pregnancy and tested with blood work on May 13 and 14 with <1 hcg levels.

Hoping for luck on the next try!

Thank you all for your observations on my pregnancy and ovulation test results, and I will be sure to keep them coming (fingers crossed).


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