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Category: Two Week Wait - Pregnancy Tests
Posted by mrsrogers0726 » May. 11, 2012 11:43pm

Ok. I bought 2 of the equate Early Result HPT test. you are supposed to get 2 lines. a vertical line in the control window and for positive, a vertical line in the results window.
The first test I took. I held it under the stream for 5 seconds. I waited 3 mins and the the results window was half blue no line but the control window only showed half of a vertical line. I thought it was messed up. So I took another one an hour later. This time the control line showed up fine, but the result window showed a faint HORIZONTAL line??? there isn't supposed to be ANY horizontal lines. they should both be vertical!
What are the chances of getting 2 malfunctioning tests?? Should I be excited that they are messing up?
My period is due Sunday the latest but sometimes it comes as earlier.
Should I wait and test again? Has this happend to anyone?


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Reply by myboys2 » May. 13, 2012 11:00pm

Personally I would get a pink dye test. Walmart has $0.88 ones there and I read they are pretty reliable. I bought a 3 pack of frer there for $8 too. Tried equate ones like you and ended up with both being evap lines, vertical although one I did see a horizontal line but it dissipated when the test dried. I have done both CVS and Walgreens blue dye also and I get thin blue evaps every time..they really suck


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Reply by mrsrogers0726 » May. 14, 2012 9:32am

I bought a 3 pack FRER I tested yesterday (day of expected period) and got a BFN. Today I am one day late. I tested with FMU and got a BFN again. *sigh*
I am starting to think I am just late.
Though, in the year I have been tracking my periods, it has never ever been more than a 34 day cycle.today is day 36. I am so frustrated.
I hope I am pregnant and there just isn't enough HCG yet.


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