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Category: Trying to Conceive - Trying For Another
Posted by yummum » Apr. 30, 2012 9:44am

hi ladys,
like yourself trying to conceive.
i find i know my body in side and out,
i have had negative test early april...
making love everyday !!

i am feeling hot, i have constipation that swaps with diarrhoea
small tingling on my left side,
waiting seems to take for ever but i am patient and know that after birth the joy will last a life time
i logged into this site to help me see am not the only 1 going thro this.......
i feel run down as if i have the flew
tired alot, sweating alot........ i was sick last night after eating my favourite food that shocked me....
my doctor gave me 1 year to conceive on our own b4 more tests and ivf.......

lets stay in touch add me as a friend lets talk
i share my baby dust with you all and welcome to my journey!!!!



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Reply by wishforababy2012 » May. 2, 2012 8:11am

that how i feel and have had 3 very faint lines on internet dip strips not sure if bfp yet. but good luck and bady dust :) x



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Reply by jojotryin4number4 » May. 2, 2012 5:31pm


sounds like me!
i dont really suffer with period pains or anything like that. just come on on time every month on time.
i have been having a burning sensation on my right ovary for about 4 days & it really was uncomfortable, now on 7 dpo. the burning is in the centre of my uterus going right through to the other side of my back. feeling sick cnt eat properly. feel so groggy tired & want to nap all the time.
be great to follow ur progress.
Much baby dust ur way!!


Reply by wishforababy2012 » May. 3, 2012 3:18am

yeah i had just like sharpe pains, and cramps. only just started feeling sick this morning at 15dpo, but could be in my head after see the very faint sencond line lol. and same gruggy and very tierd, have you been going sleep earlyer at night? been going sleep at like 8-9pm and sleeping all night untill 9-10am. and still want a nap during the days, its so weird. all your symptoms sound hopful. and your chances with BD everyday are more likey than mine i only BD no more than 3 times aweek mostly less.
yeah will be checking to see if you get a bfp soon. hope you do.



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Reply by yummum » May. 10, 2012 9:25pm

hey ladys gd luck to u both .......
i still havent had a period and have negitive tests

so i have started going from the 2 day bleed i thought was implantion clearly it wasnt so now i am 13dpo..... i think
but i know gd will give us our gifts when hes ready

so dont worry it will happen
i have had cramps all day as if my period is coming
felling crabit and restless
also temp been above 36 degree for 3 days just started tracking this....
cervix high and soft

baby dust !!!!


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