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Back & Legs: Backache

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  • 16 hours ago » minabaggett said:
    5dpo backpain like huge pressure lower back
  • 2 days ago » sherzeem said:
    Superbad lower backache .. N legs achy!! Since 10dpo
  • 5 days ago » cashley1230 said:
    13dpo and feel like im gonna start my period , nausea, hot flashes
  • 1 week ago » Dreamgirl33 said:
    10dpo and I have the worst leg pain and I've had pressure in my abdomen right before I pee. My back has been hurting. Nipples darker????
  • 2 weeks ago » sophia31 said:
    since 4dpo having slight cramoing and a dull backache like im going to start af is this a good sign of pregnancy no sore boobs like my other
  • 2 weeks ago » Bfringer said:
    Someone give me a message please! Dpo 8 and my dying over here..
  • 3 weeks ago » GeorgieJ said:
    7 dpo achy lower back
  • 4 weeks ago » nestle said:
    i have pain on the right side of my butt and leg pain. 2dpo
  • 4 weeks ago » NathansMommy09 said:
    bad back pain 7dpo, cramping, nausea, headaches
  • 5 weeks ago » FullMoonMagic8 said:
    Lower back pain and pelvic cramping on 4 dpo.
  • 5 weeks ago » jenifap9 said:
    4DPO sore legs like onset of menstration
  • 6 weeks ago » breyanna1109 said:
    7 dpo today. Experiencing mild back aches and sore joints.
  • 6 weeks ago » hope4me2014 said:
    Only 2 dpo very mild backache and dull pain near ovaries
  • 7 weeks ago » staceyhall89 said:
    Im 12dpo Im having mild cramps twinges in ovaries and a pulsating feeling on my downtown area. I feel nauseated as well
  • 7 weeks ago » aybjnk said:
    @19 days dpo legs feel heavy and mild hip ache
  • 8 weeks ago » jomarietrick said:
    9 dpo dull to bad lower back pain radiating from back to around front sides, breasts still little sore but not as sore as 4 dpo
  • 9 weeks ago » JoJoBe123 said:
    8dpo been having horrible back pain since 6dpo... Haven't had this for a long time so not sure if it's from doing different activity or not
  • 9 weeks ago » picante said:
    8 daays past, leg pain and thick late pap...it stains my pant, fuller and heavy breast, senditive nipple with tiredness..ttc, just keeping