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Abdomen: Mild/Dull Cramps/Pressure

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  • Oct. 22, 2013 2:53am » claydoll said:
    9 DPO. Very crampy for the past 2. Dull cramps, backache, bloating.
  • Oct. 22, 2013 2:21am » Mrspearson30 said:
    Have been feeling cramps and hip stretchy/aching since ov. Had a temp dip today at 6dpo so fingers crossed
  • Oct. 21, 2013 9:42am » davishg said:
    cramping that feels like af is coming, not due for 2 days, stomach growling loudly and increased hunger
  • Oct. 21, 2013 3:30am » OldBiddie said:
    6DPO and some very light cramp/pressure in lower abdomen. So light I might not have noticed if not TTC, so could be anything.
  • Oct. 19, 2013 11:42pm » Mechee said:
    Headaches cramping fatigue 8 dpo
  • Oct. 19, 2013 12:21pm » mommy2jaredlynn said:
    very crampy had a pain near my left hip bone on the 17th of this mth!! fingers crossed!!
  • Oct. 18, 2013 4:26am » Kenece said:
    Experiencing lower back pain and pms like cramps. At times it's dull other times more sever.
  • Oct. 15, 2013 5:19pm » Jenjennjennifer said:
    I'm getting twinges in my ovaries and AF is due shortly. Not a common AF symptom for me, so fingers crossed!!!!
  • Oct. 15, 2013 8:27am » Marksgirl said:
    at 7 dpo I had cramps all day long and they got worse towards evening. By 8 dpo cramps seem to be gone
  • Oct. 13, 2013 1:46pm » Liss908 said:
    Light cramping all the time
  • Oct. 12, 2013 2:47pm » mumttcnum4 said:
    i feel very tender in abdome today and strange pressre/cramps most of the day not like me
  • Oct. 12, 2013 5:11am » Ronni9773 said:
    12 dpo feeling pressure in lower abdomen boobs are officially sore and at night I'm bloated and gassy
  • Oct. 11, 2013 8:54am » MamaSparrow said:
    I'm feeling mild cramps like I am going to start my period. My breasts are sore and by the end of the night I'm super bloated and gassy.
  • Oct. 10, 2013 4:03pm » ksr1993 said:
    mild cramps in the middle of my lower abdomen
  • Oct. 10, 2013 3:11pm » angelmai13 said:
    I'm 10dpo and have mild dull cramps
  • Oct. 7, 2013 10:55pm » Rhid78 said:
    Am 4DPO today and having mild/dull cramping on my left side which only just started 20 mins ago. Interesting!
  • Oct. 7, 2013 7:15pm » Jewls2288 said:
    6dpo having mild cramps or sharp pains on side if I make a sudden movement when laying down
  • Oct. 7, 2013 7:14pm » Jewls2288 said:
    Having mild cramping espically in my lower abdomen below my hips if I make sudden movements when I'm laying down feels like it's ripping