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What Women Are Saying...
7 Days Past Ovulation

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  • How are you feeling on 7 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • Jun. 20, 2014 4:28pm » Santacali said:
    feel hungry all thet ime, craving for pickles
  • Jun. 20, 2014 1:38pm » santacali said:
  • Jun. 19, 2014 1:36pm » MollDoll33 said:
    Exhausted, bad lower backache, slightly crampy, and irritable.
  • Jun. 18, 2014 5:30am » mommaof2ttc3 said:
    gas like crazy, dull period like cramps, wish the 25th would hurry
  • Jun. 18, 2014 5:01am » happybunny92 said:
    not sure if im out. but lower back pain, cramps, and so so tired all the time!
  • Jun. 16, 2014 1:33am » Lex0423 said:
    Have backache and dull cramps...i feel out this month but I'm HOPING and praying for this...af due in about 9 days
  • Jun. 15, 2014 8:22pm » TTCBabyR#1 said:
    I am EXHAUSTED - no matter how much sleep I get I am still extremely tired. Also, my breasts (nipples especially) are very sore/sensitive.
  • Jun. 14, 2014 12:20pm » cashley1230 said:
    having some lower back pain, sensitive bbs, tired, mild cramps. Af not due till the 20-22nd. Trying the pineapple core thing for implantatio
  • Jun. 11, 2014 3:28pm » Vianca said:
    i just feel tired. last night u has a dream i had a miscarriage. since dull cramps. always hungry!
  • Jun. 11, 2014 4:38am » Aratae21 said:
    It feels like I'm getting my period, very tired, crampy lower abdomen, starving!
  • Jun. 9, 2014 5:57am » Noora75 said:
    should i try and do the pregnancy test today ?? am just thinking !
  • Jun. 9, 2014 5:54am » Noora75 said:
    I feel pain in the lower back and some contractions in the ovary and the first day of ovulation until now
  • Jun. 8, 2014 8:29am » robxxx said:
    I think im out this month, no symptoms at all 7dpo
  • Jun. 5, 2014 1:44pm » jessxxx said:
    dull cramps in back and uterus, some twinges in ovaries, stinging nipples, creamy cm (had red tinge a few days ago), tired,
  • May. 24, 2014 8:58am » shazzie said:
    tingly breast nasueous had cramps in left lower side belly
  • May. 24, 2014 7:42am » cartiles said:
    exhausted. sore throat. creamy discharge. temperature went back up. by .5
  • May. 22, 2014 5:00pm » Clcrookall said:
    Dull cramp like pain in my lover abdomen dull ache in my lower back kidney area and the headaches are terrible. My period is due a week sund
  • May. 19, 2014 9:17am » Mrs.Cintron said:
    I feel like am getting my period and my breast are a lil sore, Period due next Tuesday.