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What Women Are Saying...
7 Days Past Ovulation

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  • How are you feeling on 7 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • Jul. 8, 2014 2:25am » BeccaBee224 said:
    Wanted to add - been waking up early every day, napping, dull headaches, twinges, creamy/watery cm, an vivid dreams. Symptoms increase daily
  • Jul. 8, 2014 2:20am » BeccaBee224 said:
    Implantation time! Yesterday thought I was out, but now I feel blah and started getting cramps. 8 days to go til AF. No doubt I conceived
  • Jul. 7, 2014 5:50am » joyochi said:
    feeling tired, sore and painful nipples and boobs, backpain, cramping like af is coming today hope to get BFP. Been ttc for 6months now
  • Jul. 6, 2014 10:36am » MansMom said:
    tierd lots of pressure, cramping,back hurts, irritable
  • Jul. 4, 2014 7:39pm » Gwen77 said:
    One dull throb in right ovary area, temp went from 98.3 in A.M. To 98.8 at 8:30pm?? Spotted at 5-7dpo
  • Jul. 3, 2014 9:31am » Maisiejohn said:
    cramping, thirst, full and tender breasts
  • Jul. 3, 2014 8:05am » angelica2510 said:
    cramping like af cramping, but no af. tired, mood swings, hungry
  • Jun. 27, 2014 11:10pm » wakeup79 said:
    irritated, moody, thirsty, and emotional
  • Jun. 27, 2014 7:26am » MummyTotwoEmma said:
    Have a Raving headache :( and very moody
  • Jun. 26, 2014 7:06pm » sweetwine said:
    Very tired and hungry.... Sleepless nights
  • Jun. 25, 2014 12:41pm » JellyNov said:
    very tired and ridiculously thirsty
  • Jun. 25, 2014 10:42am » Bellajane85 said:
    Bloated,gassy, peeing alot, sore nipples and boobs, fatigue,hungry nauseated emotional, moody
  • Jun. 25, 2014 8:34am » Flashtash said:
    Bloated, Sore Nipples, Increased CM, Dull Back Ache, Slight Constipation, and Dull Cramps
  • Jun. 24, 2014 3:33pm » Mayer51313 said:
    Cramps lower right belly.
  • Jun. 24, 2014 2:52pm » walral81 said:
    dull cramps, so bloated, peeing a lot (due to bloating maybe), boobs a little uncomfortable, twinges, and gas
  • Jun. 22, 2014 11:18pm » Bexson said:
    Oh and forgot to add really thirsty all the time, not sure if it's just coz the weathers really warm tho
  • Jun. 22, 2014 11:16pm » Bexson said:
    Stomach cramps really low down, headache, tiredness, I am 8 days post IUI and hoping ð???
  • Jun. 21, 2014 8:04am » KaydnTobin15 said:
    The only symptoms I have are sore breast and mild cramps in the lower cervical area.