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What Women Are Saying...
14 Days Past Ovulation

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  • How are you feeling on 14 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • Apr. 14, 2016 11:53am » Sas&dan said:
    No signs of period no cramps or pains have a lot of white mucus feeling tired boo
  • Apr. 12, 2016 5:56pm » SNROMERO15 said:
    Feeling tired, nausea, dizzy, gas, sensitive breast and nipples, super tender breast, blooded and vivid dreams . AF do today negative HPT
  • Apr. 12, 2016 5:52pm » SNROMERO15 said:
    14 DPO according to my period tracker app my AF was do today took HPT negative result :-(
  • Apr. 8, 2016 9:42am » harrisemi said:
    Brown discharge-- Sore breast frequent urine mood swing
  • Apr. 6, 2016 7:23pm » Candy1981 said:
    Waves of nausea. Thirsty. Fatigue. Right breast aches.
  • Mar. 30, 2016 11:50am » Tiashamarie said:
    vivid dreams, right pelvic pain, full tender breasts, mood swings
  • Mar. 30, 2016 3:35am » Rkb11 said:
    Feeling bloated, thirsty, sore bbs, horrible mood swings, hot, having vivid dreams, pain om my left side. AF due in the next 2 days.
  • Mar. 28, 2016 9:43am » Troesser15 said:
    Sore nipples on heavy feeling breasts, fatigue, gassy, and backaches. Took a pregnancy test two days ago that said negative :(
  • Mar. 13, 2016 1:31am » mydeporch said:
    just mettalic taste in my mouth. no matter what i eat, it wont go away.due AF tomorrow.
  • Mar. 11, 2016 1:33pm » Korenelm said:
    DPO 15 - thought got AF yest but gone today. Will test tom... BABY DUST!!!!!
  • Mar. 2, 2016 2:38pm » DestinyMaureen said:
    missed period today, having all the syptoms except nausea but i do get nauseated but not throwing up
  • Mar. 1, 2016 4:58am » kitchenmagic said:
    Tired, crampy, moody, headaches.... BFN but no period still.
  • Feb. 21, 2016 11:33pm » Pookie88 said:
    14 dpo Tired, emotional, pelvic pain, thirsty for water
  • Feb. 20, 2016 7:55am » ScrdShtls said:
    Symptoms are very out of the norm for me this month pre-AF. I'm not actively TTC, but I'm tracking tww, b/c I did BD very close to O.
  • Feb. 18, 2016 11:32am » MarieCallenders said:
    wave like cramps unlike AF and 2 cramp episodes (1 second each) that was like AF this morning. AF is late and i have no period pimple.
  • Feb. 15, 2016 7:38am » scook14 said:
    14 dpo supposed to come on yesterday no sighn yet gonna wait till the weekend finger crossed
  • Feb. 10, 2016 7:53am » ChloeBailey said:
    Period started, so many of what I thought were early symptons last week, felt terrible, nausea, tired etc. Sad today.
  • Feb. 7, 2016 2:20pm » sparklesNglitz said:
    Cold like symptoms: Stuffy nose, phlegm, itchy throat.