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What Women Are Saying...
12 Days Past Ovulation

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  • How are you feeling on 12 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • 4 weeks ago » Mayer51313 said:
    No symptoms.
  • 5 weeks ago » Crissyfb said:
    Negative test spotted 11 dpo and 12 dpo af due in 5 days I don't know what's going on
  • 5 weeks ago » santacali said:
    no symptoms.. just a small creamy white discharge which comes 2 days before AF :(
  • 5 weeks ago » tlhoffman1981 said:
    very tired, cramping, back hurts, my hip hurt the other day and my boobs just started to hurt maybe two days ago
  • 5 weeks ago » MyAngelSkye said:
    I have no symptoms. Bfn this morning. waiting for AF :( good luck and baby dust to the rest of you :)
  • 5 weeks ago » MissShorty0312 said:
    Cramping and had a stabbing pain in my lower back,Heartburn, veins and swollen breast, moody
  • 5 weeks ago » Bunnyrabb18 said:
    Bloated and extremely crampy. Lower back makes it hard to sleep on my side. Faint positive on frer.
  • 6 weeks ago » NatP27 said:
    nipples and areola still hurt pronounced veins on my chest.. 12 days on, BFN this morning, gutted..
  • 7 weeks ago » Tan-Nisha said:
    BFP. All the symptoms
  • 7 weeks ago » monicadnlp said:
    mild cramps, brown/light pink spotting, breast feel weird. sorta burning, tingling feeling. lower backache.
  • 7 weeks ago » LosingHopeTTC1 said:
    cramping. breasts are very achy. gas. backache.
  • 7 weeks ago » happysoul said:
    dodgy tummy, abdo pains, thought i had wster infection
  • 7 weeks ago » monicadnlp said:
    Dull nagging headache, bbs feel somewhat painful and heavy. Stomach is Queasy a bit. Af is due in 2 days so could be just from that idk
  • 7 weeks ago » kittykat04 said:
    bloating gassy twinges and starving....confused :-)
  • 7 weeks ago » MrSpEnRoD12 said:
    BFP exhausted beyond belief, slight cramping, pressure in my uterus, cravings and STARVING!!
  • 8 weeks ago » Tpink80 said:
    Dull cramps, fatigue, gas sounds like AF coming any minute:(
  • 9 weeks ago » EllieC1982 said:
    Back is killing me, lower ab cramps...exhausted!
  • 9 weeks ago » ttcyeme said:
    i have had headache very bad that made me wanna vomit when ovulation. Overall i didnt feel any symptom at all that weird!