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Very Early Pregnancy Symptom

Symptom Details

With the many early pregnancy discomforts like nausea, fatigue, bloating, gas and tender breasts it is no surprise you may be feeling irritable! This coupled with the surge of hormones and inevitable excitement and stress that accompanies early pregnancy you'll be lucky to escape this symptom all together. Like many pregnancy symptoms, this one too should subside considerably once your hormone levels stabilize and some of the other unpleasant symptoms diminish, around the second trimester.

Comparison Chart

The chart below shows a comparison between the number of times this symptom was experienced by pregnant vs non-pregnant women.

**NOTE: Data for 15-21 dpo tends to be lower than expected as many women stop tracking symptoms after a positive pregnancy test.

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Are you experiencing Crankiness/Irritability?

What Day Past Ovulation are you? Is this a new symptom?
  • 14 hours ago » Older mama said:
    I'm 12dpo. Extremely irritable . I just want to pack up my stuff and run away. It's either major Pms or I'm Prego.
  • 1 week ago » NatP27 said:
    i couldnt say it better myself ladies. so so fustrating.. got every symptom including this one.. if im not pregnant i must be nuts!
  • 4 weeks ago » wakeup79 said:
    0dpo and yes I feel this way!! Keeping my fingers crossed! #ttc
  • 5 weeks ago » mummyjc said:
    moody emotional want to hurry up and find out if im pregnant not my happy self 11 dpo
  • 5 weeks ago » Sadiebug said:
    8dpo irritable and just want to know if I'm pregnant already...I feel so impatient Grr please Jesus let this be a good sign
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Are you experiencing Crankiness/Irritability? What Day Past Ovulation are you? Is this a new symptom?
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