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Implantation bleeding or period
Posted by tiainker750 » 5 hours ago - 4 views - 1 comment - 0 likes
So yesterday on cycle day 26 I got some light pink spotting when I wiped. It went away after awhile, so today when I woke up and went pee, I notice some red spitting. Again only when I ...
Posted by mamamoo1982 » 8 hours ago - 0 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
sensitive boobs n nipples. constant peeing ...
10 dpo bfp
Posted by brittthomp4 » 11 hours ago - 17 views - 1 comment - 0 likes
Yay my husband could see the line on the test I took this morning! It's quite light but i hope over the next few days it will darken. I go in for bloods on Monday or Tuesday. Fingers cr ...
11DPO Implantation Bleeding or Early Period?
Posted by sacredspace » 18 hours ago - 10 views - 1 comment - 0 likes
I wish i could tell the difference. The spotting is increased to scanty bleeding. I feel high and then low, elation and hope followed by despair. I want my Baby dear universe...... puhl ...
Drinking more tea nothing else.
Posted by Lalou3tt3 » 1 day ago - 17 views - 2 comments - 0 likes
Hello everyone, So i had a crazy week. Emotionally by the announcement from my sister and other friends and acquaintances of their pregnancies. Also taking classesvthis as summer; w ...
3 DPO TTC #2 cycle #2
Posted by emeraldrainbow » 1 day ago - 3 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
Could not stop going to the bathroom last night and this morning. :/ so bizarre. I didn't drink much at all! It would be too early to pee so much, only 3 dpo... Also, backache, headache ...
Posted by brittthomp4 » 1 day ago - 19 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
9 DPO and this morning I got a squinter of a bfp this morning on FRER. I couldn't get any pictures worthy of this site but I will post tomorrow hopefully it is a true line and bfp. I re ...
Oye....why do I do this to myself every TWW
Posted by brittthomp4 » 2 days ago - 24 views - 2 comments - 1 like
So I am 8 DPO maybe 9 DPO if I go off my bbt chart. Yesterday I couldn't help myself and started taking wondfo dip strips. BFN but I kept getting weird evaps on them, I swear I took lik ...

Popular Journal Entries

CD 2
Posted by Randall0123 » 4 days ago - 86 views - 18 comments - 0 likes
Hey girls, AF showed up yesterday full force. Kinda excited about it, weird I know, but that means I get to go get my levels drawn. YEAH!! This is what she is requesting Estradiol ...
Posted by tinaweiser2003 » 2 days ago - 94 views - 12 comments - 0 likes
Pretty sure baby is leaving me :( I can't take it anymore.. why ?? I'm going to the doc in 20 minutes for them to make it official. Only problem is I can't stop crying.. ***update*** ...
Been a while, just thought I'd update...
Posted by millbarnett » 6 days ago - 71 views - 9 comments - 0 likes
The hubby and I celebrated our anniversary this last week! 3 years... we got to go out of town for a night and have fun, so it was a good weekend. However af showed up today with a ...
Has it really been almost 3 months since my last update?!
Posted by alymarie6388 » 6 days ago - 82 views - 7 comments - 3 likes
Holy cow. I'm slacking! I'll keep it as short and sweet as I can. In the last three months I've made some of the best friends I could ever ask for, done some really stupid shit, start ...
Posted by adiggs » 4 days ago - 41 views - 7 comments - 0 likes
Been feeling extremely depressed this week. Not sure why. After the baby was born I started a depression med. It seemed to be helping but now I'm not sure. Maybe it's the hot weather. ...
Posted by adiggs » 3 days ago - 28 views - 7 comments - 0 likes
Can someone refresh my memory on how to add photos to your countdown page? ...
Posted by tinaweiser2003 » 4 days ago - 58 views - 6 comments - 0 likes
So my labs were put in as a STAT order meaning they would have had them this morning. Our hospital has a website you can sign up for and look at your own Labs at any time but you have t ...
Praying !!!!
Posted by tinaweiser2003 » 5 days ago - 35 views - 6 comments - 0 likes
I had labs done today. I won't find out anything until I go back to the doc's office which isn't till July 14th. My ultrasound is on July 5th so my mind will hopefully be put at ease on ...