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Countdown to Pregnancy

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Mrs fingerscrossed
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Needed to share this story.
Posted by Randall0123 » 1 hour ago - 17 views - 3 comments - 0 likes
Okay so I work a PT job early morning before going to my regular full time job. I take care of three (well now two, oldest is in college now!! I feel like I'm getting old) children. ...
Temp low this morning....normal for bfp?
Posted by mogchi » 1 hour ago - 14 views - 2 comments - 0 likes
Sorry for posting so much, but of course I am worried. I took my temp this morning just out of curiosity. I don't think I will do that again, just causes me stress. It's 97.7 which is t ...
I'm back, and I can't believe I'm even thinking about this, but.....
Posted by Ella deZeng » 1 hour ago - 21 views - 2 comments - 0 likes
I am thinking about trying for number two. I have lost my marbles. My husband will freak the eff out if I tell him. It was hard enough the first time. I had health issues. Conceivn ...
Posted by Kitten90 » 2 hours ago - 4 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
Well my cold is worse today than it was. yesterday. amd i had a temp drop pf .8 but i dont know if i can trust my temp. i woke up an hour ealier than usual but i also went to bed ann h ...
CD 16: I Ovulated!
Posted by kandi12 » 3 hours ago - 9 views - 2 comments - 0 likes
Two dark lines!! I wasn't sure how things would go this cycle qith all the meds I had to take while I was sick. I O'd right on schedule. Unfortunately, DH is still out of town. We DTD 5 ...
Febuary 27th 9DPO
Posted by Dannyloo20 » 4 hours ago - 4 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
Has a pretty vivid dream that my AF arrived and it was so real woke up realising it was just a dream haha and my tummy feels like I've done 1000 sit ups I'm starting to have a dreaded f ...
Not TTC related!
Posted by Karlou » 6 hours ago - 35 views - 12 comments - 0 likes
We found out a hour ago that Nan had died....she was rushed into hospital 2am and died at 8am. sorry if I don't reply to things or not comment on things....be stalking but not talkin ...
Trying Again
Posted by Super_sally888 » 9 hours ago - 4 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
last cycle was a bust. Period was 1 week late, but finally came. At least last month I kept a really good track of symptoms and made note of them so as not to be misled this cycle. ...

Popular Journal Entries

Ovulation weekend!! FF weird ovulation date?
Posted by Randall0123 » 4 days ago - 127 views - 29 comments - 4 likes
So I know I am jinxing this but screw it. ;) After all of these months of TTC, I don't think this has ever happened. Hubby was out working all day Sunday, I spent the day cleaning the ...
Go The Hell Away!
Posted by MalPal85 » 2 days ago - 335 views - 25 comments - 10 likes
You few ladies out there that had one nights stands or "slept with a guy" and are wondering if you're pregnant but hoping you're not...Go The Hell Away! This is a support sit ...
non-TTC Cycle, and I've adopted a dog :)
Posted by sonata85 » 5 days ago - 124 views - 23 comments - 5 likes
Hi dear ladies, and greetings from the land of BD and POAS deprivation lol It's been 3 weeks since our loss, and gradually I've come to terms with it. Just so you know, I am religious, ...
Guess it wasn't anovulation, BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by mogchi » 1 day ago - 78 views - 23 comments - 1 like
I cannot believe I am writing this....seeing as though I have PMS symptoms and do not feel pregnant like last time (although I have been EXTRA moody at work everyone says). I told mysel ...
10dpo - testing tomorrow
Posted by Mrs fingerscrossed » 2 days ago - 90 views - 22 comments - 0 likes
Going to test tomorrow with the cheapies but i'm not feeling confident. Other than lots of cm, I have nothing that indicates I could be pg... *sigh*. Af due in 5/6 days. We shal ...
Posted by WaitingwithHope » 3 days ago - 139 views - 21 comments - 0 likes
So I know that as an avid TTCer and not a pregnant woman I have no right to be snooping around over on countdown my pregnancy.. However we all know how much we like to poke our noses ov ...
Never Let Me Down Again...you damn ovaries!
Posted by amdouthitt » 2 days ago - 82 views - 21 comments - 0 likes
*So I wrote a very long and involved JE and THIS STUPID SITE logged me out for inactivity?!?! NOT HAPPY! I will try to re-write everything but GRRRR!!!! I'm so frustrated this cycle! ...
6dpo - progesterone side effects
Posted by Mrs fingerscrossed » 6 days ago - 82 views - 21 comments - 1 like
I think the progesterone suppositories are doing very strange things to my body. My teeth/gums are soo sore. It feels like I am teething and I have an ulcer on the top of my mouth. Ouch ...