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Countdown to Pregnancy

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Mrs fingerscrossed
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The horrors of the 2ww
Posted by Sandi_star » 13 minutes ago - 0 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
So we had a well deserved month break of TTC as DH was away for work. It was really the first in a long time that I had 3 weeks of totally not obsessing over symptoms and the ifs, buts ...
New Cycle....
Posted by Sassyhayngrl » 22 minutes ago - 0 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
We didn't get our BFP last month but really believe it will happen this month. Without having to ask, our Dr. went a bit more aggressive and scheduled an ultrasound, then 2 days of IUI ...
Soft cups
Posted by Baby_Blessings » 34 minutes ago - 0 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
Yay my OPKs and BBT thermometer came today!! I'm so excited to pinpoint ovulation! I hope I even do Ovulate! Tracking here I come! Things are about to get real! So a member here sai ...
Another negative
Posted by mgulud » 4 hours ago - 3 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
Negative cycle that is. Today my body gave me notice to expect AF on Sunday. I am disappointed for sure because I thought we had such good timing this month and I was trying to be more ...
Out again
Posted by Meggrubbs84 » 5 hours ago - 5 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
Well I was feeling so good this month and af came today. trying to stay strong since this is just starting our third month, but this is so disappointing. ...
Emergency surgery
Posted by kristi_623 » 7 hours ago - 21 views - 1 comment - 0 likes
I had to have emergency surgery Sunday evening because I was bleeding internally and in excruciating pain. The doctor removed 500mL of blood. He said a small ovarian cyst was very close ...
Test Results In...Now More Tests Ugh!
Posted by kandi12 » 9 hours ago - 12 views - 2 comments - 0 likes
Hysterosonogram results are good, BUT the biopsy sample was inconclusive because the sample was too small. Wth??? Now I have to decide to either do it again or have a DNC. The tests are ...
Beta 71
Posted by Overthinker » 10 hours ago - 28 views - 3 comments - 0 likes
Looks like it's happening again. Beta at 19 DPO was 71. I'm gutted. Two months in a row. I have to go in for the second test tomorrow, but obviously things are not progressing as they s ...

Popular Journal Entries

HALELUJAH!!!!!! 12dpo BFP!!!
Posted by Karlou » 2 days ago - 268 views - 74 comments - 19 likes
Praise God, its really true I have been crying and laughing and smiling this morning. Our rainbow baby is really on its way. done about 10 tests this morning which include CB plus, CB d ...
11dpo trying to keep calm!!
Posted by Karlou » 3 days ago - 183 views - 35 comments - 9 likes
So I got a very faint line on frer and wasn't going to say anything but starting to think it might be it ...maybe! Testing again tomorrow...watch this space! Good luck everyone xx ...
CD 22 7DPO
Posted by Randall0123 » 3 days ago - 54 views - 16 comments - 2 likes
Weekend was nice, glad to get some cleaning done after the bathroom reno, DH is putting on his final touches should be painting this week. :) I went to my younger sisters baby showe ...
cd-10 damn
Posted by Mrs fingerscrossed » 1 day ago - 51 views - 16 comments - 0 likes
Solid smiley today and I'm stuck in Sydney for work until tomorrow night :(. I really hope jumping hubby when I get home will be enough and we don't miss the egg! I have been soo busy ...
Posted by Karlou » 3 days ago - 107 views - 14 comments - 0 likes
There is some freaky stuff going on with my chart!! Good luck all you testers today xx ...
Posted by Karlou » 6 days ago - 83 views - 13 comments - 1 like
I swear if I am getting another cold I will give up.. temp shot up way too high. what's going on with me :-S I have had sore nipples since 2dpo, cranky, moody and teary, so tired but ...
10 DPO
Posted by Randall0123 » 18 hours ago - 60 views - 13 comments - 0 likes
Okay so I tested. :) Couldn't help myself, I kept them in my night stand so I wouldn't be tempted, DH saw me pulling it out and trying to sneak to the bathroom. He just laughed at me ...
CD 24 9 DPO
Posted by Randall0123 » 1 day ago - 38 views - 13 comments - 1 like
That itch to temp and test is starting to get stronger. I guess my will power isn't as strong as I wish it was. Luckily, I our roosters started way earlier then normal and I had to pe ...