My Favourite TTC Tool: Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs)

Today, a themed post! I have tried quite a few in the 14 months that I have been TTC! I have used countless websites and predictors, charted my BBT, used a saliva microscope, and have tried charting my cervical mucus and position. When I first started TTC, I tried the cheaper options, like BBT first. […]

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Fertility Aids

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Want to conceive? Then stop drinking coffee, says study


If you are trying to conceive, and having any trouble, it seems there are so many things you can try, things you should give up, treatments, remedies etc… In the grand scheme of things giving up coffee (or other caffeine filled drinks) isn’t too hard, and the rewards will be tremendous! The following article (based […]

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Trying to Conceive

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When to See a Fertility Specialist


Are you wondering if you should see a fertility doctor (also known as a reproductive endocrinologist (RE))? If any of the following apply to you or your partner, or you both as a couple, you may wish to seek the advice of a specialist: Women who: are age 35 or older have a history of […]

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OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue Fertility Monitor

Pinpoint your most fertile time with the all-new OvaCue Fertility Monitor. Pinpoint ovulation and increase your chances of becoming pregnant with the new OvaCue Fertility Monitor. The OvaCue is an advanced fertility monitor that enables you to predict ovulation up to seven days in advance! It’s easy to use, over 98% accurate, and unlike other […]

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Pregnancy Symptoms or PMS?

Crossed Fingers

Trying to decipher what are pregnancy symptoms and what are PMS symptoms is a predicament for any woman who is trying to conceive. This question can fluster and befuddle even the most levelheaded woman during the seemingly endless two week wait. The problem is that nearly every early pregnancy symptom is also a PMS symptom. […]

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The Common Thread Project


I walk into Babies R Us, a trip that is never fun to make these days.  Nothing quite like spending an hour or three in a giant monument of everything that I don’t have. However, my friend called in tears this morning asking for my help in picking out her registry items.  I started to […]

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Trying to Conceive

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Part Two: Monitoring Your Fertility

I think it’s probably assumed, but since I haven’t actually stated it, I am not a doctor. Your fertility journey is best directed by your doctor/midwife/ob-gyn and your unique personal conditions. Any posts I make regarding possible aids/tests/supplements are to be taken as a point in which to start your own research and to spark […]

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