Pregnancy Tests – Are you testing too early?


So you want to know if you’re pregnant – and you want to know NOW! Here are a few reasons why testing early is not such a good idea. Testing early can ‘scratch the POAS itch’ but won’t necessarily give you an accurate answer. It can leave you more confused than ever. If there is [...]

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Pregnancy Tests

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TTC? AF Late? Afraid to test?

Positive Pregnancy Test

Trying to conceive and your period is late? Are you afraid to take a pregnancy test because you’re scared of seeing a negative result? Well putting it off won’t change anything! If you ARE pregnant and your period is late, then there is 99% chance the pregnancy test will show a positive result! If you’re [...]

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Pregnancy Tests

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Do Not Open Pregnancy Tests – Reason #1

Open Pregnancy Test

There are a number of reasons not to open a pregnancy test case. The one I will be addressing today is the “line location” issue. When the test strip is still inside the casing it is lined up with machine precision – the test result viewing window shows only what you need to see. Inside [...]

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Pregnancy Tests

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Pregnancy Test Evaporation Line (A term that is often misused!)

Pregnancy Test

If you see a line on your pregnancy test you are most likely pregnant! (But ONLY if you’ve followed the directions – do not open the test casing and don’t read the test after the recommended time limit.) Many women fret that it may be a nasty¬†Evaporation Line. This term has been floating around the [...]

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Pregnancy Tests

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