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So I am confused… again. I am starting to think I should have titled my blogs “Confusion.” I seem to be confused about something every time I write.

I have been sick since Christmas day. Sick to my stomach, tired, nausea, and that pain in your stomach that’s not really a specific pain, just an over all feeling that your stomach hurts. My first thoughts of course, were – morning sickness… all day long. Then the day after Christmas I felt the same, then the 27th, and yesterday, and now today. It’s been constant, not stopping at all. So now I am wondering if it’s morning sickness still, or the flu, or something else all together? It is keeping me miserable either way. I know that I was sick to my stomach most of my previous pregnancy, but by eatting small things throughout the day, like crackers, I could keep it at bay. It never felt like this though. Now, the thought of food makes me want to throw up… and yet when I do eat, it tastes delicious, until I stop eatting – then I am instantly in pain again. What do you think? Morning sickness? Flu? Something else? Should I be worried?

Other news is that I have already started getting fat. Lol. I am almost 7 weeks. Now I know what you are probably thinking, there is no way that I should be starting to show already… Well here is what the doctor has told me. I am short. 4′ 10″ to be exact. And I have a swollen colon – just something I have been dealing with for years. Most babies have room to grow up, into the stomach cavity, then out. My baby does not have that luxury. There is litterally hardly any room at all for my baby to grow up, so the only place to grow is out. With my first pregnancy I started showing around 9 weeks I think. So it makes sense that I would start showing a little earlier than that with this pregnancy.

Lastly, I have been kind of weirded out by some people’s comments to me once they found out I was pregnant. I have have at least 5 people, some complete strangers tell me that I am carrying twins. Now twins do run in my hubby’s family, but not in mine. The part that really weirds me out is that it is a complete possibility. I think I ovulated twice the month I got pregnant (November.) I tracked my temp and cervical fluid, and I get ovulation pain. I had all of that around the time I was supposed to be ovulating… then I had it all again the following week. Not knowing what was going on, I made sure the hubby and I had sex… a lot, around both times. I guess time will only tell if there are really twins in here… I would be completely okay with it. We only want two kids, and if I could get two in one shot… and not have to deal with being sick to my stomach ALL THE TIME for another pregnancy- even better. Although, the thought still weirds me out.

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I am 25 years old, and live in Michigan. I have been married for just over 2 years. We currently have two large furbabies (Phoenix, a Siberian Husky, and Bella, a Mastiff Mix.) We also have one angel baby, born asleep 9.9.11.

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  1. Yeah, honey! Sounds like morning sickness to me! I started getting sick around 5 weeks. And mine lasted the whole pregnancy! I hope you feel better soon though!

    As for twins from ovulating twice–I’m a product of that exact thing! My mom ovulated twice the month she conceived me and my twin sister. She conceived me with the first egg, and my sister with the second. When we were born, my sister was deemed a few weeks premature, so that is how they knew for sure that’s what happened. So it could be!

    Lots of good wishes for a continued happy and healthy 9 months!

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