OMG – My Very Own BFP!

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First – my apologies for not writing on here sooner. I always told myself (through a journey to my very own BFP) that I would write to all those trying as soon as I figured out the “magical” formula to getting pregnant. Through my own experience, I understand how grueling and emotionally draining it can be to spend countless hours poring through websites trying to find out what worked for others.

So as you may have guessed, I did get my VERY OWN BFP! It was on our third month trying (much respect to those I know who had a longer road than that). Today officially marks 8 weeks pregnant and we will have our first official doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. Obviously, I am OVER THE MOON … but have to stay cautiously optimistic while hoping for our sticky bean. (Which may be why I have taken a little while to write … I don’t want to speak too soon!).

As I wrote before, I had taken advice from many websites and bloggers in order to give it the best try possible. I REALLY think that pre-seed was a key to our “MAGICAL” month, as it was the first time we had used it. I also had figured out I was ovulating late after using OPKs and tracking my BBT, and therefore was obviously able to better time intercourse that way. I also was taking Evening Primrose Oil until ovulation and drinking grapefruit juice. Every little bit helps, right?

I really do give BABY DUST to all … and do understand what an emotional time TTC can be. Hang in there – once it happens, it’s totally worth it. :)

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  1. I Thank your for your infro about your time trying and congraz to you if u don’t mind helping me is the primrose oil something you can get over the conter and is that the pre seed lube you used? THANKS IN ADVANCE AND WHAT IS BFP I’M NEW HERE HELP HELP THANKS AGAIN SMILE BABY DUST TO EVERY ONE!!

  2. Well done and congrats my dear, God’s blessing for a successful 9months and delivery.


  3. Congratulations! That’s wonderful news! Lots of sticky dust to you!

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