New Year, New Plan

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It’s been a long year. For the most part, my life is much how it was this time last year. But I’m a very different person. And a lot of the changes that have taken place in me are due to TTC and what I’ve been through in that regard this year. I entered the year sure that if I didn’t have another child be years end, I’d be pregnant. But I’m not. And I’m surprisingly okay. I never did get truly upset this month, aside from a teary moment with my very understanding doctor while getting an antibiotic for a sinus infection. (She struggled with infertility and recommended me to my RE) I’m ready to move on to a new year and a new optimism.

AF arrived late Thursday afternoon. At my ultrasound appointment on Friday morning, the nurse suggested that we try a more monitored cycle this month. I started my second round of femara this morning and I’ll go in for another ultrasound on CD13 (presumably the day I’ll get a positive OPK) to check on the size of my follicles. They may also do bloodwork at that time. If everything looks good, they’ll give me a shot of HCG that will precisely trigger ovulation (and increase the effectiveness of timed intercourse). I also plan to try preseed, a fertility-friendly lubricant. Overall, I’m feeling re-energized about TTC.

2011 was an important year for me to get through and I’m a stronger person for it. I will always remember my struggles this year and the loss I suffered. But I’ll remember it as a year that changed me in positive ways. I’m stronger.

May 2012 bring us the blessings we so desperately seek and much more than we can imagine.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cocktail waiting with my name on it.

Happy New Year!

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I'm a 31 year old mother from Indiana. I've been married since 2004 and in 2009, my husband and I had our first son. In 2012 after 19 months of struggling with unexplained secondary infertility and suffering from an early miscarriage, we were blessed to welcome our second son!

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  1. Good Luck! May 2012 bring us both little ones!

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