Pregnancy Tests – Are you testing too early?

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So you want to know if you’re pregnant – and you want to know NOW! Here are a few reasons why testing early is not such a good idea.

Testing early can ‘scratch the POAS itch’ but won’t necessarily give you an accurate answer. It can leave you more confused than ever. If there is no line, you may wonder “Is it too early? Am I pregnant?”. If there is a very faint line you may wonder if it’s actually there which leaves you wondering “Is it too early? Am I actually pregnant?”. A shadow, an evaporation line – these will leave you wondering the same thing “Am I pregnant?”. So, what was the point of taking the test – if it leaves you wondering the same thing you did before you took the test!?

We all want to be one of the ‘lucky’ ones that gets an early positive result – I mean who wants to wait right? But in reality, the percentage of women that do get an early positive is very small.

The longer you wait the more you will be able to trust the result you see in the pregnancy test window. If you hate to see a negative pregnancy test – testing early, even when you are pregnant, will likely mean you see one. Do yourself a favour – wait! The last thing you need to see when you’re pregnant is a negative pregnancy test!

Here are some statistics that will hopefully convince you to hold off on testing.
(These stats are based on data collected on

Percentage of PREGNANT women that received a negative test result when testing on the specified day past ovulation.

6 DPO: 85%

7 DPO: 80%

8 DPO: 73%

9 DPO: 56%

10 DPO: 40%

11 DPO: 26%

12 DPO: 21%

13 DPO: 18%

14 DPO: 15%

15 DPO: 13%

As you can see, waiting just a few days makes a huge difference! On 8 DPO 73% of pregnant women saw a negative result! Compare that to 10 DPO where 40% saw a negative test. By 12 DPO that number drops significantly to 21%. That means that just waiting 3-4 days will improve your chances of an accurate test result tremendously!

If you need help deciding when to take a pregnancy test – visit the Pregnancy Test Timing Calculator.

Happy testing!

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  1. OK, here is the deal, on the 14th of Sept my husband and I decided to do artificial insemination at home with syringe. I was definitely showing signs of ovulation. On the following Sunday Sept 20th, I had a spot of mucus like blood once that day. Today Sept 23rd I took a test it was negative. Help could it have been too early??

    • Yes it could be too early. Based on the dates you provided you would only be around 9dpo. More than half of women who are pregnant will still get a negative at that point. I say wait another 3-4 days and try testing again. Best wishes!

  2. I took a PREGNANCY TEST AN BLOOD TEST a week or so but see my period is irregular so i wouldnt know and I have experienced fatigue and nausea as well as cramping pain that shows no sign of a period….

  3. i am 21 dpo, should i do HPT now for accurate positive test?

  4. I Am 19Dpo Today But Yesterday at 18Dpo I went to the Hospital And Took A Urine And Blood Pregnany Test Both Came Back Negative Is there Some Thing Wrong? When Should it Be The Best Time To Test Again I am 6days LATE from my Cycle…

  5. Hi everyone. I’m new here. I have a lot of frustrations, I am now two days away from getting my period. My doc told me dates id be most fertile and we made love all that time. Well, I started having bad pg symptoms right away after my ovulation which was three weeks ago. Now I’m not experiencing symptoms all that bad, nothing like three weeks ago. I had horrible cramps which I don’t get before my period either, now I’m experiencing much lighter symptoms. I’m having cramping on my left side tonight and have had heartburn for the past two nights. I’m checking my tatas everytime I turn around. Am I going crazy? I’m not having as much acne as I usually do before my period. Today I was outside and could swear I was smelling potato chips. Am I gonna get my period in two days or am I pregnant? Help I’m making myself crazy.

  6. Hi Im 21 Ive been feeling extremely tired when ive only been going to work for maybe 5 hours i normaly stay up to about 5 am but lately i fall asleep at 11 right after work Ive been having what i thought was discharge from ovulation but i think now it might be cervical fluid and i feel like i have to vomit before im thinking of getting food sometimes after too also sometimes i get acid reflux and i have runny and stuffy nose out of nowhere also i get hot fast and i used to have sex unprotectedly with a 23 year old but he pull out but recently weve started back using condoms and no my period hasnt been late yet this month also my period has been changing on the time and length of days it comes please help!!!

  7. So i am 15dpo today i am sapose to start my period. I have took 3 test all negative. But it say the percentage is high when that early so sense i have a lot of the signs n today is my 15 dpo. Should i test again n. This time get the accurate answer?

  8. Hi my name is betty I took a pregnancy test this month and it was negative it has been two months I have not had my period im having all the symptoms,of been pregnant could I still be pregnant email me back today

  9. Hi my last period was September the 15th I had done 3 pregnancy test it was negative I,have not had a period for two months could I still be pregnant email me back today

  10. Hi!
    I am 12 dpo. I had an IUI done on the 4th of Oct, 13. I tested too early & the test came back negative. I was wondering if that means that I’m not pregnant. I called the Dr’s office & they informed me that I needed to wait until 15 dpo too test again. Just curious if this means I’m not pregnant so I can start preparing myself to do this all over again.

    Thank you so much,

    Clomid 100mg
    HCG injections
    IUI – Oct 4th, 13
    100mg Progesterone 2x day since Oct 5th, 13

  11. i tested last this july 09 and it appears that im positive in hcg cassette and that is my due date of period. im regular in my period starting feb this year but im irregular from the start of my mens cycle. is it that im pregnant or just delayed period?

  12. When you’re convinced you’re pregnant, it’s hard to wait. I’m not 15DPO and have had another false test. Perhaps I’m not pregnant after all but until AF comes I remain optimistic that it’s still too early for a urine test where I’m concerned.
    I will be back to let readers know how it goes.

  13. Thanks for this good post! I use pregnancy test strips.

  14. Love this post. It is so true that we all get the POAS itch and test too soon. I thought I was being good by waiting until 14DPO, but still got a BFN. Testing again 18DPO… it’s funny and frustrating though, when you look on this site and the % of PREGNANT women who got negatives 17 – 21 DPO is still really high, or not 1% anway. This late in the game I assume I’m not, but when you feel pregnant and AF hasn’t shown… it’s tough! Makes me wonder how the heck long I should wait before deciding for sure that I’m not pregnant! (irregular periods anyway)

    Thanks for your post! Helps calm many of our nerves I’m sure remembering these stats!

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