One day past ovulation

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Woohoo! I am now in the 2 week wait…2 weeks until I get either, the awful Aunt Flow (my period) or a Beautiful Pregnancy Test with 2 pink lines!

Each month I calculate what my due date would be if we conceived, this time if we have conceived my due date would be May the 3rd 2012…

There is something very special about that day, it is the anniversary of when my partners Dad passed away.

Call me crazy, but I am calling it a sign. I know how much it would mean to my partner to have our first baby due on that day…It would be a real miracle.

So, I guess now all there is to do is wait….

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  1. Thanks girls!! Im not sure if you read the next entry, but, I got my BFP!!

  2. fingers crossed for you hon x

  3. That would be so awesome!
    I love it when dates like that make so much sense.

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