Pregnancy Test Evaporation Line (A term that is often misused!)

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Pregnancy TestIf you see a line on your pregnancy test you are most likely pregnant! (But ONLY if you’ve followed the directions – do not open the test casing and don’t read the test after the recommended time limit.) Many women fret that it may be a nasty¬†Evaporation Line. This term has been floating around the internet for quite some time, but the term is often misused.

An Evaporation Line on a pregnancy test can ONLY occur AFTER the test is dry. This will be well after the recommended time limit outlined in the pregnancy test instructions. Sometimes when a pregnancy test has dried, you may see a very faint line (usually colourless) where the antibody strip is located. If the test is still wet (and withing the time limit) and you see a line, it can not be an evaporation line as evaporation has not yet occurred! So don’t call it one!

So read the instructions, read the results within the recommended time frame and trust the results! Then throw the test away (and don’t look back!!). Don’t give in to the temptation to pluck your test out of the trash and look at it hours later. You could be setting yourself up for heartbreak.

If you want to hyper-analyze your test take a few pictures at around 3-5 minutes (usually a max of 10 minutes). That way you can actually analyze the test results accurately, instead of dealing with a dried up stick of confusion!

If you get a line on a pregnancy test, within the time limit and you NOT pregnant then it is called a False Positive – not an evaporation line. False positives are very rare.

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  1. I loved your post. Most people don’t realize an evap line is a colorless line that happens after the test has dried. It is not a faint pink or blue line or whatever color the line will be upon a positive read. Many women confuse an evap line with a faint colored line. Evap lines again like you said are colorless and look like an outline. Thank you for writing this

  2. I’m SO glad I found this article! I’m 12 DPO (days past ovulation) and tested this morning with FMU (first morning urine) and a very very faint shadowy looking line showed up within about 3 minutes.. I got so excited and didn’t think anything of it until later. When I realized it could be wrong. And then did some research – The rest allows 5 minutes to read the results, and was most definitely not dried yet. So it had to have been a line and not an evap line.. I’m testing again in the morning!!

  3. i have taken 8 different tests in the last 5 days. 3 different brands and all got a very very faint positive line but as they are so faint and not much change in few days i am unsure if they are positive or all evap lines. now reading this has made me think they cant ALL be evap lines but im so confused and dont want to get my hopes up. PLEASE HELP

  4. A line showed up on my test after the time, but the test was still wet, and the line was pink. And it is still pink. The next test in the afternoon, same brand, was negative with only an extremely light gray evap, which I take as to mean that the first must have been positive because the second was sooo negative! :D Testing again in the am!

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