The Strange, Unusual and Uncommon Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

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You can do a search in any search engine and find hundreds of websites with a list of the most common early signs of pregnancy… but how many of them list the lesser known or the strange? Well based on information provided by CTP members using the VEP Symptom Tracker, we have compiled the data of what symptoms are experienced and when, including the obscure and less talked about signs. These are statistics based on real women who tracked their very early signs and symptoms right from the day of conception!

Here is a list of symptoms that you may never have attributed to pregnancy! Now that it’s on a list (and supported by hundreds of women) you can! :)

Are you trying to conceive? Do you want to track your early signs and symptoms during the seemingly endless two week wait and find common symptoms with women who became pregnant? Then you absolutely must become a CTP member!

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  1. hi im 19 and for the past couple days i have been feeling really fatigue, and hungry. i had my period about 2 weeks ago but when me and my boyfriend have sex i have been bleeding. not every time just randomly. i also keep getting headaches and hot/cold flashes…. any advice..

  2. I’m seventeen I have normal periods due to my birth control but this last month it was only three days and super light and the blood was older looking but it’s normally 5-6 days first two heavy and the last just a steady light flow, but this month i’ve been having more back pains then normal, odd food cravings, I can’t stop cleaning which is odd because I hate cleaning. then i’ve been puking every now and then, belly looks bigger and I’m getting stretch marks which I haven’t been getting any since my last pregnancy which I only carried to three months before I miscarried, I’m supposed to be moving in with my boyfriend and his family soon but I really don’t want to have to move in sooner because of this, Adoption and Abortion or not on the table but I don’t want to force my boyfriend to help I’ve told him this and he said it’s not forcing he wants to be there for any kids we have but i’m just really worried, and my breasts and nipples have been really sore it’s still 8-10 days till my period but I’m worried I won’t start and I know it’s to early for a HPT

    • This has happened to me before. It could just be your body getting ready for a baby and preparing it which will cause you to gain weight due the the amount of hormones. Where you had a possible period or it could be implantation bleeding. You won’t be far enough along for you to even be showing. Wait a month and if nothing changed and the symptoms get worse go see your doctor and take a pregnancy test. Until you have a positive that’s the only real way to tell.

  3. I have just came on my period and i have the most excrutiating back pain that i have never had before. I also had like a watery type liquid flow out earlier, whats wrong?

  4. Ive got 6 of these strange symptoms. Coul i be pregnant ? N my period is not due for 9 days help ladies!

    • These symptoms can also be caused by other things, like colds or flu, so if you’re wanting to know for sure, take a home test if your period doesn’t arrive when it’s supposed to. Otherwise, talk to your doc if you think something isn’t right.

    • I am in the same boat here. I am so hoping I am! I am supposed to start mine next weekend, and am feeling all over the place. Minus the boob pain. I am way emotional, mind is scatter brained, I have cramps, exhausted, I am having a lot of weird dreams and having trouble sleeping. Also have had to get up to go to the bathroom a couple times each night. Hmm, what else is there, also headaches, random headaches. I took a test this morning, a cheap test, it came out negative, but it would be too soon, right???

  5. Hi im 21 and i wasn’t feeling like myself soo I told my girlfriend what’s going on and she was positive the I was having pregnancy symptoms so she bought me “Result in 5 days before missed period… One-step pregnancy test 3 test came… so i was planning on taking the test on Wednesday but I I took a pregnancy test on Tuesday because I wanted to find out when I got the results it came out faint BLUE negative line…. im guessing im noy pregnant but im still having this symptoms nauseous/nausea, dizziness, lightheaded, feel bloated, lack of energy, very hungry, more tired than usual, and now that you mention it I also have the urine smelling, runny nose, stuffy nose, stranger/Metallic Taste in Mouth,Yellow Cervical Fluid… And did I mention my boobs are more heavier than usual, the nipples are more darker than usual, but wow my boobs hurt really bad,.
    Did I mention that I got my period today but it was a day or two late.
    and I was wondering am I still pregnant or should I do another pregnancy test!?

  6. hi can someone help about a week ago i took 3 home pregnancy tests as i didnt feel right even though i had been on the pill for 3 months not missed one had a period too. i took two mid afternoon which came up faint but defo was a pink line and the 3rd a littl later which was neg so this confussed me so decided to get a clear bluedigital the next day did that mid day soon as i purchased it and again neg. since taking these test last about 5 days ago i have been feeling off. this morn i rolled over inbed with extreme dizziness and its still the same an hour on ive been dry heaving this morn. had headache, backache. going to get the coil fitted on monday and im scared as idont want to find out i could be pregnant aterwards. what do you think? could i be pregnant???

  7. Im 18 and I’ve been feeling very sick . My last period was Jan 8 and I had unrotected sex around Jan 15 and after that day I’ve been feeling a little different lately . My period came on Jan 31st well I think its my period but im having pains I have never had before . I feel nausiated, bad cramps, bad headaches like I have a sinus infection which I never had one before, pains in my lower back and stomach, also I have diarrhea which is yellow when I wipe. I don’t know I just dont feel normal. I also have pains in my left shoulder and my face feels swole but doesnt look swole. I feel small movements in my stomach and cramps I never had while im on my period its also hard for me to sleep on my stomach. Can someone give me any information on which Im pregnant or not. Please !!!!!

    • Although it’s possible that you could be pregnant, you wouldn’t feel baby movements until 15+ weeks. So maybe you just have a stomach bug. Otherwise, take a pregnancy test if you’re next period is late. Good luck!

  8. Me and my bf have been trying for a babu for about 8months now and im having a weird time I came on 4 days before I should have very light fiest day next day little heavy and the last day very very light. Only lasted 3days. Normally last 7 and very bad but not now. Have had small cramps is it worth me testing? Help please xxx

  9. *Bloated for 3 weeks
    *Full feeling for 2 weeks
    *No appetite for 2 1/2 weeks
    *Random feeling to vomit, but no vomit for 1 1/2 weeks
    *Diarrhea for 2 days
    *Severe mood swings for 1 1/2-2 weeks
    (I am Bi-Polar, but on medication and my mood swings have never been this bad)
    *Random light headedness for 2 weeks
    *Slight blackouts for 1 week
    *Sore & Tight stomach abdomen for 3-4 weeks

    Could these be pregnancy symptoms…?

  10. I’m 20 And I Already Have A Baby but Think I’m pregnant Again I Have Bubbles In Me Urine Which I Had That Last Time I Was Pregnant And The Past Couple Of Days I’ve Been Warm One Minute And Cold The Next And I’ve Been Eating AllotThe Past Few Days And The Other Day My Husband And I Were Arguing And When We Were Just Takings Few Minutes Later I Bursted Into Tears For No Reason But I Haven’t Had Any Bleeding Or Anything And I’m Supposed To Get My Period Tomorrow I’ve Already Taken Two Pregnancy Tests But They Were Negative But IStill Think I’m Pregnant Again

  11. Hi im 22 almost 23 in a month I had my first kid last august 23rd and i was pregnant in 2010 with my son which made me almost have same issue im having now preg test came back neg but blood work said positive the last couple of days I havent been feeling good I have been dryheaving with puken and have been having hot flashes and feeling hot the most of the time i start feeling like this is around bedtime and I took a pregnancy test which came out negitive today I just feel horrible and been throwing up can u give me any advice I can’t go to the drs its too far for me to get to thanks!!!

  12. Hi I have been experiencing major heartburn mostly at night, getting up too be twice a night, yellow discharge, im currently breastfeeding my second daughter (14 months) but she doesn’t want to nurse for longer then a minute at a time not sure if she likes the taste (ive heard your milk changes if preg) My period isn’t due until the 17th of November. Ive never had heartburn before even when I was pregnant so im confused on that. My husband and I haven’t used any protection he always is home right after I finish my period (camp work) Any of you ladies experience these symptom.

    -Stuffy nose
    -Change in discharge
    -Sore Boobs
    -vivid dreams

    • my name is Amy. i so know where you are comeing from with the vivid dreams. here is what has been going on with me.
      had normal period on December 5th 2013
      then had unsafe sex on dec 20th
      was supposed to “ovulate” dec 21st-22nd
      on dec 24th i had cramps but no bleeding. have also been so so hungry and light headed. i have also been getting up more during the nights to pee. aslo been having bloadedness and gas and headakes and vivid dreams and swollen boobs but the wierd thing is that my breast are bigger but not sore. if i am pregnant this would be my 2nd pregnancy. i have one daughter and she just turned 6. the hungryness is the same that i had before i found out i was pregnant with my daughter at 5.5 weeks. im suppose to start my period tomarrrow. i for some reason dont think i will be getting it tho. i could also be rong too. keep in touch and let me know if you turn up pregnant or not.

  13. Hello. I am 25 yrs old. I normally have a regular period last month I was supposed to start on Sept 23rd but it didn’t come until September 27th and when I got my period it lasted 2 days it was heavy with severe cramps and then it just ended and that is not normal for me. Could I possibly be pregnant and if so when should I test?

    • Omg. Same thing is happening to me. I’m 26 and have always had regular petiods but my last period was 3 days late and payed only 2 days with a lot of cramps which is not very normal for me. I had pregnancy symptoms before the period so I took a test and it came out negative. Problem is, I still think I may be pregnant. My breasts are still heavy but they don’t hurt anymore. I feel some light pinches in my left lower abdomen often but not very painful and ive got rashes in the same area. I have constipation and headaches with blurred vision. I’m scared to take the test again. Were you pregnant with your symptoms?

  14. Okay so I’m 19 years old and me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex(T-Mobile but he cums inside me every time) the whole week I was fertile and ovulating… I have been having ever single one of the signs above which is exactly howmy mother was when she was ppregnant. I’ve never been pregnant and I feel as if I’m not because I don’t have that “I’m pregnant ” feeling most woman have. I’m about two days away from my starting day of my period so I’m hoping it pops up on me. Wish me luck! :)

  15. Im 24 yrs old and my hubby and I have a 3 and 2 yr old together . Ive been tracking my period since about may because since I hit 20, they arent one the same day everymonth anymore. ( when i was a teen i could expect it the 9th of every month) now they are 31-33 days apart, but I have them every month. Today Im on day 36. I have some lower back pain, but thats typical w pms for me. I have been FULL of energy which is unusual for me during this time. Im hot. Rigjt now my cheeks feel like they are burning, but its not constant. Twice in three days, Ive gotten dizzy. My breasts are tender. I have a pulling/ pinching feeling near my left ovary. Yesterday I wanted a tuna sandwhich. I HATE canned tuna. I havent taken a test yet because I truely feel like my period is coming on but it doesnt. Ive been slightly hungrier than usual, but still eat in moderation, of course. I thought running would bring on my period, so I ran 2.5 miles the other day and ran a mile/walked a mile today. We werent planning another baby so soon, but we werent really preventing ( pull out method) Could I be pregnant?

  16. Im 26 years old. I have not had an irregular period since highschool. For the past 3months, my period keeps coming earlier and earlier. In June, I was supposed to get it on 21st and I got it on the 16th. July I got it on the 13th and this month I got it on the 10th. My fiance and I are trying to concieve, and it’s so hard to tell when Im ovulating. It gets frustrating. Any advice or has anyone else experienced this also?

    • Hello, I’m in the same boat… I am 26 as well and have always had irregular cycles, I’m trying an Ovulation Microscope made by Fertile-Focus (cost $30.00) I couldn’t find it in stores, just on the web. You put a drop of saliva on it and look for Ferning Patterns… Easier than tracking temps, and cheaper than buying box after box of test strips. Also pay attention to your Cervical Mucus when that increases and the Ferning Patterns are strong you are Ovulating, and it’s time to do the baby dance! Good Luck Hun!!

    • try taking ovulex. its what got me pregnant with my first daughter. it regulated my periods 6 months before i got pregnant with her.
      go to

  17. Good evening,

    In july I was late 9 days then my period came. It lasted for 15 hrs. Lately ive been extremely tired. I fall asleep very easily, mood swings, pooping a lot, loss of appetite and when I do eat I get full fast. I feel sick after I eat. I have back pains every now and then Right now thats all I cant remember. Im aboit to take a nap tired of thinking!!

  18. Me and my boyfriend of 3 years had unprotected sex on July 12-14th. And he has been wanting to have a baby, and it says when you have a 33 day cycle you are from the 18-20 and will ovulate on the 19th and we had sex those 3 nights. Well after sex on the 13th my boobs was hurting non stop and I felt bloated and later on started having back pains. Well my period was supposed to of started on the 25th. I started having really light red blood when I wiped. (Sorry to much info) I thought I was starting my period early, so I put in a tampon and it didn’t really even cover it. But I had really light bleeding every time I would go to the bathroom. The next morning (on the 25th) I started bleeding really heavy, and to this day I am still bleeding but not as heavy. But my boobs have been hurting. I feel nauseas, my back hurts, and I am having cramps every now and then. Could I of just started my period early? Because my cycles are irregular.

  19. Hello. I am 19years old and I am really confused.
    I have been using prevention pills for the past six months but haven’t been taking them regularly like I should have.
    Lately I have been experiencing backaches, hot flashes, bleeding of teeth every time I brush my teeth, cramping in my abdominal area. I took three pregnancy test but all came out negative. However… I still get the impression that I could be pregnant.
    I sometimes vomit in my mouth, farting and going to the loo a lot! My appetite is on steroids! I bled for about three to four days but not quiet sure if I was spotting or change in my periods. But still haven’t had a blood test taken… Could I be pregnant or am I paranoid???

  20. I’m 24, and have been married for almost 3 months. My husband and I waited til marriage and have pretty much used protection each time, but I can’t take birth control for health reasons. Well, I’ve been feeling sickly for several weeks now. Nausea, dizziness, heartburn, upset stomach, moody, tired, dull backache, rather frequent urination, and a much bigger appetite. However I did not miss my period, though it was a couple of days shorter than usual. And I normally just PMS the week before my period, not for a whole month. Now, I always thought that pregnancy meant no period at all, maybe spotting, but no period. Then I heard that some women do get their period while pregnant, and read online from many women saying they did. I don’t really know what to say to that, sex ed says it doesn’t happen, but these people are saying it happened to them. So basically my question is, can it happen? If so, do these other symptoms I have sound like pregnancy?

  21. I forgot to add heightened sense of smell. And changes in cervical mucus from white with a yellow tint on toilet paper and creamy white. Sorry for all the TMI. But it’s one of those forums and I was hoping maybe someone knew answers that have had the same issue

  22. My fiancee and i have been trying to conceive. I have been without period for two months now. My periods are irregular but I have never gone over sixty days without seeing AF . I had what I thought was my period early April. Lasted 8 days and was brown. Mine usually last three days. Then I had bleeding again near the end of the month around the 26. Which was mostly brown and stringy. My cervix was open on the 27thnd there was a drop of blood on my finger after checking my cervix. I have never noticed ovulation bleeding before. I also had cramping in both sides which I’ve never noticed except for around period time. My fiancee and I had sex every day from the 29-9 of may my cervix was open from the 27-the 3 or 4of may. We felt very confident that conception occurred sin ce about three weeks after we had sex I have had headaches every day, appetite increased , frequent urination, cramping, fatigue gas, nausea. By about five weeks (I have”Ibs”-A with pain . Which usually acts up around menstruation. I get constipated for about two days and then I have diarrhea for a day. Unless I eat a food tha t makes my tummy act up) well I had Diarrhea every morning for 2.5 weeks. I had done stool samples, urine and blood and all were clean and the hgc testing was negative. I had taken four home pregnancy tests weeks beforehand which were all negative but I assume I was testing much too early. even after hearing that the blood test came back negative I didn’t believe it. I still FEEL pregnant. (and it’s not like my hubby and I are desperate to conceive. we are just having sex unprotected and hoping that it might happen) after reading on the internet all the strange pregnancy symptoms, and that you can in fact have negative blood and urine tests. And some woman don’t show hgc on tests until month three. I realized that I have had a stuffy but not clogged nose, nasal dripping, hiccups. and sneezing daily. low grade fever at night. Hot flashes throughout the day even sitting in air conditioning I’m boiling. nausea on and off. My stools haven’t thickened . But aren’t loose. I get motion sickness which I’ve never had.nausea when I wait too long too eat. And light dizziness. Tender breasts , nipples look darker but I could be imagining it.though I have bright veins in my breasts and arms.which have never been that visible. I have cramping by my hips and lower back pain that shots through the back hips and inner thighs. I have an appointment for an ultrasound on July 4. So we’ll see what happens. But so far I’ve gone all of may and June without seeing something is up.

    • I’m feeling the same way also irregular periods took two test both negative. No blood test yet tho. Same symptoms plz let me how your apt. Turns out. Baby or no baby?

    • I have been experiencing the same thing, except my boobs/nipples aren’t sore! I’m about 3 weeks late and my periods are irregular, but even then, I’m still around 3 WEEK LATE! It’s driving me nuts! I went to my gyno about a week ago and had an ultrasound and no detection of a baby was found. All pregnancy tests were negative so I’ve given up on taking them. (5 to be exact over a course of two weeks prior to and a little after expected period) I feel AWFUL today… I couldn’t sleep last night which is unlike me. I usually sleep very long hours. I feel pregnant, but I guess I’m not. What could be wrong? I wanna know what happened with you! please reply!

  23. Hi all! So I’m hoping I can gain some knowledge here…I am 20 overall generally healthy as is my husband. My periods are irregular but I have felt different or off this past week. I have had headaches and nausea in the morning, light headed through out the day. Then at night my backaches and my dreams feel so real and alive. I have felt bloated and make frequent bathroom trips and my husband told me my veins were more noticeable than usual. Yesterday I noticed spotting but there is more bleeding now. I am currently having cramps, hot flashes, lightheadedness and back still aches. Is this just bad PMS or could I be pregnant?

  24. Well hello there! We have a 3yr old son and have been ttc a #2 these past few mos. I am currently 6dpo, and think I maybe experiencing early pregnancy symptoms. Terrible Constipation, slightly elavated body temp. and a strange butterfly feeling under my belly button. Its to early to take a test, but the exciting thought of being pregnant again, is keeping me awake at night. Trying hard ti get through the 2 week waiting period which I’m sure many of you can relate to! Planning to take the test 15dpo, *next sunday* !! Baby dust to everyone, very best wishes to all.
    Thanks, Kate.

  25. So I had sex around may the 15th and 2 days after that also and my period this June was weird. I started a day early than what my period tracker said and I didn’t bleed a lot of just spotting except for like maybe 2 hours out of that whole day. The next day on my period was kinda normal but not really and the third day I barely bled it was even less than spotting. I wasn’t supposed to be off my period til the 19th but I stopped early on the 17th. I have also had headaches which I never get, at first all I wanted to do was eat but now I feel nauseous when I do eat, and I’m tired all the time. I took a pregnancy test 6 days before my period and it was negative but even the test said that 6 days before had a less than half a chance of being correct. Could I be pregnant?

  26. Hi I am 17 years old and wasn’t planning on getting pregnant, but recently I have started to notice that my body is just feeling unfamiliar to me. My period is a little over a week due and while I haven’t noticed any of the major symptoms, and have noticed a few subtle changes. I have been extremely fatigued, have had hot flashes, strong smelling urine, frequent headaches and backaches, sometimes I will feel nauseous and food has kind of sounded repulsive. I decided to take a test, the first result came out positive so I used the second test a little later to check and that one came out negative. I’m so confused. Could I be pregnant? I know it’s uncommon to have a false positive but then why was the second test negative? Does anyone have any advice?

  27. Hi, me and my fiance have been trying for a baby for a year and a half. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have convinced myself that it will never happen for me. Recently ive moticed that ive been feelin sick a few times and keeps getting cramp feelings. My mood swings are terrible this last couple of weeks and also ive noticed an increase is a clear/whote discharge!
    Any ideas of wether this could be early pregnancy or me just hoping?

  28. I’m reading so many post of women trying to have babies with boyfriend. I will tell you from experience you should be talking of marriage not babies. Two reasons. 1) if they love you enough for a baby they should be willing to put it on paper. Second enjoy experiencing life its great! Travel or something. Having a child is work. Hard work and it takes a round the clock team to raise a child. I was a single mom at 19 and missed out on alot of things my friends got to do. Being married now with my second , I still cant spend as much time with my husband. Things are so different.. you really need to change your mind set and set better goals for yourself.

    • I think you shouln’t judge others or give negative opinions on others marital status.. We are all here to support each other. Im not married and too was a single mother of three also but it is not my place to tell others what to do.

    • I agree with Salina, you shouldn’t have came on here with your negativity nobody is like you and we all know things happen and if there not ready to marry or even might not want to marry its their choice to make not some random person they’ve never met before.

    • I agree with wonderingY. I don’t think she is commenting in a “negative” aspect the way you are making it seem. She’s coming from an angle of EXPERIENCE. When you make mistakes YOU LEARN FROM THEM. And when you learn from them YOU HELP PEOPLE OUT THERE PREVENT making the SAME mistakes you made. THAT’S CALLED NOT BEING A HATER. A hater would go on leading you to believe that a disasterous road you going down is “just fine”. The fact is NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR TRUTH ANYMORE. Instead you have people writing posts talking about their “scared” and “I don’t know what I’m gonna do if Im pregnant” instead of thinking about all of that before taking the action that would result in getting pregnant. Yes, everyone has freedom to “do what they want to do” but, why do something that was meant to be good in a compromising time in your life; a time when some ladies are not mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually ready to face what comes from their actions. More people need to step up and stand out for things that are true and stop trying to “fit in” the crowds. Truth doesn’t have to be shared in a MEAN or DISREPSECTFUL way; but it it just needs to be know. Over the years people have strayed away from the truth and for this reason is why when people hear the truth they become DEFENSIVE because the TRUTH is so FORIEGN to them. I was a single mother with my first child when I made irresponsible choices. But, when I woke up and recieved TRUTH in my life I made BETTER choices and now I’m a mother of 2 children and I’m now married to a wonderful God-fearing man who loves my 1st child as it was his own (thankfully). Life doesn’t always go this way though, lets’ not be so quick to be defensive when helpful advice is thrown out in the open for people to have better choices at life. Embrace truth, embrace help and embrace wise council. New information leads to a chance a making better decisions.

    • EVERYBODY’S life and thought processes are different……but just because an individual chooses to have a goal that includes having a child DOES NOT MEAN THEY NEED TO (in your opinion) CHANGE THEIR MIND SET OR SE1T BETTER GOALS FOR THEMSELVES….THAT IS JUST AN OPINION. YOUR OPINION!

    • I honestly don’t think a slip of expensive paper means much at all when you love someone enough. Sorry but people that think marriages should come first is pushing someone into a very serious relationship with another forever! Anyone think why divorce is so common… It’s dumb people telling other people to get married then have babies. Yes being married would be a good idea before hand but honestly… My parents were married for a full 25 years and my mother did ever love him. She married him to have a baby and as the outcome… Me and my siblings grew you in a home with constant fighting between parents, mental abuse and also physical. So I dare you to tell someone to jump into a marriage because it’sthe “best thing to do”. If a man and woman love each other and delicate their lives to each other it shouldn’t matter what the government signs off on or whitenesses seeing them do it. It’s all for show. A very fun and nice show but it’s all for show. Detection is meant to be tested and making it even harder to leave when you don’t want to is in my terms sad. You will truly know how much someone cares when you’ve been through IT ALL and still stood right next to you every step of the way.

    • I think that everyone is entitled to decide when they want to become parents… weather you ar 19 or 39 . If they dont want to get married before having children then who are you to judge. I think you are being negative and what you are sayi ng isn’t fair towards all of us that wants to get pregnant or who just found out that they are pregnant. In my case I am 19 and I have vivid dreams lower abdominal pains back pain I have migraines and I have picked up a lot of weight. Last month i was 7 day’s late with my period and I didnt have a normal period. It lasted2 days this month I have been picking up weight and experiencing abdominal pain. I will do another test the 12th.

      Hope you all get the result you want. AND JUST THINK AND BE POSITIVE

    • In 2007 my boyfriend of 4 months and I got pregnant.When I found out I was pregnant my boyfriend purposed to me and I said yes. However we did not rush into marriage, but instead we lived together for 2 yrs before we decided we were ready to get married. And when my son was 2 months short of being 3 we got married. Yes, people do say it’s “better to be married first”, but in my opinion, the two of us making it through the pregnancy together and raising our child for the first two years, helped to show us that we were ready for marriage! There is NOTHING wrong with having a baby before marriage. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and what they decide is right for them!

  29. Wow.. Me and my fiancé haven’t been using any form or birth control because we want children but have been trying for so long and it hasn’t happened yet I get so upset because I think something might be wrong with me or him and all my friends are having babies and in so jealous but I stopped worrying about it and just decided I’d try to forget it and we would stop trying well last week I had my period but it was light like it was really weird and came two days early didn’t last but two days then I started spotting but I didn’t think anything about it but a couple nights ago I woke up feeling like I was goin to vomit I ended up just dry heeving and going to bed but woke up again 2 hours later same thing now tonight it’s happening again so I decided to ask google what could be wrong terrible thing to do I know but it’s weird. Then I find this and realize I have a lot of these symptoms that I would of never put in the catagory of vein pregnant. My pee has had a really weird smell to it not fishy or anything nasty its just different and strong I’ve been a bit self conscious about it lately and I’ve had a runny nose but I put it towards allergies I’ve woke up every morning and had diarriiea not to mention my legs and hops hurt and I haven’t done anything to cause it and I’m usually a night owl and can usually sleep all day and stay up all night but now I go to bed early wake up early and I have to take a nap sometime during the day or ill get so irritable and ill just lay down and pass out. I have my rest ready to take in the morning I want it to be postitive so bad. My best friend is currently 3 months pregnant and my other best friend just had her baby bot yesterday I’m so ready. I pray that I am.

  30. Ok so I’m extremely confused with what’s going on with me I think I might be preg I have Been thinking that for about 2 months I have almost all the common n uncommon symtoms almost all exept I don’t get sick I feel like I’m about at least twice a day but don’t..I have taken 2 at home test both negative I took them in march on the 2nd. Last week I went to plan parenthood got a test again period has been real odd last month is was 4 days late n real spotty month before that on time but spotty..I was spost to start on the 14th n havnt yet. It is normally on time exept last month. N my body just don’t feel normal idk what to think.

    • Hey – I was looking for your update on your post to see whether you ended up being pregnant as I am going through exactly the same thing.. To top it off my toddler said I was.. Please do post an update of what happened to you! Thank you in advance…

  31. Hi I’m 17 currently on the pill loestrin 20 have been for about 7 months but on my last break I didn’t have a period which is really odd for me as I’m quite regular. Obviously it really scared me so I did a test and it was negative so a couple of days later I did another one and still negative.I’ve had most of the symptoms, hot/cold flushes, really sensitive smell, sensitive boobs, tiredness, nausea, aches in me back, hips and feet. No real interest in food though mor gone off it than anything. I’m so confused and need some help?! Was going to go to the doctors but they can be so dismissive! But I know my body and i don’t feel right.

    • Hi There,

      I used to take loestrin 20 and I barely got a period some months. Some months, I didn’t at all!

      Don’t worry too much and count it as a blessing! I know it can be a relief to see your period, but I swapped pills and gained 10lbs… Stick with your pill

  32. Hello everyone,
    February 7th I had my very first miscarriage at 9 weeks. First miscarriage, first pregnancy. Now, April 8th, I think I believe I may be pregnant again, but I’m not too sure. My first pregnancy symptoms were pretty normal (normal to me); tender breasts, heartburn, frequent urination, leg cramps, abdominal cramps, bleeding of the gums every time I brushed, heightened senses, big appetite, if I didn’t eat my blood sugar levels would drop dramatically – so I had to eat constantly! Missed periods, mood swings, fatigue/sleepiness, higher body temp, cervical discharge, little gassiness/bloating, the list goes on.. I had no abnormal symptoms. Except my abdominal cramps were harsh, painful cramping.
    My fiance and I have been trying to conceive since we lost our last baby. I bought ovulation tests, thermometers, everything. Even downloaded a ovulation/fertility tracker (based on when your period starts and ends to determine when you’re most fertile and the day you should be ovulating.) on my phone. On the days when the tracker said I was most fertile – til the day I was to be ovulating, I used my ovulation tests. (Simple test, just need to pee on the stick. Like a pregnancy test!) for a couple of days the tests didn’t detect any LH surges. But then, sure enough, the day my tracker said I should be ovulating, I took a test and the test detected an LH surge. So, of course, my fiance and I got to work!
    The next day (and for about 4 more days after that) I was still getting LH surge readings on my tests – Some people aren’t so lucky to be able to feel when they’re ovulating, I was able to feel mine. (Small pinching feelings in the ovaries.) I took complete advantage of last months fertility/ovulation.. and now I believe I am pregnant. My tracker said that I should be having my period today and so far I haven’t.. no menstrual cramping or menstrual symptoms (mine are weird). But I will tell you what I am experiencing which leads me to believe that I am pregnant.. Still having the mild pinching pains in my ovaries, having mild cramping here and there (which was worse last time), teeth randomly become sensitive/irritated (Which I didn’t have last time. VERY irritating. Hate it so much.), major bloating/gassiness (which is worse than last time), mild cramps in my feet and hands (which I didn’t have last time), cannot stand on my feet for more than half an hour (which didn’t happen last time), lots of sneezing with a stuffy nose (which didn’t happen last time), nauseousness at random times (which didn’t happen last time), backaches, I sleep the majority of the time – I’m literally only up 8 – 10 hours out of the 24 hour day (which is worse than last times).. mild cervical discharge, itchy rashes on my neck (which I didn’t have last time), excessive saliva (which I didn’t have last time), random sore throats (which I didn’t have last time), starting to get frequent urination, getting very agitated (Randomly. Could be from all the sleep, though. Not used to it!), very emotional – anything even just the slightest bit sentimental will make me cry, hot flashes – cold chills, metallic taste here and there.. my body is literally freaking me out. I have a feeling that since I’m having ALL these symptoms.. that I might be further along than I think I am. Or.. maybe my mind is just playing cruel tricks on me. I’ve already taken two pregnancy tests, both came out negative. Luckily, on the 16th I have a doctors appointment, there I will ask her for a blood test to determine whether or not I am pregnant.
    I look forward to hearing from everyone. Wish me luck~!

  33. I am 19 and well I’m not going to go through the whole life story.
    I just want to know if I could finally be blessed with the little miracle
    Doctors told me I’d never have.

    Here are my symptoms in order of noticing them:
    Felt nauseated for a day and then the next day threw up at work
    Get hot and clammy and feel like I’m gonna pass out
    Hungry like crazy
    Headaches, almost migraine like pain
    Back ache, can’t stand on my feet for more than a couple hours without hurting
    Eatin weird combinations of food, ex. Corn dogs with ketchup, block of sharp cheddar cheese, dill pickles, pecan tarts… All at one time.
    Right now as I’m typing this my nose is tryin to run of my face and I’m sneezing all the time

    I’ve been weighing myself and tryin to keep up with my temp, I weigh about 114-118 so far in the past few days and my temp has been about 98.5 (my usual body temp runs about 97.5, why? Idk lol)

    I took two test and they were both really faded negative signs but I may just have my hopes up because I want to prove my doctors wrong so bad

    Please help me out I’d like the suppor

    • Oh yeah and woke up this mornin and my nipples were a lil sore and my breasts feel tight and heavy

    • hi, ive seen my period in feb 21-28th or so. ii had unprotected sex the 15th march and didnt see my period at all in march. but on the 31st march and the 3rd april im seeing light pink when i wipe. i have no idea about ovulation or anything like that, its drivin me iinsane. please help!

      im 22 also xx

  34. Hi am 17, my boyfriend and I had sex about 3 weeks now and I haven’t seen my period as yet. I’ve experience backache, sleepless nd more symptoms that is stated above. Am not sure about pregnancy but he said he never cuumed in me.

    Do not judge me for my age!!

  35. Hi im 17 and my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex and he cummed in me around the time I was ovulating. Well, I got the heightened sense of smell. That shit is freaky…. And lower back pains. Tender breasts. Head aches in the afternoon. Nauseas when I eat and when I wake up and throughout the day. Waking up to pee. I never have to pee at night. Ever. Peeing more often. Oh, forgetting stuff more frequently. Klutzy more. Cravings are worse. I have been restless when I try to sleep at night and when I do my dreams are really weird and real like. I took two pregnancy test and the both came out negative. I am 4 days late for my period. what’s going on?


    • I also have been having a runny Bose for no reason. I have a rash on my lower abdomen and hands (no reason for that) it itches and burns. My breasts are tender but haven’t changed color. My legs have been sore more often lately and I’ve been extremely mood swingy. My last period started 2-6-13 and ended 2-12-13

    • Im kinda in the same boat as you im sadly also 17. at first i was reluctant to think im was pregnant and now im 72% sure. But i havent been able to take a test yet. I realised i had unprotected sex durring my ovulation. Since then my legs and hips and back is soar minor head aches i can deal with nd a bit cramping in the down stairs. I feel nauseous but i never puke.the week befor i think i was spotting. But this week im suppose to get my period. I wish u all luck with your pregnancys.

  36. I just had a baby 2-1/2 months ago and I haven’t gotten my period yet. I’m breastfeeding but mostly formula feedings. I heard that if we breastfeed, we may not get periods maybe a year but I’m barely breastfeeding and she is almost 3 months old. My breasts are sore, but not sure if its because I’m barely breastfeeding so it’s full or not. About 2 weeks ago, I had a very painful clogged duct on my left breast. My nipples were too sore to breastfeed but after 8 hours of agonizing pain, I decided the only way to get the milk out was to have my baby suck it out since hand expressing wasn’t working. But eventually it got better. I also noticed my stomach is making some weird gurgling noises even though I ate not long ago. My nose is itchy, has blood and seem to have more snots. Not sure if it’s allergy. After given birth the first month, I didn’t eat much but going on the second month my hunger came back. I’m constantly thirsty and I’m sleepy even if I sleep 7 hours a day. I have a hard time sleeping at night. I can’t sleep until after 2am (Not because of my baby because she sleeps through the night) and I’m so tire during the morning that I take maybe 2-3 hours nap. I used to sleep less than 6 hours and it was ok. Because I haven’t gotten my period, how do I know if I’m pregnant or is it because I’m partly breastfeeding. And since I’m tire and sleepy, could it be because I’m breastfeeding or a sign of pregnancy. I been having dreams that I’m pregnant again. Normally I would know that I’m pregnant or not but because this time I’m breastfeeding, I’m not sure. I was bleeding for 6 weeks straight since giving birth, blood ended only for 2 weeks then bleed very heavily for 1 day and gone completely. I was bleeding for 6 weeks straight after delivery. 5 days ago, I experience lower abdominal cramping and was so sure my period was coming but the cramping went away and period never came. Because I don’t have my period, how do I know if I’m pregnant or not? Anyone experience this? I don’t know when my last period is because of delivery, I bleed for 6 weeks straight. My baby was born on Jan. 1st. Bleeding ended mid-February. Then bleed 1 day heavily on February 20th. Not sure if that was my period for 1 day or part of the postpartum bleeding.

  37. hi, my boyfriend and i have been trying for 9 months now to concieve, and time after time, nothing. i was on birth control for around a year maybe longer, and went off in april. im having some slight symptoms now that i could be, but i psych myself out every month saying that, i know i have sex on the days that im fertile cuz we have sex all the time from when my periods stop till they start up again. i have been taking prenatals trying to prepare my body for a baby, but im so confused on why nothing has happened yet?! helpp!!

    • On average it takes a year to get pregnant. My husband and I tried for exactly one year and exactly one year to the day I was pregnant. It takes time. And honestly for us it happened once I stopped trying and stressing about it. I stopped plotting, calculating and peeing on sticks because the emotional roller coaster was too much. It really is true that when you are relaxed and not focused on it it will happen. Don’t give up, it will happen at the right time and all the time and emotional toll is worth the wait!

    • i know how you feel, i was trying for 3 years with my boyfriend and had 3 early miscareges but i just found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant. like you i had almost given up. but i decided that maybe i was just too stressed out to get pregnant or for my body to hold the pregnancy so i had a conversation with my Dr and they determined a mood stabilizer might be appropriate for me along with an anxiety med for when i got upset and had trouble calming down. don’t get me wrong i didn’t like the idea at first very much, but i noticed after only 3 weeks i felt much calmer and more able to relax and i then found out two weeks later im pregnant. the more you stress the lower your chances are. I know saying relax inst as easy done then said believe me i understand but if you cant seem to do it on your own talk to your Dr and maybe a mood stabilizer might help or even just something to help you relax . i hope this helped

  38. Hi: I am 37 married for 6 years and so far no baby. A week ago I had some blood for my period but it was very little (not heavy flow). I have been getting this hot flushes for a week now and my back, hips and ankles hurt like hell. I haven’t slept for four days with insomnia but like most of you I am afraid of buying another home preg. test and be disappointed. Today I touched my belly and I feel pregnant. I now that is stupid because I have never being pregnant but I felt it. I know you can’t help me but its nice to share my story with someone.

    • mary, you would be surprised how in toon you can be with your body and just know i would take another test those are good symptoms that something might be going on in there. I know negatives are a let down but it will make that one positive so much more special when it happens don’t ignore your signs it might just be what you have been waiting for. believe me i had to take 9 tests to prove to my self that the positive was real. after the last 3 years and no luck so i know how u feel

  39. Yes,with Neg preg test you can still be pregnant. With I hadmy second child I had over 10 neg preg test . I got a positive preg test when I was around 3 months. Crazy IKNOW!

  40. Hi, me and my husband are trying to conceive, this will be our third child, i am very confused right now, we had unprotected sex nov 1st-7th, 2 weeks later i started getting nauseated, light headed, metallic taste, very tired, then i started spotting brown, sorry for tmi, then 2 days later, i started cramping and bleeding more, this time red, that lasted 2 days then everything went away… I took many tests, they came back neg, got blood work last week, that came back negative, now tonight i started to spot dark red, not much at all, and with it was this yellowish discharge, again sorry for the tmi, and still have all the other symptoms, and they seem to be getting worse, espcailly the tiredness, could i be pregnant with all the neg tests?

    • A Gf of mine was trying to get pregnant with her first child and she had the same symptoms. She was trying so hard that her body created what I call a ghost pregnancy. Doctors called it something else. But an unfertilized egg implanted into her uterin wall and caused the symptoms of pregnancy. Her doctor told her that she was trying so hard her body started playing tricks on her. Hope it helps :)

    • Hey ya sounds like a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage.

  41. hello, me and my boyfriend have never tried to concieve, but we both want kids eventually. on the 17th of this month we had sex without a condom. when i was looking at my calender, and i was ovulating on that day.. now i have always had a knack for telling if people around me are pregant even as early as three weeks. its only been about a week. and ive been getting severe headaches, slight cramps, body aches, and ive been sneezing constantly. i rarely sneezed before, much less 20 time in one day. Is it possible that my body is letting me know this early?

  42. My fiancee and I have been trying since June with no luck so far. But I’ve experienced some of these symptoms recently including diarrhea, increased cervical fluid, achy hips/back/legs, runny nose, bleeding gums, and have become increasingly lightheaded/dizzy to the point where he had to hold me up so I didn’t collapse, and I have noticed the past week a slight heartburn. I missed my period in August, but got one in September. I haven’t taken a test yet because I don’t want to be disappointed if it comes out negative. I want to take a test before he comes home from business in 2-3 weeks, hoping that I have a wonderful surprise when he comes home. I am just curious because I haven’t had any nausea [but I didn’t for my first terminated pregnancy when I was 17], sore breasts, cravings, or urination, which are the more common signs. He’s becoming increasingly discouraged because he is 27 and is starting to think he’s sterile because of his rough history with drugs/alcohol.

    • You could try using Maca root for your husband. It really helps increase sperm motility and quality. And you could take vitex for yourself. It helps regulate your cycle and can even make your cycle shorter so you have more chances to get pregnant.

  43. Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant and I’m having a lot of the symptoms like nausea, headaches, back ache, insomnia at night but so tired during the day, weird metal taste in my mouth, and I have a stuffy but yet runny nose. I’ve taken plenty of pregnancy tests and the all turn up negative.
    Am I taking them too early or what?

  44. Hi, my husband and I have been trying to concieve since May with no luck. He has a child with an ex. So we know he isn’t sterile. But all my life I have had irregular periods. They skip months at a time, the last one skipped 4 months as it were. My last was almost 2 months ago now. I have taken soo many AHPT and qall have been negative. But I keep having some strange things happen. Everyday this last week I have had heartburn almost constant. And I am always tired. And now it would appear my sense of smell had.improved? We were walking in a parking lit today and I knew someone was smoking in a car before they got out because I could smell it and my husband couldn’t. And just 10 minutes ago I asked my husband what the fruity smell was when he sat down, he didn’t smell anything. Turned out to be the dog bed I had washed a week ago. (Those Downtime Unstoppables really work). We really want to.have a baby, but I don’t want to go spend another $15 on tests only to have my heart broken for the umph time. Am I being paranoid? Or could I really be pregnant?

  45. Me and my bf had unprotected sex on the last day of my period. I’m not surre if I could even possibly get pregnant at that point, but the last few weeks I’ve been having a lot of pregnancy related symptoms such as constant headaches, nausea(spell check), diarhea, cramping, montgomerys tubercles, insomnia at night and fatigue during the day, breakouts on normally clear skin, hot flashes, dizzy and light headed feeling. I haven’t reached my period yeet so I haven’t missed so I don’t think I should test. Any comment or opinions would be greatt!

  46. Hey. I was wondering if anyone could help me. Me and my boyfriend just recently decided we wanted to have a baby. I was on the drop shot on and off for about two years. I took my last shot in early March. While on it though I had very irregular periods that would last for two weeks at a time. When it was time for me to go back and get another shot I didn’t go. That week I had a period that came and went. Since then I have not had a period. Well two weeks ago we had unprotected sex. One week from today I had started my period. :( it wasn’t normal it was very light. I would use one tampon for a day and panry liner at night which would hardly have anything on it. It lasted for 7 days but for the last two says of my period I had brownish than discharge I guess you could say. I know its two early to tell. And that the drop shot really messes you up. But we are hoping that I could be preggers. Does anyone have any experience or advice they could give me. Please and thanks you. Also I have been very tired latly.

  47. I have PCOS. My husband have been very happily married for 6 years and we. have NEVER any kind of birth control… I have been feeling really weird a few months ago had a really bad bout with vomiting. Now i am getting hot flashes, dizzy very moody and craving weird stuff that in a million years would never eat.. I also the last few weeks my lower back has been killing me but I don’t know if its because of possibly being pregnant or my back just bothering me because we had a major car wreck in 09 and I hurt my neck and back very bad. The other note my husband was cooking dinner and I started dry heaving really bad .. I did not puke. i just put my hair under cold water washed my face and took a perscribed pill for nausea… I would so greatful to anyone that came off some insight.. I want to also stress i have never been pregnant before and everyone that comes around me is telling me I look it.. keep in mind to I just recently lost 35 pounds and my belly is round and in the front only. Also been very depressed lately and everything is fine…. Thank you and God Bless… Ari

    • Hi Ari,

      If you are having all these symptoms, you should go see your doctor and get a blood test done to make sure that you are not pregnant. Even with PCOS you always have a chance of getting pregnant. Getting the blood test done will confirm if you are pregnant or not.

      Best of Luck,


  48. Hi, im a little concerned that I may be pregnant but I feel its to early to take a test. I was planning to wait until my period is suppose to come this month. But my boyfriend and I usually dont have protected sex, and I know for a fact that we had sex on one of my fertile days bc I keep up with my cycle through ladytimer. I have been feeling weird symptoms such as cramping and sharp pains near belly button and lower belly, i also have been costipated , and suffering from diahrea (spell check), fatigued in the day and insomnia at night, some gagging but no throwing up. I asked a few people who have already been pregnant and they said that pregnacy can have no symptons, but I was just concerned about the ones that i noticed, oh and my boobs itch a lot.

  49. My period has been normal lately but me & My boyfriend have been having unprotected sex since November.. I suffered a miscarriage about the middle of may. He’s came in me plenty of times, but nothing is happening.. I also had a miscarriage in about January of 2011.. By me having these, does that get in the way of me having kids? I think Im pregnant right now, a few weeks maybe. Im always eating, headaches ALL THE TIME, hot flashes, dizziness/ lightheadedness, My back hurts! & My boyfriend has been sleeping alot lately.. I think Im just paranoid.. but maybe not? What are other signs?

  50. Hi,i‘m 20 boyfriend and i been together for a year,.were always trying to have baby but we always fail.i always been delayed for 3weeks but then period came after. .and now my last period is june 13 ,and i have‘nt have yet . .

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