The Strange, Unusual and Uncommon Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

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You can do a search in any search engine and find hundreds of websites with a list of the most common early signs of pregnancy… but how many of them list the lesser known or the strange? Well based on information provided by CTP members using the VEP Symptom Tracker, we have compiled the data of what symptoms are experienced and when, including the obscure and less talked about signs. These are statistics based on real women who tracked their very early signs and symptoms right from the day of conception!

Here is a list of symptoms that you may never have attributed to pregnancy! Now that it’s on a list (and supported by hundreds of women) you can! :)

Are you trying to conceive? Do you want to track your early signs and symptoms during the seemingly endless two week wait and find common symptoms with women who became pregnant? Then you absolutely must become a CTP member!

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  1. I’m 15 about to turn 16 in just over 2 months, I have been with my boyfriend for several months, I am on the pill but we still tend to use a condom because at times I forget to take it. Most of the time when we use a condom it makes his erection go down. The last time we had sex we used a condom at the start but it was causing problems so we deceided not to use it, this was on july 21st. My period was due on the 27th but hasn’t come which makes me now 5 days late. I’m not sure if he did cum inside me & he couldn’t tell me if he did or didn’t because he was drunk, after we had stopped, he had just sober’d up he told me he needed to jizz, but then his mum came back. I am aware that he has a lot of pre-cum. I haven’t done a HPT yet because I know its too early to tell. I have hade some symptoms which are: tiredness, headaches, nausia(but not actualluy been sick), back ache, and I’m beggining to get sore boobs also a stuffy/runny nose and browny pink colour discharge. I have had stomach cramps which have made me think I am about to come on my period and this has lasted for five days on and off but still I haven’t had my period, I’m not stressed about anything so I don’t think that has anything to do with my period being late. How long should I wait untill I take a HPT?

    • Honestly sweetie you just might be pregnant but being 15 and having sex is so very wrong you have your whole life a head of you. I was a 16 and pregnant mama so I speak the honest truth if u don’t believe is abortion then adoption is your option! Remember that telling your mom and dad or whoever is your gardians is the WORDS part. I’m sorry this happened to you and I wish you the veat. I I’D SAY TAKE A TEST A WEEK FROM TODAY….

    • Oh my, I just commented on the wrong thing so here we go again. This is going to be a bit shorter than my last comment wherever it may have ended up, but I just want to get my point acrossed real quick; you’re 15? You’re pregnant? She’s going to hell right lady’s? No, wrong. If she were then 99% of the world would be in hell thereforth, hell would be just a common place such as work. Also; yes, you have the rest of your life to have sex, but can anyone tell you when your life will end? No. So have sex, get drunk, do drugs, who cares because for all anyone knows you can die halfway through reading this comment, sorry to be so irrelevant, that comment I read by whomever just really irritated me. I’m done ranting now, enjoy your life and your congrats if you are pregnant!

    • Honestly your 15 why are you even having sex. Are you trying to be on 16 and pregnant. Just remember your a child yourself, how are you going to take care of one

    • To whom decide to answer my question I am 30yrs old my tubes ties & im on the shot I been feeling funny lately my stomach is gettin bigger & my feet swell , bad headache, gas, right side hurts , my belly button hurts, lower abdominal hurts I sleep alot but dont want to eat that much but I always want something to drink I hate to walk alot I only weigh 126 can u reply to my question to what could be the problem.

  2. Hi all. Hope you all get what you wish for

  3. Im 15 about turn 16. Ive had regular periods since i started puberty. I tried birth control in March2012, but it didnt work well so i stopped in May2012. My last regular period was June 1st it lasted for the regular 4-5 days. I had unprotected sex on June 20. On July 5, my period came but was 4 days late but only lasted 2 days and was very light, mostly brown discharge, but i was cramping really bad. And I’ve never cramped during a period. My boobs hurt for a bit but now but areolas are darker and swollen. I have been getting frequent headaches and the occasional nausea. My cervical fluid has increased rapidly. Im have been tired alot(too add to that, its 35 degrees celcius where i live so thats a factor). Im a slim and tall girl and my back usually dont ache, but it has recently in the lower region. I do know that women in my family are very fertile. I did take two pregnancy test but both came back negative (i think i took it too early). Im wondering if these are signs of me being pregnant.

  4. Hi am around a month pregnant and I’ve been getting really sharp pains in my stomache I’m very tired all the time and sometimes go dizzy for quite a while yesterday I stud up and fell backwards,I’m quite worried. When I go for a wee it stings and afterwards it stings its very uncomfortable,am only 16 and I’m worried because I have had a misscarriage before. My friend told me to go the hospital but I don’t want to seem like I’m over reacting please someone give me advice :)

    • You’re not over reacting at all. That’s what medical professionals of for :) Definitely go to your doctor or walk in clinic if you don’t feel comfortable going to hospital. It’s important to ask someone who KNOWS facts when your carrying a baby.
      If you have already been what was the out come.

    • I know this is an old post, but I am posting this for future females that wonder. If you have an uncomfortable feeling while peeing and after, it is probably a (UTI.) Urinary Tract Infection infection that requires medicine from a doctor and is very common with early pregnancy. Plus itching and white discharge is a yeast that is also common at early pregnancy. you do not want to leave these issues untreated because they may cause miscarriage.

  5. I am 17 and have had irregular periods since I started in 6th grade. They are so irregular that sometimes I will get it at the beginning of the month and the next month I’ll get it at the end. From February til May I was living in Colorado with my boyfriend because his real mom lives there. On May 15th my grandma passed away so we immediately got on a plane and returned to Illinois, which is where we both are originally from. Before we left, I had my period on May 2nd and it was normal. Now since we have been back I haven’t had my period since. I took a home test and it was negative. I’ve been having random heartburn at random times of the day. I also have been urinating more frequently, and tend to crave food more that usual. Maybe it’s just me< but I also think my mid section is growing. I have also been on edge lately, snapping a little things or getting annoyed very easily. I've been overly stressed this year whith moving across the country and then back because of a death. SO my problem with all this is that idk if I'm experiencing all this because I'm stressed out, or maybe because I'm still acclimating from being in Colorado… maybe that's thrown my cycle WAY out of wack? Please, if anyone has any idea of why I'm experiencing this, respond asap.

    • I relate to you but sometimes I go months without a period. I have been having unprotected sex for about 5 months and had one period …well it wasn’t as heavy as all my other periods nor did it last as long . I have taken pregnancy tests, they say negative. But Recently I have been irritated, always feel like im burning up, get random heart burn ig you can say, I wanna eat sweet and sour sauce on tacos but I don’t like wanna eat much, I crave liquids more so then food. and even though im not eating much my tummy I swear is getting bigger … idk i have no idea and something really really strange I bleed when I have sex with my boyfriend and its not just a little bit its a lot if anyone can help me on this let me know -plz n thanks –Amber

  6. I’m 19. My husband and I are trying to have children. The third day of trying to conceive I started to bleed, heavily! I still am today. I shouldn’t be on my period so i’m freaked out. I’ve been feeling nauseated every t time I eat. I can’t lay on my stomach cause it makes me feel sick and it hurts. I’ve been abnormally bloated a well as very fatigued and Moody. My noise is stuffed up and runny. and its only been a week since trying to conceive. I know I need to go to the doctor, I have an appointment set, but I want to know if anyone had gone through anything like this or if i’m pregnant. Home test says negative mainly cause its to early for it to be determined by a test. Help. :(

  7. Hi, my name is kaylah. A couple days ago I have had sex with my boyfriend and it was very well protected of course but I was due to have my period a couple days later and hasn’t shown instead I get a bad case of diareah. I am very worried that, that is a sign for pregnancy or am I just stressed or something?? Please help me!!

    • theres nothing to stress about unless the condom busted, but i’ve had an incident like this myself and went to the doctor and i was told sex, && stress will delay your period… hope i helped alil, dont stress it to much you should see ya period soon…

    • You should start soon. Stress often delays a period. Most likely you are not pregnant.

  8. I am 21 and engaged and my fiance and I really want children (not that we have been actively trying yet, we haven’t been actively preventing it either tho). It has only been 3 weeks since my last period but already this past week and especially the last couple of days I think I may be pregnant. I’ve been exceptionally bloated and my lower stomach is kind of hard, I have had a runny/stuffed up nose, frequent urination, very vivid dreams (about babies of course), cramps and some back pain among other things. I’ve smoked cigarettes for the past 2 years and the past couple of days I can’t even finish one and I have to put it out because it gives me a headache and makes me feel sick. Also, I’m not a big fan of cleaning but the last week I have spent all day every day making sure our house is spotless. I’m wondering if any of this sounds familiar to you? Does it sound like I may be pregnant?

  9. well im 18 and im really not sure whats wrong with me i feel sick all the time but its get way worse when i eat i have these intense dreams every night i get the chills and sweats when i sleep that wen i can force myself to sleep my breast are sore but my nipples are super tender and hurt i only pee alot at night ive thought i was pregnant before n came out neg but this time is diffrent ive never had these other symptoms before ive heard of this thing called imaginary fetus where u show all signs of pregnacy you even get bigger but ur not pregnant. I also have abdomen craping constipatio discharge and dull n achy back and these serious angry mood swings im not sure what else it could be..

  10. So I’m wondering if I’m pregnant!! My cycle is regular and normally 7 days ad heavy. My last cycle was 5 days on and off an light. I’ve also been nauseous sleeping a lot and a slight fever. Kinda sensitive to smells and haven’t been eating very much. Someone help me out please!!!!! I don’t have much pain in my breast but havent been feeling like myself

    • I’ve been having the same problem ! My period is regular lastes 7 days but this month only last 4. and was very light . two days later breast were hurting . head has been killing me back and I’ve been sleepy and hot!! I have a 10 month old and didn’t have any pregnancy signs with him.

  11. okay let me start off by saying. A cpl wks ago i had the conscience of being pregnant but really wasnt sure to due period was coming up. I took two pregnancy test that week and both came out negative. Now me and my spouse have been trying for the last couple of weeks. And i was suppose to have my period on the 26 of may. Which was like three or four days ago. My boobs arent sore but a little tender ive had headaches here and there. And the fatigue feeling. I want to think that im pregnant but no really sure about it. And i dont want to get excited yet because i was left disappointed the first time and that was maybe three weeks ago. I have been feeling a little more exhausted than usual and i could just be laying down or when i feel like all my energy has drained, im nervous to take a pregnancy test again because what if it comes out negative? Im not to sure why i am posting my problems but i feel like this is my last resort to get opinions. Thanks in advance

  12. So I’m 29 yrs old and have never been pregnant about 2 months ago my boyfriend and I had sex and the condom came off and stayed inside we were unaware of this until after we were done. I’m also on birth control. Well that month feb I had spotting twice that month. No periord I march and no period in April. I havent had many symptoms some indigestion, constipation bleeding gums sore nipples and extreme tiredness but I’m unable to sleep the whole night through. I took a home pregnancy test and it came back negative. I still have not started my period but I have occasional cramping. Anybody have any thought?

    • you could be pregnant. when i was pregnant with my son, I took 8 different tests, and thell ALL came back negative. Turns out the prego tests pick up on a hormone your body producing when you are pregnant, however some are lower then others, there’s nothing wrong if it is, it just makes it harder to take the pee tests. I have to get blood work everytime I think Im prego, because even when I was 8 months along I took a test and it still said Negative…so go get blood work….

  13. I’m 18 and I have never had regular periods… but I got put on Previfem to regulate them, and it worked… but my last period was February 28, 2012 and I’ve been having symptoms that make me think I might be pregnant. like: weird food cravings (ex. BBQ and chocolate syrup), and been REALLY moody and it’s been getting worse (this morning I snapped my fiance’s head off and the next SECOND I was bouncing off the walls), I woke up this morning with a runny nose, I get nauseous almost every time I try to eat, I have been throwing up a little, I’m tired all the time (except when I’m really hyper), I’m been having dreams about having kids, I get random headaches, and gas and diarrhea, when I lay on my stomach I start to feel sick, if I’m not nauseous then I’m starving then when I finally get something ready most of the time I get nauseous again and have to rush to the bathroom… I’ve taken home pregnancy tests but they all came back negative…

  14. Hi, I’m 21 and ever since I started my period, I’ve been irregular. I’ve been having consistent unprotected sex since January and we practice the pull-out method. One night we were super drunk and I’m fairly sure He didn’t pull-out. Last period I had was in January. I didn’t even think about missing February because I’ve always been so irregular, but on the 23rd of March, I started cramping and I thought I was starting my period. I had light brown/pink, almost clear discharge and then nothing the next day. On the 25th, I started spotting again. I haven’t been getting any sleep, I feel tired when I do actually get enough sleep, and my breasts hurt all the time. The only reason I’m now overly concerned is I have never spotted and now I am. :/

    • Did you ever find out why all that was happening ? Did you find out if you were pregnant or not ?

  15. hya im 24yrs old, ive not had a period since december 2011 and its now 9th march 2012. in october and november i kept bleeding every week and half to 2weeks but then nothing at all the bleed would las 2days at most, very light and more of a brownish/pale red. i have been to the doc’s and did a pee sample came bk negative, but did 2 clearblue tests at home and the came up with a postive sign but u could hardly see the lines but u could in the light. went back to doc for bloody test and the came back normal! confused me to. so my doc said wait another 6months and see if anything happens!!!! i told them bout the 2 home test, plus my nipples are erect all the time and they never get erect, my stomach has swallen and is very hard, i cant lay on my belly as it cripples me an feels like im suffercating, my nipples did leak but for only a week and then lil white dots appeared shortly after that the tips just gone pure white and are killing me. ive not felt ill tat much mainly late tea time until ealry hours of morning like 1am till 4am then im vomitting but nt always. the strangest thing i think is my mouth my gums feel rather sore today my lips have swallen an i keep getting a metal taste in my mouth!!! I have had bad back ache to the point i cudnt walk last week, and pain in lower abordim and feels like flutters. tomorrow i am going for a internal examination. and dreading it just incase they think im a looney bin. any idea’s xx

  16. Hi … Im so very confused…i have never had a normal period so I cant even atempt to track it and I never spot or ne thing. Me and a friend of mine just started messing around three weeks ago on feb 11. That fist time we did not use ne thing… We used the pull out method but he does have alot of pre cum. I dontknow if im pregnant but I dont umderstand how im feeling… Im very tired my stomach is way nauseous every time I eat I feel sick no matter what it is. But I never get sick. My urine is way stronger the ever. My hips and legs are sore…. My hands swell alot and my feet… My vision is off. Eyes are watery and itching… Very emotional… But my boobs arent sore or my back. If i lay on my stomach i feel sick..n i get weird headaches. Im so confused…i took a test and its negative …now what?.. The doctor cant get me in for 2 months

  17. i’m confused if i’m pregnant or not. i haven’t missed my period but their’s a lot of things happening to me right now. last January, my neighbor told me that i’m pregnant because i always get hungry every hour and i overslept too. on first week of February, my navel and my hips getting bigger and also my breast getting tender. i’m suffering on headaches, and nausea. i urinate frequently and that is very unusual to me. i tried to use pregnancy test twice and the result is negative. can you help me to figure out if i’m pregnant or not. i’m scared to go to hospital that’s why i really need your help so bad. me and my partner want to have a baby and we were trying it for almost 3yrs.please help me.

    • Hi, i have been having the same problem. I have been having unprotected sex since the beginning of April. About a week before my period I had some white thick discharge when I went to the toilet. I then had some thick white discharge in my knickers. (white like milk) (sorry for details!!!) then when my period came on its due date of 27th april .. i had unusual symptoms like swollen breasts, feeling sick (havent vomited though), feeling faint, i felt like i was eating more than usual, waking up in the night to urinate which i hardly do usually, very bloated and gassy, headaches (which i hardly get) and temperatures. Also pains in my stomach and lower back pain. My period finishes today (2nd may) i have lower back pain now and i’m really confused if i am or not. I took a test during my period just incase plus i was desperate to find out, came back negative. Going to do one in 2 weeks from today and see if i have any symptoms after this period that could give me clues.

  18. Hi, Ive been looking everywhere for some people who have gone or is going through the same thing I’m going through now. Im not intensely scared, but Im starting to worry about whats happening. I always get my period a couple to 3 weeks later than the normal 28 day cycle, so the last day i had mine was jan. 14, i haven’t really thought anything of it. this is kinda gross, but I’ve been having brown spotting for the past two weeks, and it just started getting reddish the past few days. Ive read around, and received info that it could just be the uterus lining thing, and it would be brown from being in there for so long, not a big deal. but for two weeks? And recently I’ve been either oversleeping for classes, or am restless at night; laying n bed for hours just NOT being comfortable at all. the oversleeping part is just annoying because i ALWYS feel tired. I’ve been especially hot these past days and i find myself just being more and more blah throughout my days. My friend gave me a pregnancy test for fun a few weeks ago and just as i thought, it was negative, but ever since I’ve been a little “iffy” about this, i took another a week ago and it was negative. the last time i had sex was when i thought i was done my period, the day it should have been done but there was a lot of bleeding during the sex and I felt more pressure than usual.

    I really want to know if this is something serious before getting a doctor involved. The past few days I’ve been eating only a little bit, and so I’m going to try to eat more for the energy purpose, and my friend bought me vitamin b pills to help not be tired all the time. but i was just wondering opinions.

  19. hi i had ectopic pregnancy in dec 2010 and trying to get pregnant ,, but could not . have missed my period twice alduring and running 4 days ahead this month . have a heavy crampy back and apretty different stomach aches always revolving around. can anyone suggest anything…..

    • i would think these are pcos symptoms.

    • Are you serious? Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome comes with a whole array of symptoms, and many much different that what she just listed. I’m sorry, but I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 14, and even then it was heart breaking to accept as a female that young..

  20. Alright I see some older posts but I’m posting out of frustration and questioning. So, I ususally get my cycles like clockwork the same time every month. I was expecting it around the 18th of this January and it hasn’t come. No spotting, bleeding or anything. Usually for about a week before my actual period I will experience swollen/tender/heavy breasts, heavy cramping, back pain and diarrhrea (ahhh the pleasures of womanhood). This month however, i have had extremely tender breasts, even more than usual for about two weeks now and the nipples are so sensitive they tingle. I’ve only had back pain just the past couple days and only in the lower half. No normal period cramping but twinges of pain in my lower right abdomen. I’ve also not been able to have a normal bowel movement. I feel as though I have to use the restroom five to six times a day but only small amounts come out at a time. My skin has also gotten so dry, every skin regimen I’ve tried hasn’t worked. I took two pregnancy tests and both came out negative. I also become tired very easily, I could sit around for a few hours after waking up and become tired again. Last night I was extremely “foggy” and it was difficult to keep my balance. Today I have felt very fatigued and am experiencing light cramping throughout my entire lower abdomen, as well as lower back and leg pain. My partner and I are going to Planned Parenthood tomorrow morning but in the meantime It’d be nice to hear from someone going through the same things. Thanks Ladies.

    • About 6 weeks ago I began having abdominal pain/twinges and was feeling exhausted all the time, I was also having weird discharge and felt like I had to pee all the time but never had more than a dribble. I didn’t go to the doctor for about two weeks, during which time I had my period (although shorter and lighter than usual). I went to the doctor and because I had my period they never even tested for pregnancy, they just told me I had a UTI and put me on antibiotics for that. However, I have been on the antibiotics for almost two weeks now, and do not notice any changes in my signs, so I have been doing research of my own. I’ve read that some women (especially those on birth control) will still experience something similar to a period even if pregnant, so now I am wondering. Recently, I have also been feeling nauseous and feverish, although showing no signs of an actual fever. I don’t know if I’m pregnant, but it seems we have many similar problems.

    • definitely sounds like u r pregnant!! you could have had a false negative that has happened to me before. not all pregnancy tests r alike some of them can only detect so much hCG and sometimes it takes a while for the body to have that much hCG in the system

    • Amanda, you didn’t get a blood test done? If you hunk you are pregnant, you can request a blood test instead. I have been getting more than half of these symptoms, and I am spotting. I am getting a blood test tomorrow.

    • Hey there my name is elizabeth this is exactally what im going through my period is always regular i should have started within the last two days and havnt i have been having crazy cravings,constant urination,headaches tired all the time swollen hands and feet just blah pain in my back and stomach just all kinds of things and wicked weird vision dreams like really vivid weird did you end up being prengnat my test came back negative today!

  21. im 17 years old and I lost an orary at 7. ive been on nuva ring for a few months without fail and pills before that. Last month I was 3 days late putting in a new ring and since then I have had some odd symptoms. My back has been hurting like crazy but only on sertain days. I pee way more than normal and #2 alot. My gums have been swollen and acheing legs. People have been asking me if im pregnant cuz apperantly im glowing. Also fowl smelling urine aweek or so ago. Its saturday and im due out ring tmrw, but just the other day when I got out of the ss hower I squeezed my boob and a clear milky liquid came out and has done so since. I sleep all the time now and I eat alot more. Im a small girl and have put on some pounds around my mid section. Also hip pain.i honestly think im pregnant but would like some advice.

    • And some other things I forgot is that I have had a runny/ stuffy nose and diarreah and hot and cold flashes.

    • I would recommend taking a pregnancy test to be sure. It would be advisable to see your doctor as well to discuss these new symptoms as they can be signs of other things, not just pregnancy.

      Good luck.

  22. Okay, first of all i dont have a regular period so i never track it. its january 1 2012. i had my period around october 8, and then didnt have one in november. but after the last time i had sex, which was around december 8, i started having pregnancy symptoms. we always use a condom, but he would always wait til we were almost done to put it on, so we could basically have sex without a condom the whole time and then he puts it on so he doesnt have to pull out. (but i just learned that pre-cum is indeed real :s) so anyways, about a week after that i had a drink with my friends, i literally had one drink and i woke up with a “hangover” im talking puking and being so nauseous that i had to lay on the bathroom floor for hourssss. and i dont typically get hangovers. and then i started feeling intensely dizzy, but only for about 3 seconds at a time. i feel nauseous some days, my lower back hurts, ive had a few cramps in my right side, ive been eating everything in sight, but i dont really have specific cravings. my face has been breaking out really bad, im irritable and everything makes me angry or it makes me cry. this one is kinda gross, but my vag itches too :s and i have gas, and have to go numba 1 and 2 more than usual. my sister has had alot of pregnant friends and she told me she was pretty sure i was pregnant. well around christmas, i got my period, so i thought, and i ran to my sister and said HA im not pregnant, i started my period! and she said ok let me see it. so i showed her, it was very light orange, and she told me that it wasnt my period, that it was spotting. it was so light that i didnt have to use a pad or tampon or anything, but the next day it was bright pink and a little heavier, and the day after that it was bright pink and brown, and then it stopped. during the time i was bleeding, i took a pregnancy test, but ive been forgetting everything, and i sat down on the toilet and forgot i was supposed to be peeing on the test, i was just peeing like nothing was different, but then i finally remembered just in time for the test to get my last bit of pee, and it came out negative. when i told my sister, she told me i need to take another one, but i havent yet. i still have the lower back pains and the nausea and i still go to the bathroom more than usual. and today when i went to the bathroom there was a tiny tiny bit of pink blood when i wiped.
    i need another test but i have no money, and neither does my sister, i have no supporting friends, and i dont want to go to my parents just yet because they are already upset with me for other reasons right now, so i want to be pretttyyy sure or positive before i say anything to them…

  23. I’ve been having weird symptoms, some mentioned on here. I had my last normal period November 8 and the usual symptoms before my period, bloating, pms, cramps and my period always starts off heavy and last for 6 to 7 days. Pretty regular and so i’m used to these symptoms. I should mention i’m on birth control and have been for 6 months. my next scheduled period was Dec. 5 and it didnt come until the next evening. I started having pregnancy symptoms 2 weeks before my dec period. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, heartburn, fatigue. before my dec period I didnt have any of the usual symptoms like I normally do before my period that I have gotten used to and when it was a day late I started to wonder if I might be pregnant. My husband and I have been off and on for awhile and october and begining of november we were back together and had sex everyday at least twice a day and he left me when I started my regular november period. I am really confused by the symptoms. My dec period was very light and only lasted 3 days which is not normal for any period i’ve had since I first had it at 13. I went last friday to get a urine test this was a day after my 3 day light period stopped and it came back negative. I took another home test two days ago and still negative but I’ve been having cramps that feel like menstral cramps in my lower abdomin and back. I get hungy then make something to eat but then when its done cooking i cant even eat it. two days ago I woke up and went to the bathroom and when I wiped i was spotting and so I used a tampon and an hour later took it out and there was no blood on it. No more bleeding for the rest of that day and then the next day same thing except this bleeding was a weird darker color not a bright red like the day before. and same thing it only lasted less than an hour. I’m still nausious and vomiting sometimes. it feels like i’m car sick. I’m tired during the day which is rare. I’m so confused because the tests say negative but my body is telling me different. I dont know what to do. Should I wait another week or go get a blood test i’m not sure. Ithink it might have something to do with the birth control, but I just have that feeling that I am pregnant. I also have 4 other kids and this time its different so i’m confused. any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

  24. Hey girls, Im looking for some advice!
    My last period was september 13-17. My bf and I started having sex on september 19th. I have not had a period since. I usually am irregular so I thought nothing of it but it kept not coming so I started getting worried. We use condoms most every time, and if we dont he always pulls out way before he cums. I have taken 2 preg tests, the last one being about a week or so ago. But last week for a couple days I started spotting but only for a couple days and extremely light. I have no other symptoms except my calves are very sore and I havent done any exercise. What should I do??
    Maybe I wasnt pregnant with the last test and was just being irregular but we have had sex (pull out method) a few times since then so maybe I get preg then??
    I tried to schedule an OBGYN appt but the soonest is in January

  25. I know going in to the doctor is the best way to know what is going on, but i’d just like to know if anyone has experienced anything like me. I have been off of my birth control pills since May, I had only been on them since January and before that it was the Depo shot. The last normal period that I had was July 19-22nd. Since then I have had very light periods/spotting almost every two weeks. It usually lasts about 2 1/2 days, it starts out like a super light flow, dark brown, and eventually will fill about a half- a whole tampon. I don’t experience any cramps during this time, a little discomfort but nothing painful. I took two pregnancy tests about 3 weeks ago that were both negative. My regular period did not come in August. Some other symptoms I have experienced would be gas, cravings, increased sense of smell, food aversions, diarrhea after eating greasy foods or eggs, vivid dreams, etc… i have not had a lot of the normal symptoms such as breast tenderness or growth or morning sickness. I do get nauseous a few times a week, but it isn’t frequent. I am wondering if I could be pregnant or if it is being caused by something else? Thoughts/experiences???

    • I had these same thing, and my octor says it because of coming off the depo, it does crazy things to you. I feel nauseated tho very frequently, and have all these pregnancy symptoms…but as i was told coming off of depo can make you feel pregnant. Theres alot of stories online that you can find about people and how they feel after stopping their shots. Ive been off of it for 9 months and i had 2 periods, very irregular. Hope this brings you some answers, or atleast lets you know youre not alone. I will never go back on depo, i wish i would have known how terrible id feel before doing it.

  26. Hi , I had my period but it was a little unusual andi ended but nowim having strangepinkish brown discharge and I’ve been feeling really dizzy andmy legs started to get tingly . Could I be pregnant??

  27. I had my period 2 weeks ago, and have alway been regular, however this morning I woke up and I am bleeding again, I’m concerned, my husband and I had sex for the last time 4 days ago, so I don’t think I could be pregnant but I’m not 100% sure if this new bleeding could be a sign of pregnancy or something more sinister. Has anyone ever experienced this before.

    • It really depends. You didn’t list much details so it could be a number of things…change in birth control, changes in hormones, stress, diet/sleep habits, irritation from sex, and if you had a period two weeks ago, that means at least 10 days after the first day of your cycle begins your “fertility” time period and it usually lasts for about 6-7 days…It could be implantation bleeding too though. The best bet would be to go see your doctor or an OBGYN and have her do some tests/exams on you. You can also wait until your next expected period and see if it comes, and if it doesn’t then buy a home pregnancy test and take it in the morning on the day of your missed period. Good luck with everything :) Also, most important, relax! :) If you are pregnant than the last thing you need is stress…

    • hey sorry i just saw this post as i also went through the same thing, i had my period and had unprotected intercourse on the last day and a week later i bleed like a period for 3 days and not sure if it can b pregnancy, did u get ptegnant?

  28. Okay so me and my bf have been dating over 4 months now and whenever I’m not on my period we have unprotected sex ALOT, sometimes multiple times in a day. And I know it’s stupid and I’m not on birth control. Well anyway for the past weeks I’ve been feeling sick, my stomach hurts and is getting bigger, I thought it’s just bloated or something and sometimes my head hurts too. I’m really tired alot, like I can never get enough sleep. And this past week I’ suddenly started having a thing for sugar, like just plain sugar eating it. Well this past Friday August 19, 2011 we had sex and when we were done he said I was bleeding, now of course he thought it was my period but I told him it wasn’t suppose to come until September 1st or 2nd. So then we thought maybe he tore me going to hard or something so we clean me up and I’m not bleeding anymore. I get home later and there’s no cut, I’m not sore or anything I’m perfectly fine. Well then I saw him again yesterday and we had sex and the same thing happened, but this time it wasn’t as much blood and he didn’t go as hard. And so I clean up and again nothing there. Well this morning I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was blood, now I think it’s my period but it’s way early and the blood don’t look normal, it’s got some pinkish tones to it and it kinda looks cloudy I guess is the best description. And I still feel sick and I don’t what it is. I looked it up and the stuff said pregnancy or cervical cancer, But the cancer doesn’t run in my family and it says it’s usually genetic. So I think I may be pregnant just from all that I’ve read, but I’m not sure. I don’t wanna just be overthinking it. So could I be pregnant? Should I get a test?

    • I would get an appointment with my obgyn and see what they say. But taking a home pregnancy test won’t hurt. Not to scare, but there are other ways of having cervical cancer not just passed from one member to another. My sister has it and is getting a procedure done to get rid of it today actually. The best way to find out is visiting your doctor for tests. Please post back to see what you found.

    • Yeah, the best rule is “when in doubt, find out (from a professional).” I know that reading symptoms can make your head spin, especially if you have one or more of them, but also, pregnancy and premenstrual symptoms are similar in some ways. You should definitely go to an OBGYN/family doctor and get a pap smear and a pelvic exam (probably a sonogram) and take some blood tests to test your hormone levels. Sometimes frequent/rough sex can seriously irritate and stress out the internal environment to cause bleeding, even if nothing is ripped or torn. It’s almost like friction/irritation bleeding. Cervical cancer can also be brought on by untreated/undiagnosed certain types of HPV. A pap smear will find out. (And just to let you know in case you didn’t already know, there are several variations of HPV, and almost 80% of sexually active women get it and don’t know it, or don’t get diagnosed with it, and it goes away…) Maybe you should take a week or a few days apart from intercourse to allow your body to rest and see if the symptoms persist. If you EVER feel a sudden painful cramp (lower cramp) or stiff/sore lower back cramps, followed by the sudden need to curl up or lay a certain way, you could be experiencing a miscarriage. Lots of factors can contribute to what you’re going through. It could be the painful intercourse, could be an STD, could be an ectopic (or tubal) pregnancy, could be an impending miscarriage, could be actual pregnancy, or could just be your mind playing tricks on you and you’re about to have a period. You said you weren’t on birth control, but did you recently start or stop taking it? Also, you admitted that you know it’s not a good idea to not be protected during sex, so are you TRYING to get pregnant? Sometimes when you’re trying your mind can play tricks on you… And totally not trying to play your mommy here but, if you’ve only been dating 4 months, and you actually are pregnant, is this partner of yours and you ready for a baby? Its fun and great when there’s a great sexual chemistry, but hopefully there is love and commitment and trust/devotion there too :) Just would hate to see a situation where things are great until the “positive” news hits and he splits because he doesn’t want to have to pay/settle down/help out, etc. Not to say your partner is like that…just some things to think about :) Good luck and let us know what you find out, or if its too personal, that at least you know whats going on :) best wishes!!!

  29. hi my name is brittney, i have never been pregnant before im 20 yrs old..i just got married may20th we have been having un protected sex since about december or january.. ive been haveing a little unusual symptoms. i get really bad anxiaty and restlessness. i have no appetite at all and my stools are runny. i also get chills and hot flashes.. do you think i could be pregnant? or do you think its somthing else? please please help me! brittney

    • Those are some of the symptoms – the best thing to do is take a pregnancy test. Wait until the day you expect your period (or even a few days later) to get the most accurate result. Could be stress, or illness too… see if you’re symptoms pass in a few days if not, take a pregnancy test. If your symptoms do not pass in a few days, see your doctor to be one the safe side. Best of luck to you!

  30. I am having some weird symptoms going on… i am nauseated but i don’t throw up. my last period was very spotty and only lasted 3 days…i am craving foods that i hate and i eat everything in sight. i’ve noticed over the past few weeks my belly is getting bigger but i’m not gaining any weight. my boobs are also getting bigger. i get dizzy alot and then forget what i was doing… sometimes when i’m talking to someone my mind goes blank and i have to think about what i was saying…it’s getting weird. i have taken 6 pregnancy tests over a month and they are all negative….i’ve gotten blood drawn also and that showed nothing….should i just wait and see?

    • i’ve been having these same symptoms.
      ive done everything you have and still no one has answered me… have you recieved an answer yet??

    • It seems you both have VERY common symptoms, and I’ve actually had the same thing happen to me. NOT TO SCARE YOU, but in my case, I am 98 pounds, 5’4, and have existing health issues that make it hard for me to get pregnant. Long story short, my hubby and i got married, he got deployed, and i started getting the same signs you mentioned. I kept taking tests week after week, I started growing, then about 4 months later I was like thats it i HAVE to go see an OBGYN. The morning before my appointment, I was sleeping and i was awoken by extremely painful (and i don’t mean like pms, but like PAINFUL) sharp cramps and back pain and I felt like all i could do was curl up. Then i tried to go to the bathroom and (apologies for graphics) it looked like i was peeing a bloody baseball and all i could do was push. I had a miscarriage. It was scary, upsetting, depressing, and painful. I kept looking online and asking people if they thought I was pregnant and I probably stressed myself out in doing so. At first I thought I was tricking myself…the point of the story is, there could be something serious going on that needs to be caught early, or it could be nothing at all and your mind playing tricks on you. I learned that stress and changes in sleep, stress, and diet can really play a huge role in hormones and bodily changes. I’m not saying you guys are nuts or that you are or are not pregnant, but the best thing you can do is go to a reproductive endocrinologist and see if they can do more thorough testing to see if there are any internal issues that need to be checked out. If you are pregnant, just wait and see if you miss a period and go from there. And if you are not, then it will happen when the time is right. I truly hope you don’t experience what I did and don’t freak out, like I said, I have existing health issues that I found out about after the fact and it’s probably not your case at all. Good luck and hopefully you will get some answers soon!! :)

  31. For the last 3 to 4 days I have had “hot flashes”. My skin will get red, but not hot too touch even though I fee like I am on fire. I have been having the usual symptoms of an on going off and on heaache. I just had some spotting today, boobs have been sore, and of course emotional. I dont know if it is pregnancy or my period. I had a miscarage 2 months ago (at 9 weeks) and would be my 3rd pregnancy if I am pregnant. Anybody have similar “hot flashes”?

  32. i have always had an irregular period, usually every other month. i didn’t think too much about it when i missed my period two weeks ago (it’s not very often that i have a period two months in a row) but now i have been having spotting throughout this week. it is very very light, mostly only there when i wipe and it is either a light pink color or brownish. my breasts have been really swollen and tender, i have been getting frequent headaches, waves of nausea and dizzy spells and have had very vivid dreams this whole week that i take a pregnancy test and it is positive. also, a week and a half ago i had a yeast infection. this morning i took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. Do you think these symptoms are related to the yeast infection or could i be pregnant and it is too early to show on a test? my husband and i would be very happy if i were pregnant as we have been trying since october.

    • I would call your doctor and schedule an appointment since you did get a positive. You seem to have some of the biggest signs/symptoms. Yeast infections are common when there are changes in the internal environment of your vagina. Things such as feminine wipes, douching, sprays/gels, condoms, etc can play a huge vital role in that. A yeast infection shouldn’t really change other symptoms besides the itchy, burning, irritation down there…I would go see a doctor and take a serum blood test and maybe even have a pelvic exam performed to make sure everything is ok :) And the best way to get pregnant is to not try (i know it sounds crazy, but sometimes when you are trying so hard, your body can actually trick itself!) just have fun, and look into charting your cycles and BMT temp and any changes in temp, weight, and mark days you have sex. Also sometimes investing in a fertility/ovulation kit can help. Be sure though to get looked at to make sure you don’t have infertility, or PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), etc so that you know those aren’t contributing to anything that could harm or affect getting pregnant :) Good luck!!

  33. I havent had a period since May 20th and I took a preg test on June 23. I took two test a day a part and both were negative… Im not sure if i took them to soon but its now July 12 and I still have not seen a period… I havent had sex in about 2 weeks. And ive had some symptoms, the obvious no period, sleepyness, nose bleeds when I blow my nose sometimes, light headed, diziness, but no morning sickness and it feels like my breast are getting a little larger.. Ive been pregnant before but its been almost 7 years and ive never experienced this before….. Im not sure whats goin on with my body, this is the first time ive went this long without a period once I went almost 5 months with no period. but that was about 2 years ago and this happened with the same sexual partner so i dont know if its him or what. I want to go to the doctor to get an accurate result but then again I dont. So i think Im just goin to wait it out for another month and if I still have no period I will get a doctors point of view.

    • You probably should go ahead and get checked out so you can rule out an ectopic pregnancy, as well as make sure you don’t have any serious health concerns…each pregnancy is different and there are lots of things out there that can change patterns in a cycle. Stress, birth control changes, sleep, diet, etc…I’d get checked out so that you can know for sure. Ask for a blood serum test, and a pelvic exam (sonogram) and maybe even some blood work to see what your hormones are doing… good luck!

  34. I’ve been feeling pretty weird… I have had 3 girls before, my youngest is 10. The main thing that got me thinking that something weird was happening was becasue I had some light pink spotting for a day or two that turned brownish about a week after my perios ended- I never had that before in my previous pregnancies and didn’t know what it could be. WHen I mentioned it to a friend at work she told me that I could be pregnqant- I had never heard of this before… then I went home and I mentioned to my sister who is now pregnant… she told me thats is how she knew she was pregnant! I feel lost!!!!!! My boyfriend is going to feel even more lost than me……. except for the fact that were is so in love!! I am afraid!!!I have also been feeling tired, dizzy and having very strange dreams- I also had pain in my wrists, and my back after going to work yetserday..- BUt the dreams are getting weird-like every night I wake up with some super crazy werid dream that makes me think I’m going a little nutz! I had a couple of waves of nausea that I attributed to the headaches I have been getting- nearly every couple of days… I get migraines but I have been having more than usual. and I’m tired all the time- I even made an aponitment with a psychiatrist for next weeks because I really believed I was depressed and going a bit zutz especially with all the dreams and stuff… buty now I’m thinking that maybe I coulb pregnant- after talking to my sister and my friend at work I googled up conception signs and symptoms and found out about the bleeding. I read a lot about it- and really think I could be pregnant- plus my boyfriend and I share had the most amazing sex in my life- we have been at it for weeks… like 3 times a day! but he always pulls out. I don’t know… i really don’t know. I’m ganna wait and see cause theres nothing I can do…I could take a test-,but im not ready too. What do you’ll all think???

    • Each pregnant is different, and the pull out rule isn’t always the safest (since I have two nieces now) but, the best bet is to wait to see if you have your next period and take a test if you don’t or go see a doctor and get a blood serum pregnancy test done. All the buzzing going on could be making you trick yourself into thinking you are. Do you want to be pregnant? Are yall trying? Sometimes trying can also make your body trick you if you really really want it to be true that you are pregnant. Good luck, and if you aren’t sure he can handle a child with you, that’s a red flag…having great chemistry and sex is one thing, but the commitment and dedication as well as being responsible to raise a child with someone is a whole different thing. Things to think about :) I wish you both the best of luck!

  35. Okay so imm like 16 and its junee now but i had sex in january. well after me and my ex bf did it i have inly gotten my peirod twice and they were super light like only two days long and before this i never missed a peirod. Also my nose has been stuffed up, but i thought that was just allirges and my back has been bothering me. Also, ive been working out more i just seem to be staying the samme or ganning waight. Ive been two scared to take a prego test because if i am ive made some bad deccison and smoke and drank alott also i got a x ray. What shouldd i doo?

    • To Sydneyy: You should definitely take a pregnancy test! You should also make an appointment with your doctor asap. If you are not pregnant you will need to discuss the issues you are having with your period, it could be an indication of a different problem. If you are pregnant you need to get the proper care. Pregnancy is one thing that you can’t ignore forever, you will need to face it sooner or later, and in this case, the sooner the better. If you don’t want to go to your regular doctor, find a drop-in clinic or planned parenthood, they can do pregnancy tests for free and talk with you about your worries and refer you to the right people. Best of luck!

  36. I have three of these symptoms but one I have isn’t on there. I have been getting cramps like I get when i have my period but then nothing happens. I’m now about three days late and I am never late. Should I take a test now or wait a week or so and see what happens? I’m too scared to hope I’m pregnant caues my husband and I have been trying for sixmonths and I don’t want to be dissapointed again.

  37. Im going to be 41yrs old in a couple of months. I have 3 older teenagers. And really dont want anymore. But, notice ivre lost a lot of weight. I have been getting really sleepy to a point its hard to stay a wake. My mouth stays water alot too.. I already have acid reflux. But, I get more nuased than normal are eating and nerves.. I thought it might my angzity(misspelled) start. Than it just goes away. My last period was only 3days. Im nerves that I might be pregant again. Ive lost 2. Miscarriage a yr ago….. But, I have bout a week b4 my period is to come. Is it pregancy or pre-metapause…… Scared….. My oldest is a jr in high school. I font w as nt to go thru another misscarriage again. I have high pregancies more deliveries and after effects on me. My last born chi”d I stoped breathing during birth. I hate waiting. Potental father doesnt want anymore either…. Ugh….

  38. im going on 3 weeks late. ive only missed this one period ever. ive had somewhat of a stuffy nose then somewhat runny. ive been sneezing a lot, tho its probably unrelated. ive had tender breasts and strange abdomen feeling not so much painful as is wierd with occasional faint pain. my gums have definetly been bleeding just these past couple days. i changed toothbrushes thinking it was time for a new one. strange metallic taste indeed. definite hot flashes then chills later. im achy in my joints today. ive taken 8 hpts and all negative. went to doc she wasnt helpful…said i wasnt pregnant after a urine test. no kidding i couldve told you that woman! i want a blood test! so i went to planned parenthood and once again only a urine test was negative. youd think theyd believe a woman when she says somethings wrong with her body, considering she knows it best. doctors are getting less helpful these days. anyway, im too discouraged to take another urine test or blood test. anyone have any helpful advice or encouraging words?

    • I have the same issue. The urine tests don’t give me a positive result, whether I’m 8 days past my period or 8 months into a pregnancy.
      I’m worried that I might be pregnant again and I keep having all the symptoms but, I still have yet to miss my period (1 week left) so, I am just going to wait to see but, I find it pointless in even trying to purchase a home pregnancy test as, they do not give me accurate results.. EVER. Not for the last 3 pregnancies, not for the next ##.
      Best bet for you is to just see a doctor and tell them that you HAVE to have blood work done. They HAVE to listen. :o)

  39. About a month ago I started getting really bad backaches just from standing up for not even 30 minutes, then I started getting headaches all the time, almost Every day. Then, every once in a while I will taste blood, and go to the bathroom to realize that my gums are bleeding out of no where.. then I remembered that almost 2 weeks after I ‘bumped uglies’ I got a nose bleed, I have never had a nose bleed before. My dreams have been getting stranger and stranger latley and I’m nauseous most of the time now… I’m pretty much freakin out.. I’m only 15.

  40. I have PCOS also and have been experiencing the same symptoms Angel had listed and I guess I’ll find out in the morning. @Angel I asked almost the exact same question on yahoo answers about a week or so ago and now I’m taking myself a pregnancy test in the morning so fingers crossed and lots of Baby Dust to you :)

  41. I have pcos and so I don’t have normal periods. I have been having some bloating and smelly urine and not being able to sleep and even more back pain then usual. Could all this mean i am pregnant or could it be something else? Please help cause I don’t know what to do.

  42. Abour two weeks ago I had bad headaches, and after that I still feel nauseiated and light headed. At times I feel like my head is to heavy and I just want to sleep. Not too long ago I noticed that my urine had a strong smell. Now my breast feel to big for my bra.

  43. VML: If your period is in fact 2 weeks late a pregnancy test really should show a result by now. (Most will give you an accurate result the day your period due, if not before) Is it possible you are mistaken about when you ovulated, or when your period was due? Good luck!

  44. My period is 2 weeks late and I have taken a home pregnancy test and they have ran a urine test at the doc office and both were negative but the doc said to try another in two weeks. I have tender breasts and a tender lower abdomen. Dizziness, headaches, sore legs and backaches, increased cervical fluid, sleeplessness, and motion sickness (which I have never had). Is there a possibility that both tests were wrong and when I take one in two weeks it will be positive?

  45. I have also had gas, cramps, fatigue, lightheaded and the nausea especially at night and started to also wonder if it was just in my head since I am hoping that I am…however my nipples are slightly darker and I had a very abnormal light period and my symptoms have not gone away…so Im debating if I could be or not

  46. Yes Elizabeth I am having the exact symptoms the gas is horrible and I am sick morning and night with gas. I have lost weight though. I took 2 pregancy test and they came back negative. What ended up being your results?

  47. I have never been pregnant before and I am having the same exact feelings as Elizabeth. I know I had my period this month, but I had sex like a day or two after. I don’t know if I am or not. What do you think?

  48. i have one question my period was supposed to come 4/6/2009 and i had unprotected sex on the 16th and 17th and had my period on the 18th which date should i go by to determine when i was ovulating?

  49. I have never been pregnant before and so I am unsure of they symptoms I am having. I swear, I had my period. I have been very gasey and burping a lot. I have also been very tired, and lightheaded (which has gone away a little bit), and headaches often. I have also had a bit of nausea, but it usually happens at night before I go to sleep, and doesn’t last for too long. Anyone else have sypmptoms like this, or is it all in my head?

  50. i have been prego before and i dont have the same exact symptoms as before, but some of the same ones are coming back. i dont have morning sickness, headaches, or frequent urination but i havent gotten my period. And i still have cramps as if it’s coming but idk yet, and i’ve had Gas ALOT latley and idk if i am or not …. what should i do,?

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