The Strange, Unusual and Uncommon Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

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You can do a search in any search engine and find hundreds of websites with a list of the most common early signs of pregnancy… but how many of them list the lesser known or the strange? Well based on information provided by CTP members using the VEP Symptom Tracker, we have compiled the data of what symptoms are experienced and when, including the obscure and less talked about signs. These are statistics based on real women who tracked their very early signs and symptoms right from the day of conception!

Here is a list of symptoms that you may never have attributed to pregnancy! Now that it’s on a list (and supported by hundreds of women) you can! :)

Are you trying to conceive? Do you want to track your early signs and symptoms during the seemingly endless two week wait and find common symptoms with women who became pregnant? Then you absolutely must become a CTP member!

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  1. Seems allot more like a teen forum to me. Girls there’s a whole lot ahead in the future for you. Don’t let teen pregnancy be a factôr in your life for never finishing school, college, getting the job of your dreams, a nice house and car , and of course a wonderful husband that’s supportive , cares, and loves you daily. There’s so many fishes in the sea and maybe the fish your fishing for is not in your future and his future at the moment. Be wise use protection. There’s so many diseases that can destroy a life and even infertility. Be careful take your time and when the time is right you will thank god in the future you didn’t make that stupid mistake like your friend.

  2. Hi. I had my last period about 2 weeks ago. My husband and I are trying to have our third and last one. We are really wanting a boy. But my lower stomach feels really weird sometimes it’s hard other times it’s not. My breast are just now becoming sore. My hips and inner thighs are sore. Also my vagina feels wierd. With my first how i knew was I miss my period . With my second one my boobs were leaking . Idk if I am pregnant or not I really hope so. But I just don’t want to over think it. If any of you ladies have had or are going through the same feelings right now and have had any results I would love your feedback. Thank you!!

  3. I’m 16 and two weeks ago I had unprotected sex. A day after I got my period and there was no pain and it wasn’t as heavy as it normally is, it lasted a week. I’ve been very dizzy, sleepy, and I’ve been craving crazy food like, McDonalds Burgers and Sweet n Sour Chicken. My mother is very very negative and I don’t know what to do

  4. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 3 months. My last period was 10/24-10/27 which is common for me. We have had intercourse just about every other day for the past week or so and today I noticed that there was a light pink tint after I wiped. Can anyone tell me what this may be? I have never had this before.

  5. I’ve had a partial hysterectomy years ago, and I’m 44, so my symptoms are freaking me out a little. I crave hot dogs morning, noon, and night; I’m also craving ketchup, (which I’m allergic to), nausea, light dizziness, major fatigue, and some weight gain. What could this be?? Should I get a pregnancy test anyway?

  6. Hey I’m Danielle, I am 18 I’ve been pregnant before, but sadly had a miscarriage. I remember starting to feel symptoms as early as the next day! I know sounds crazy, I had some of those symptoms, but after my miscarriage I got an iud and it’s 99% that it’ll always work. And we’ll I’m starting to feel the symptoms again and had sex last night, I’m terrified that I’m pregnant again. But will also be very happy. Anyone that can give me advice or anything would be so great please and thank you!

  7. I had unprotected sex 5 days ago with my fiance and of course he ejaculated inside or me. I am lost as to my periods and when they come and go because I have never been regular. Now that it is five days later I am having massive headaches and my breasts are tender and swolen. I also have huge cramps in lower stomach. I have the metallic taste in my mouth but I also do smoke cigarattes. I am just nervous because I was pregnant before and felt these same symptoms. Yet I have no clue if I ovulated or if I am just experiencing pain coming on my period. Ladies please help!

  8. Hello. I’m just going to get straight to the point. I have been on birth control since I was 14 due to irregular periods and acne breakouts. I recently stopped taking this last month and my boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex several times. He has ejaculated inside me twice once I did not know of. I have been experiencing headaches, stuffy nose, backache, hips and legs hurt. I have been cramping slightly and now I am experiencing some light bleeding 3 days before I am to start my next period. I have also been having vivid dreams about being pregnant for the last couple weeks and I haven’t been sure why. Today I have peed like crazy and I feel extremely bloated. I have slight nausea not much yet. Could I be pregnant?

    • Also I have had a very dry mouth and feel like I haven’t been getting enough to drink when I drink water or tea all the time.

  9. hi I’m sindi i have sore nipples ,always tired i urinate every minute ,i have sense of smell ,i always have a headache does that mean I’m pregnant?

  10. Okay, so I’m 18 years old been with my partner for 2 years. A few days ago we had unprotected sex, I’m on the pill but I have really bad memory even with an alarm so sometimes I take them at different times each day. Anyway. He did the pull out method, after ejaculating he did a 2 second clean up and he went back inside me for another 4-5 minutes. A few days on I’m now feeling nauseous, weird stomach pains, a weird feeling down below and bad migraines. I just finised my period a week ago it was a light period was unusual for me only laste 3 days no discharge or anything. We do have unprotected sex majority of the time. Can someone please help me, could I be pregnant or am I just over reacting. I’ve never felt like this before after intercourse.

  11. I am 20 day late of seeing my peroids.I am also getting cramps back stomach and legs .also a little discharge. What should I do.

  12. I have had unusual light bleeding and cramps and lower back pain and a weird taste in mouth can anyone help

  13. okay i need advice or help but me and my boyfriend had sex im 16 goin 17 oct but yea we had uprotected sex then five days later my stomache felt tight and felt light headed face feels hot af but dont feel sik at all and also i can smell real good and also im always tired af and my thigh are always cramping and im always craving for sweets does that mean im pregnat ? i just wanna know

  14. Me and my gf had sex 8-10 days and today she woke up feelings dizzy and her stomach is hurting and she is burping a little. We had protected sex and we made sure the condom wasn’t broken. We are both 17… why is she feeling like this or what does it mean? Is she pregnant?

  15. Hey,
    Me and my fiance have me trying to have a baby for over six months now. Well my last period was July 22nd and I still haven’t started. But I’ve been really tired and I been getting headaches along with being hungry lol and now my feet and hands are starting to swell some. And I been getting cold and hot flashes. I’m hoping that we are finally pregnant we really want this and now my back is starting to hurt in my my mid to lower back oh and I’ve had allot of milky discharge. And advice will help. Thank you.

  16. Hi girls. Im 20 and i had my last period in july. In august i had sorta like a period but it was really blood it was a Dark Brown discharge and it lasted for like maybe 3 days a wasnt even enough to fill up half a pad in total. Tjis happen like aroung august 9. Then in August 22 this happened again, first though this time it was light pink blood just for like half a day then it turned to dark brown thing again, and i didnt have cramps not once. Today is september 11 and i havent had my period or cramps or any sign that i will get my period. I am sexually active. Coukd this be pregnancy or is it just me wanting to be pregnant?

    • Hey! That sounds a lot like implantation bleeding to me! Try taking a test of you haven’t already.
      Good luck!

  17. I have my period about 3 weeks ago, and me and my boyfriend tried to conceive right after. Now (3 weeks later) I’m having back/leg pains, diarrhea, dizziness, I have to use the bathroom ALOT!, and I feel sick to my stomach. And 3 days ago I started spotting but its red like my period, its way lighter then my normal period and I’m not supposed to get my period for another weeks. Could I possibly be pregnant? Help!

  18. Hey im 23 and i am very confused i got my period on the 10th it stopped on the 17th then i had unprotected sex on the 23rd, i believe i was ovulating between the 21and 26 i took a test 4 daya b4 my missed period and its negative i have hot flashes leg cramps and headaches my bf gets on my nerves as well ,did i test early? Could i still be pregnant?

  19. Hi!
    About a week ago I thought I was getting my period which is usually heavy
    Every month but was very light and brownish in color and ended after three days. About half a week before I also thought I was getting my period because I had pink spotting which only lasted the one day. I’ve had a metallic taste in my mouth, light nausea for the past week and clammy hands on and off. I took a pregnancy test today, it came up negative but the lime was extremely faint and barely noticeable so I’m thinking it could have been an expired test? Is there a chance I could be pregnant or am I just over worrying myself?

  20. hi . im a 18 year old girl and ive been bleeding for the past two weeks . the first week of july my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex and im not sure if he cumed inside of me . july passed and my period didnt arrive so i took hpt and it was negative .

    then i had these symptoms : fatigue , nauseous , diarrhoea and my boobs look bigger . please help

  21. My nipples are tender I feel really gasey (cramps) and I feel like ive gained weight im not due to start for at least a week or two but I do have irregular periods. I had an ectopic pregnancy about 4-5 yrs ago ive been trying to conceive for 8 yrs

  22. My stomach is hard near the bladder my hips hurt my head hurts and every time I eat or lay or push on my stomach I feel sick I have a bloody thick white discharge my periods are not normal so I go months with out one then I’ll have one for a few hours then nothing again for month me and my boy friend have broken up in the last week but we had been having unprotected sex for about 3 months I took 3 tests about 3 weeks ago and 2of them came out with a very almost faint positive line the 3rd said negative I went to the doctor and they did another test and I’m guessing it said no because I got no answer from them could I be pregnant or just losing my mind??

  23. Hay all, I got a question for ya guys,

    Now erm, my girlfriend has currently been feeling very dizzy and light headed and has ended up in hospital once, the doctors did tests and said she was fine, since she left the hospital the lightheaded ness has been happening more often and she has started to get really short tempered and snappy, then today we went out for my sisters birthday. She said she felt a tiny bit under the weather and had pain in her knees hips and back. I know at one point she broke her back and never went to hospital about it and she always has pain in her knees and hips as she has possible hypo mobility, but since we got home today (31/7/15) she has has unbeleaveable pain in her tummy and she hasn’t left the loo, she googles the symptoms and it came up with either food poisoning, pregnancy or appendicitis, overall the pain and the dizziness has been there a long time, but she was never sick or nauseous,

    Can someone help as I’m racking my brains, oh before I forget she has the contraceptive implant in her arm which was put in 3 months ago.


  24. Hey I’m 21 and never been pregnant. I am on the pill however I got my wisdom teeth cut out and they put me on antibiotic which as you know makes birth control ineffective. My husband and I did have sex in that time but I didn’t think about using a condom. This has been about a month and half ago. Then I got a sinus infection which meant more antibiotics. This was the first of July. Now I feel like I might be pregnant. I have been soo tired I would go to bed at like 930 sleep til 8 the next morning then take a nap about 10 because I was so tired and I didnt do anything to cause me to be tired. I wake up after sleeping good all night wanting more sleep and can take hour or so nap. Also I have been eating more, the last few day I have been having hot flashes and mild headaches. I feel like I got a yeast infection because I was itchy and burning. My hands have been swollen I can tell when I take my wedding ring off and my hands never swell. I have been having white creamy discharge and full feeling breast. And moody doesn’t even began to cover it I have been soo moody in the last week. what should I do??

  25. Hi, my name is Sam &I’m 20 . My body has been feeling off here lately. I’ve been having fatigue, nausea but no vomiting, constipation, headaches like crazy ,cold chills, stuffy nose, achy legs, frequent peeing lol and I know this sounds crazy but my boyfriend has been sleeping a lot too and craving pickles. I swear he eats pickles with everything? Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with me?

  26. Mine came 7 days later, and my perios jus came on the 28th and my blood is pretty red but at the same time it is still pretty late, especially for me. ive been having headaches, constant bathroom usage and nausea . What could this mean?

  27. Hello, I need some advice. I’m on day ten of my cycle. My cycle is usually 35 days. My husband and I had unprotected sex the day before and on ovulation day. I’m having so many signs that I’m pregnant but the test I’ve taken are negative. I’ve taken two blues and two pinks. I’m having horrible heartburn, nausea, cant sleep or eat, my joints are constantly in pain, and my nips are always itchy. Oh and my period usually last six days with heavy flow and excruciating cramps. This time around it lasted four days with minimal flow and lil cramps but heavy cramps after the period ended.
    Idk what’s going on, any advice would be much appreciated TIA

  28. Hi. I have a question that I need help with. So my boyfriend and I always use a condom when we have sex. But about a week after the last time we had sex I’ve been nauseous and it hasn’t really gone away. It gets worse when I eat or try to sleep. I’ve also been more tired then usual. Lately I’ve been ready to go to bed at 7 or 8 and I usually don’t go to bed until after 12. I’ve also been having some lower back pains and a runny/stuffy nose. I have also felt dizzy a couple times since then. This has been going on for about a week. I also had a vivid dream where I was pregnant with his child and I looked exactly the same as I do now except I was bigger but I have no idea what age I was in my dream. I have also had some hot flashes and the chills. But a day or two before I started feeling like this I ended my period. So could it be something from that or could it be because I could be pregnant? The condom didn’t break from what I know. So I don’t know if I’m pregnant but I still had my period because it was due the day after we had sex or what. So if someone is able to help me that would be wonderful.

  29. I’ve also had terrible gas and my nose is always stuffy and my back hurts all day everyday. My dreams are so vivid I feel like they are real life and I’m exhausted everyday! Please help me figure out what this is!

  30. I’m 19 I was a month late on my period then had very painful cramps and started bleeding the next day. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been nauseous all the time and hungry. My emotions are out of wack, I’ve had a metallic taste in my mouth for a few days and my gums start to bleed at random times. I’m not really sure what this means so if you all could help me that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  31. I thought I was pregnant in January , had a few symptoms but my period never stopped . So naturally I took two tests and they were both negative . My symptoms resided, I went to doc and got my thyroid meds adjusted and I felt normal again. Now I am having severe preggo symptoms ! Nautious , so tired, hot flashes, frequent urination, and the other day after a workout in my garden it felt like I was wearing a rubber band around my abdomen. My periods have been super light but they come every month, and my tummy is a bit bigger as well as my breasts but I quit smoking so I figured I was just getting fatter. I am going to doc soon, just wondering if anyone had a thyroid issue that made them feel like they were pregnant . Or maybe I am just crazy.

  32. Hi, I’m toyang I’m having a white discharge and abdominal pain 7-8 days after having sex with my boyfriend, is it possible that I’m pregnant? Thanks.

  33. My period was 3 days late, I’m really nauseous, I’m extremely tired, I have diarrhea, food aversions, dizziness, back & headaches and really bad cramps. I had unprotected sex the previous weekend. Yesterday I got my period around 3 AM, well I thought it was my period. I bled for about an hour and then it stopped completely but came back a few hours later and has continued like a normal period and there’s a lot of clotting. I took an at home pregnancy test (Dollar General) and it said negative but I took it in the middle of the day and I’ve heard that you should do it first thing in the morning but I started getting symptoms mid-day so I took it then. Is it just my period hitting harder than usual or is it something more?

  34. I Moved To Bloomfield Missouri This Month. Before I Came. I started my period on the 5th of this month. Okay then a week laterI started my period again. The first time this ever happened to me. Ever in my life. Okay soon as it went off. I been feeling sick all day n night……been having sore nipples and chests and been craving weird stuff like noodles with Turkey sandwich meat and pickles together. I don’t know if that’s home sick or what’s going on. Help Please

  35. Hi, I’m in need of some help. Two weeks ago i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, he didn’t come inside me because he uses the “pull out” method and i am aware of pre-cum and how that can be very effective. I recently went to the doctors and they told me i have a very light Urinary Track Infection. I do not have any pain when I have to urinate, I don’t seem to have many of the symptoms besides nausea, dizziness, mild back pain and mild cramps in my lower abdominal area. I also have a regular menstrual cycle which usually lasts 5 days. My monthly visitor came earlier than detected. First it was like a brown then a light pink and was only noticeable as i went to urinate and wipe. It continued as if its my regular period which i do think it was and i usually have very painful cramps and this time they were mild. I am now on the 6th day of my period, this has never happened before. I am now very very light and looks borderline of a pink and a red but only as i wipe i can see this color. I dont know whether this has to do with the infection or the possibility of being pregnant. I did take a pregnancy and was negative. Now i did my research and it all leads me to Implantation Bleeding, and i just keep asking myself “What is this?”. Can someone please help me.

  36. OK so this is my first time writing on one of these websites.. But it’s cos I’ve been having not the best luck trying to have a baby.. Every time I get a positive pregnancy test.. Maybe like a month or so later.. All progress is lost and I lose my baby.. So my heart is broken. And I’ve seemed emotionally messed up.. My husband and I have been trying for a year and it keeps happening. I gave up hope. Until my recent period.. Because when I first got it.. I cried.. Of course. But then after two weeks of bleeding.. I’m worried and confused. I know I should call a doctor but every time I go in they don’t care that were trying to have a baby. They don’t listen to what symptoms I have. So I’ve turned to the mighty Internet. So besides bleeding For two week.. I’m thinking definitely not. But my breast started being really sore. (never happens) Im super gassy. Like I have to fart constantly. And thats not very comfortablet. Plus I can’t ever get to sleep. No matter how tired I am. last night I got it a solid 3 hours. My back is tense. My body aches. And I’m getting headaches. Well In a way I’m just hoping I’m not the only one that has gone through this and that had a positive outcome.

  37. hi I’m 26 since I was 15 my periods been irregular periods since then but last month in April I had my period for one day and in Mai I had it on 14th and then on the 19th I been feeling tired,lack of appetite,bloated,lightheaded,car sick easy and mood swings have light periods for one day exactly I took a test but came negative does anybody have experienced this

  38. Hi! I know I’m chiming in a bit late, but some of these comments have really angered me. I very well might be pregnant and yes I am 17! No one have a heartattack, everything’s going to be alright, we’re not the first teens to be pregnant. If you want to have sex, it’s your choice no matter what age you are. Yes, you do have the rest of your life but hell, your life can end tomorrow for all anyone knows, so go crazy. Have that baby, don’t let anyone put you down, this could be your last few years, live your life to the fullest. :)

  39. Hi.. I am a 21 year old mother of 1 (5yr old). My last period was the 6 Th of April (normally comes on the third) and lasts for 4-5 days… My average cycle is 31 days… I have been feeling light headed, stuffy nose , having cravings ,etc. My period came late which is the12 of may… I can’t stand anybody touching the lower part of my belly it hurts really bad… Also when my period came it was very heavy(the heaviest I’ve seen it so far ) and has a weird smell.. What does that mean ?? Can someone help ??

  40. I have a light period and sometimes i’m not bleeding at all. I’m very moody , emotional. My moods and emotions are like a roller coaster.I have been really tired .I have a little bit of cramping. Not feeling too good. could i be pregnant? if not what else could be wrong??? Please help

  41. I’m 29 I have 3 boys for my 2nd son who’s now 2 1/2 my first symptoms were a week later I had dizzy ness I was more moody than normal my under arms smelled bad when they never usually did I was very sleepy with no energy .The night I conceived when I went to bathroom I had a light colored spot of blood like light pink another symptom I had was hot flashes and sensitive to smells just wanted to share my symptoms maybe it can help some one determine if maybe they are pregnant

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