The Strange, Unusual and Uncommon Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

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You can do a search in any search engine and find hundreds of websites with a list of the most common early signs of pregnancy… but how many of them list the lesser known or the strange? Well based on information provided by CTP members using the VEP Symptom Tracker, we have compiled the data of what symptoms are experienced and when, including the obscure and less talked about signs. These are statistics based on real women who tracked their very early signs and symptoms right from the day of conception!

Here is a list of symptoms that you may never have attributed to pregnancy! Now that it’s on a list (and supported by hundreds of women) you can! :)

Are you trying to conceive? Do you want to track your early signs and symptoms during the seemingly endless two week wait and find common symptoms with women who became pregnant? Then you absolutely must become a CTP member!

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  1. My nipples are tender I feel really gasey (cramps) and I feel like ive gained weight im not due to start for at least a week or two but I do have irregular periods. I had an ectopic pregnancy about 4-5 yrs ago ive been trying to conceive for 8 yrs

  2. My stomach is hard near the bladder my hips hurt my head hurts and every time I eat or lay or push on my stomach I feel sick I have a bloody thick white discharge my periods are not normal so I go months with out one then I’ll have one for a few hours then nothing again for month me and my boy friend have broken up in the last week but we had been having unprotected sex for about 3 months I took 3 tests about 3 weeks ago and 2of them came out with a very almost faint positive line the 3rd said negative I went to the doctor and they did another test and I’m guessing it said no because I got no answer from them could I be pregnant or just losing my mind??

  3. Hay all, I got a question for ya guys,

    Now erm, my girlfriend has currently been feeling very dizzy and light headed and has ended up in hospital once, the doctors did tests and said she was fine, since she left the hospital the lightheaded ness has been happening more often and she has started to get really short tempered and snappy, then today we went out for my sisters birthday. She said she felt a tiny bit under the weather and had pain in her knees hips and back. I know at one point she broke her back and never went to hospital about it and she always has pain in her knees and hips as she has possible hypo mobility, but since we got home today (31/7/15) she has has unbeleaveable pain in her tummy and she hasn’t left the loo, she googles the symptoms and it came up with either food poisoning, pregnancy or appendicitis, overall the pain and the dizziness has been there a long time, but she was never sick or nauseous,

    Can someone help as I’m racking my brains, oh before I forget she has the contraceptive implant in her arm which was put in 3 months ago.


  4. Hey I’m 21 and never been pregnant. I am on the pill however I got my wisdom teeth cut out and they put me on antibiotic which as you know makes birth control ineffective. My husband and I did have sex in that time but I didn’t think about using a condom. This has been about a month and half ago. Then I got a sinus infection which meant more antibiotics. This was the first of July. Now I feel like I might be pregnant. I have been soo tired I would go to bed at like 930 sleep til 8 the next morning then take a nap about 10 because I was so tired and I didnt do anything to cause me to be tired. I wake up after sleeping good all night wanting more sleep and can take hour or so nap. Also I have been eating more, the last few day I have been having hot flashes and mild headaches. I feel like I got a yeast infection because I was itchy and burning. My hands have been swollen I can tell when I take my wedding ring off and my hands never swell. I have been having white creamy discharge and full feeling breast. And moody doesn’t even began to cover it I have been soo moody in the last week. what should I do??

  5. I was suppose to get my period at the beginning of the week and I never did. I had a pale pink discharge after I peed every once in a while and today the discharge became more orange and red. I still am not bleeding though and have no signs of my period.

  6. Hi, I’m going to get straight to it. My boyfriend and I are having unprotected sex, and he’s cum inside me plenty of times yet I’ve been feeling very strange since March. In March, my period didn’t come yet a week and three days before my period was due I began bleeding very lightly and spotting. I’ve been experiencing nausea and vomiting, tender breasts, frequent urination, my gums are bleeding, metallic taste in my mouth, and certain smells send me rushing to the bathroom. Also, the smell of my urine is very loud. In April, I bled heavily for two days then that was it. When I lay on my stomach, I feel sick and my stomach hurts even when someone puts pressure on it. I took two tests in March and the results were negative. By the way period is always really really heavy and lasts for 7 to 10 days. I just need a logical explaination, please. Thank you in advance for your help.

  7. Hi i have been having light cramps , short headaches , and a little bit of back pains. Also , i have been having short headaches. Me and my boyfriend had unprotective sex 4-9-15 does this mean i am pregnant??????

  8. i have been throwing up for 3 or 4 days i have a lot of back pain my dreams have been more vivid i have a hightend sense of smell my hips are hurting and my period was one day mind you they are usualy 7-8 days long

  9. Hi, I am 17 and about 4 days ago I lost my virginity but we did not fully have sex it was just kinda a 10 second thing. I have been so scared and worring a lot since then and I have been feeling sick to my stomach and I have been having to urinate and I’ve had a lot of bowl movements after. Could it just be my nerves making me sick?

  10. I had unprotected sex while on birth control I’ve been on it for 8!months now for my first 6 months my period always came three days into my sugar pills. Then my 7 month came and my period didn’t start until the 6th day of sugar pills which is extremely abnormal for me. The area around my nipples has gotten bigger and darker, I urinate all the time, have a runny nose, slightly light headed more often and get headaches sometimes which I never got before.

  11. Hi

    Me & my husband are trying to have a baby Weve been trying for almost 2 months now..I’ve been using an ovulation tracker & today I am 5 days late I sneezed this am a lot of blood & my nose bled for just a little while I have some cramps not like a period just mild ones and everyone and then I feel naucious but never throw up I’ve taken several hpt but they are all negative…how long should I wait to another one?? Could I be pregnant?


  13. So I’m 17, going on 18. I come from a very fertile family (i have 11 siblings and a niece and nephew) so I’m just assuming that I must be highly fertile too. Me and my boyfriend (he is also 17) have been trying for a baby, we both want one, and we’ve been trying since December 2014.
    My periods used to be irregular, but 2 summers ago I visited a gynocologist and they gave me a pill to regulate my periods and they’ve been pretty accurate since then. My average cycle is 25 days long and my luteal phase is 12 days. I’ve learned that most people ovulate about 2 weeks after the first day of their last menstrual period (the average monthly cycle is 24 days long, 24 divided by 2 is 12, so 12 days after a women’s LMP would be her ovulation date)
    My LMP was February 10, that cycle was 23 days, so I ovulated 11.5 days after my LMP, meaning I ovulated somewhere between February 21st and the morning hours of February 22nd. Me and my boyfriend had sex February 21st in the afternoon, and sperm can live in the right conditions for about 5 days. We only did it once, we haven’t had sex since that day. I just haven’t been in the mood (and most of the time I’m in the mood, I’m the one asking him if we can have sex, oh boy have the tables turned.)

    Now I’ve been having what I hope are symptoms of pregnancy, but I’d like to ask for some input.
    I really started noticing them around 8dpo, I wasn’t really symptom searching earlier than that because I didn’t want to let myself down again like before.
    But as of 8dpo I had an increase in cervical mucus, which would be normal, but the texture was different. It was a pastel yellow color and had a lotion like feeling. It dissolved between my fingers. My CM before my period is more liquid like and stretchy. This has been happening 8-10dpo.
    Yesterday (9dpo) I started feeling the cramps and pains. The weird thing about the cramps is that they’re happening on both sides, they kind of shift during the day. But they mostly happen on the left side. I could say that this is just PMS and its a sign that my period is coming, but I usually get period cramps after my period is over. It’s weird.
    I’ve also been having back pains, but it’s not in the center of my back, it’s on the left lower and middle part of my back. It doesn’t really hurt, it’s just rather bothersome. I wouldn’t really even call it pain, it’s like little tingle feelings. They come and go, but it seems like a constant poking when it’s not tingling.
    My breasts have been hurting on the left side in my underarm area. I know it’s not my bra, I love my bra, it’s very comfy. That’s my go-to bra. It’s never hurt me before and it wouldn’t hurt me now. My nipples are sort of sensitive, and they’re hard 75% of the time. Sadly I can’t tell if my actual breasts have grown in size, I’ve been a DD since 7th grade, so therefore they always look big and they always feel heavy.
    A new symptom I have is heartburn. I tried to put it off and tell myself that I drank too much soda or had too many sweets, but then I remembered, I always drink soda and Ive cut down on the sweets. I’ve never had heartburn before, so I shouldn’t be having it now.
    I’ve been feeling a bit nauseous, but I only threw up once, thank goodness.
    I also have been feeling bloated, now, by feeling bloated I mean that when I poke my belly it feels hard. A little bit of info to help you understand why this makes me sort of happy is that, I’m a pudgy person. I’m fluffy. My tummy should feel fluffy too, but it doesn’t.

    So that’s it for now, I should be able to take a test this Friday or Saturday. Saturday is the day that I should get my period (it’s also my boyfriends birthday, so I’m hoping I can give him what he really wants- a BFP)
    So well wishes and baby dust to all of you, I hope you all get the BFPs you want.

    • I don’t know you, but you’re 17, I was once too now my son is the thing I have ever done, but please, PLEASE sweetheart wa it until you’re married, if he loves you, & I’m sure he does, but he won’t mind waiting until you’re married & living in a house of your own. I know how love is & how wonderful it is, stay safe & enjoy being the age you are now, because you will never be the same age again,stop trying to grow up so fast, just be young while you can, right now anything can happen, once a baby is in the picture, nothing is about yourself, I’ve gone 4 days & nights without food so my son would have enough to eat, just wait, give it 2years, don’t try for 2 more years,just have fun being together, then if you still want a baby. Go for it. All my love is sent to you tonight dear, I hope you see the wisdom in my words, a strangers,because I will help you, my stranger if ever you need help. If he loves you enough to have a child with you, he will love you enough to wait & let you be young together.

    • Sounds like you should take a pregnancy test girly. :) Seems like there’s a pretty high chance your flowers been pollenated. :D

  14. ive been pregnant before and I have had all the same symptoms nausea high sence of smell extreme appetite change and really bad hot flushes and chills. I took a pregnancy test came back negative and Im still getting my period is this possible or am I just being paranoid?

  15. Hello, everyone. I’m 19 and my fiancé and I are not really trying to conceive but not really preventing it either. Ever since my first period when I was 11, I have never had a late period since my firs two when I was 11. Well I’m 9 days late and I haven’t gotten a single sign of my period or any PMS, if anything I’m making way more trips to go pee than I have ever done. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep these past two weeks and I have a normal 8 hours of sleep a night sleep schedule. I have taken 4 HPT’s all of which coming out negative. Should I contact my doctor or should I wait a few more days and try testing again? And I only fall aeep now after having to force myself to sleep.. Help??

  16. Hello, everyone. I’m 19 and my fiancé and I are not really trying to conceive but not really preventing it either. Ever since my first period when I was 11, I have never had a late period since my firs two when I was 11. Well I’m 9 days late and I haven’t gotten a single sign of my period or any PMS, if anything I’m making way more trips to go pee than I have ever done. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep these past two weeks and I have a normal 8 hours of sleep a night sleep schedule. I have taken 4 HPT’s all of which coming out negative. Should I contact my doctor or should I wait a few more days and try testing again?

  17. Hi so I’m absolutely confused :(had unprotected sex like 2weeks in a half ago Maybe 3 weeks I took 2 tests today and two days ago my nipples are a lot darker I could walk to the store and smell everything around me to the point that some smells we’ll make me wanna throw up in random times too I have this tingly feeling in my breast feel heavier get headaches a lot more boated and I’m thin even after I pee or when I don’t eat i still have a bloated look very veiny as well . Very bad mood swings a lot. More cranky everything weird makes me cry more snappy I’ve been eating a lot more but right after that I wanna throw it all back up .. Runny nose other days very stuffy I pee a lot I went to the movies yesterday and really noticed how much I was running to the bathroom got up like four times and also felt like throwing up a week ago it looked like I got my period but I only went to the restroom swiped myself once and had light blood after that for 2days I had brown spotting very light I don’t know what’s going on like I said I took pregnancy test and came back negative seen a very sight clear line…… I’m so confused. HELPP MEEE my first time .

  18. Hi, I was wondering if I might be pregnant. My husband and I had unprotected sex during ovulation and about 15 days after ovulation I had Brown spotting for one day and normal blood flow for two days with constipation, diarrhea, nausea (not throwing up), sore uterus, lower back pain, light abdomen pain, hot flashes, and chills. And I have been really tired.

  19. Hi I’m Jennifer, I have the IUD but I have been feeling dizzy lately and the smell of smoke makes me want to throw up.. I have been around smoke for a while and I have never felt like this.. I’m also having a lot of back pain. Since I’ve had the IUD I don’t have periods anymore so I never know.. Could I be pregnant? Please I need so kind of answers…..

  20. Hey I really need help I’m 19 and me and my boyfriend had sex and it’s been about 4 weeks ago ok all of a sudden my period came 4 days early and it’s no where near normal I’ve threw up twice had headaches and my back is very sore. My stomach is hurting to the bottom can someone help me is it a possibility I’m pregnant.

  21. I have been married for 4months now I have been trying to get pregnant, about 5days now I have been having breast pain and lower abdominal pain that has stop but my breast still hurt. My mestration is stil 2weeks ahead my cycle is not stable atimes 23, 22, but it has been 25 for 2months now. Am also having viginer itching this started last night 16 January, I did home pregnacy test but is negative.

    Could I be pregnant?

  22. Hello all. im taya. i had my period at begining of december i had sex with my fiance. on the 15th dec. ever since then i been feelin weird. my boobs hurt . im moody nasia. i sleep but im so sleepy i feel sick a lpt. my dreams. get so weird. abd too realistic. runny nose but yet stufy also my sence of smell has gone up. i tested it said nrgative. ima takr another test soon. im just wondering if this id pregnancy or is this just the crudd thats been goin around nd

    • My name is torie, I’m 20 years old me and my husband just started trying to have a baby! My last MP was December 14, 2014 I haven’t tested yet because I naturally have irregular cycles! I’m 5days late for my cycle and the only thing I’ve been getting is heartburn, hot flushes, I’ll be cold but my armpits will sweat, I’ve been constipated, and yesterday I had to babysit and when I got home all I wanted to do was go to sleep I cried like a baby because of the fact that all I wanted to do was sleep! Lmfao I know I need to test I’m just wondering if anyone has had the same thing! Oh also I had a dream about having a ham sandwich and a pizza roll, haha! My lower back has a little bit of pain not enough to complain with though! The only thing is my boobs don’t really look different!!

  23. I had spotted for 2 days not anything to worry about just when i wiped i had seen it but i didnt have to wear a pad or anything and that was about a week ago and i have headaches but i do get them anyways but my belly hurts and i feel like iam going to start but still havent and i feel like i could throw up i stayed tired and dont want to do much with my two girls i didnt spot or anything so i was wonder if i could be pregnant or not could someone help me out plz and when should i take a test.My periods dont come the same time every month

  24. I’m 24 year old I had sex with my husband 2 !/2 weeks ago but it also was my last day of my period. I know its not good to use a condom only at the end. I have experienced tireness upset stomach diarrhea, bloating, nipples hurt a little, tiny cramps, nauseous, hot flashes very rarely though, tiny headaches, constipation, nasty smells. my mouth has tasted metallic in it twice. mood changes and my next period isnt do for another 2 and a half weeks.

  25. Hi guys om 18 and me and my bf have been having sex alot latley with no protecrion and him doing his buissned insife of me and my “period” was early near like a normal period its been a very lighy cokor kasted three to four days very lght pinku color and had brown discharge lastnight i feel my heart im.pregnant but im.nlt sure can.someone
    youbg but be a mom

  26. hellow guys help a lady OUT

    last had my periods in September this year, in the 2 of October had sex with my man, never had my periods ever since september and in Novber passed with me seeing and blood, so today did a strip pregnacy test and results are negetive, bt the problem is that, my breast are sore and I am moody

  27. Oh and Ive had diarrhea real bad too

  28. Ok so I had sex shortly after my last period November 6th and the following morning Nov 7th…I usually start the first of the month every month and im a heavy flow so im usually done with my period within 5 days…I have been stressed cause I found out my boyfriend was two timing me…but now I’m worried cause i feel like I’ve been showing signs…I started spotting the 23rd (a week before my period) it only lasted a couple days and it wasn’t my period…not heavy in the slightest…well I should have started my period yesterday but so far nothing…I’m never late, I’ve been early before but never late…anyway I took a pregnancy test a the 22nd cause my boobs felt funny…not really hurting but almost freezing, if that makes sense…I mean it hurt but it wasn’t like tender and it was mostly just my nipples…anyway it was negative so I relaxed…that’s when the spotting happened and it didn’t seem right cause it wasn’t normal and it wasn’t always red like blood sometimes it was a brownish discharge…then I started getting cramps, and I never get cramps, so that was weird…now I’m super sick with a stuffy nose and my snot is bloody…I’ve even spit up some blood…my back has been hurting but I do have arthritis so I thought maybe thats why it’s hurting…I definitely get light headed and Dizzy where I can’t walk straight…I thought maybe it was the loss of blood…and i went from not being able to get enough sleep to being up in the middle of the night not tired at all…when the tiredness hits me I fall asleep like that and I usually do have problems falling asleep fast…anyway, I went to bed last night at 8 and woke up at 1 started craving tuna…tuna, really…so I made myself a tuna sandwich…when I was getting toward the last couple bits I thought I was going to throw it up…never did but I had to stop and take a couple drinks to wash it down then I was able to finish it…I feel like whenever I eat I get fuller faster and sometimes nothing sounds good, I know I’m hungry but i either don’t want to eat because nothing sounds good or I just feel gross about the thought of eating…I did take another test the 30th which it is the 2nd now…it said negative but I feel like these are all signs…thoughts? Do you think I’m pregnant and just took the test to early? I read that you should take it a week after your missed period but will the spotting push my period back? Should I try another home test at the end of the week or just go straight to the doctor for the most accurate test?

    • You could be pregnant, or you could have an iron deficiency, which also causes fatigue, weakness, and craving of tuna.

      Any time you have iron put into your system when it is low on iron you will get nauseated (hence you not being able to finish your tuna).

      I hope you went to the doctor and everything is well.

  29. hi I’m 19 years old n I’m sleeping alot this days, I’m having a bad smelling urine, backache, sometimes I feel like vomiting but when I go 2 the toilet nothing comes out any also Im having cravings and I enjoy eating delicious food…..Im afraid 2 have sex this days and I’m always shouting at my bf or sometimes I get angry for useless things he does or doesn’t do, I like to pick up a fight out of the blue….are this the symptoms of being pregnant?

  30. Hi please can someone give me advise ASAP!
    I had unprotected sex about a week ago now but I am on the microgyno pill….
    I haven’t missed a pill and have been taking it regular as normal however I was recently put on anti biotics and were told they may have affected my pill after I had finished taking them,
    I have been very poorly recently and before all of this so I don’t now if I’m pregnant or what.
    I’ve had a strange metallic taste in my mouth and have been feeling very dizzy and sick usually in the morning but also throughout the day my legs and hips ache also.
    I am due for my period and I am regular nearl all of e time. U have started on my period but it’s barley even spotting could this be a,l the meds im on or am i pregnant im so scared I just need advise

  31. I’m 18, I’ve been on birth control sense I was 15 to help regulate periods. I haven’t had a period sense I was 16, so I’ve never really been worried. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 11 months. We don’t really use protection, but it’s never been a problem. I’m probably just freaking myself out here but here are the signs: I feel sick all the time, I get sharp pains in my lower abdomen, I’ve been getting migraines, I have to pee more then usual, I’ve been so hungry lately too, like no matter how much I eat, it’s not enough. And yet, I’m soo picky about what I eat too. I crave the jalapeño double at McDonald’s, it’s literally all I get there, and when I go to work, it’s all I can think about eating when I get my break. I just ate some shortbread cookies, and they’re my favorite! But after I got done eating a few, I now feel like I’m going to throw up. My nose has been super stuffed for the past week or so, and I didn’t even realize that was a thing till I saw it on here! And my boob are soooo sensative, and theyve gotten bigger! But the thing is, I’m currently on birth control. The rod, so I don’t know if I’m just going crazy or not. Please let me know what’s wrong with me!

  32. I had my period about 2 weeks ago then i stupidly had unprotected sex and he came inside me…now im on my period again 4 days later is there a chance that I could still get pregnant??? Help!!

  33. my boyfriend and i have had sex a lot, sometimes with a condom, sometimes without.. although when we go without a condom, he tries the “withdrawl” or “pull out” method. i heard that’s not always effective though. i’ve been expericing these symptoms for about 2 weeks now::
    breast tenderness
    .mood swings
    .frequent urnination
    .food cravings
    .bitter/metallic taste
    .lack of appitite
    .lower abdomin cramps
    hot flashes
    runny nose
    stuffy nose
    achy legs/hips
    strong smelling urine
    i’ve been hoping it’s just a cold, allergies, the flu, idk anything but pregnancy.

  34. so lately iv been like super dizzy for like the last 3 day,s and my nipples have been burning but i started nuva ring but i also had sex like a week before i started it and i haven’t got my period yet and i’m suppose to so i looked up the side effect and it said that i can miss a period but that,s if iv been taking it it for like 3 months and this is my first one and its not even time for me to take it out yet it also had dizziness on their but they way i feel is sea sick could any one tell me why i feel like this and could i be pregnant?

  35. I’m 5 days late on my period an having some strange symptoms. I do already have a 6 month old child an I only experienced a few of the signs I have now but they wasn’t prominent enough for me to know as I was atleast 6 wks pregnant with my last child. I have be experiencing insomnia an fatigue, specific cravings frequent urination runny an blocked nose but not due to a cold an for several days i been experiencing swollen an sore gums. I did a pregnancy text bout a week ago an was negative does anyone have any advice please I am 20 years old an not on birth control thank you :)

  36. My boyfriend and I have sex all the time. The last few months my period has been unregular. I’m on birth control pills but was taking antibiotics and he came in me and the last 2 nights he has also witch that’s 2 or more times a day/night. Now when we have sex my lower part of my stomach hurts so bad I wanna cry. I’m 18 and I’ve been on the pills for 7 years now. Could I be pregnant??

  37. Hey, I am Alexis. I’m 18 years old and been with my boyfriend for a while now. My period came on September 1, 2014 and I had sex September 17 but I had my next period October 1, 2014. I have had the frequent urination, dizziness, heat flashes, and my stomach has been hurting for 3 days. Could I be pregnant?

  38. Hi ladies! About 9 days ago I had brown bleeding(not even enough to soak a tampon or pad, just enough to show up on it), this lasted for about 5 days, since I have noticed cramps thru my abdomin into my back but it’s only on occasion. I’m moody to the point that little things tick me off and I have to remind myself I’m over reacting. I am feeling naseous and throwing up small Amohnts of stuff in my mouth, like acid reflux kind of. I’m tired but can’t sleep at night without really trying. I have been off birth control since April and have been having unprotected sex since September 4, 2014, but he uses the pull out method(which I know doesn’t always work, and we are both ok with that) I’ve took a pregnancy test 3 days ago and it was negative. What’s going on with me????

    • I have also been noticing after I per I get really dizzy/lightheaded, and I cry very easily at certain things(not a full on cry, just a whimper)

  39. Hi there, I have been feeling nauseas for a few days now, I’ve been having hot flashes, cramps. My sense of smell is heightened and for the past two days smoking has made me feel sick so I have stopped. I have taken two pregnancy tests, one in the morning with my first urination and the other in the afternoon. four days apart, they both came back negative. I have been constipated and had tender nipples last week which have gone away now and side and uterus pain this week. I am now two weeks late. Can you please explain to me what else could be going on if I’m not pregnant?

  40. Hi there, I have been feeling nausea’s for a few days now, I’ve been having hot flashes, cramps. My sense of smell is heightened and for the past two days smoking has made me feel sick so I have stopped. I have taken two pregnancy tests, one in the morning with my first urination and the other in the afternoon. four days apart, they both came back negative. I have been constipated and had tender nipples last week which have gone away now and side and uterus pain this week. I am now two weeks late. Can you please explain to me what else could be going on if I’m not pregnant?

  41. Hi, I’m 13 years old, me and my boyfriend had sex about a month ago, on the 4th of September, and I don’t feel very awake every day, I’m very dizzy, tired, in the morning I’m very Nauseness in the moring and I get a lot of cramps in my stomack and also I last had my period on the end of August, can I be pregnant, please help me??

    • Please help?? You’re 13!! Stop having sex until you wise up!!
      Unbelievable!! Where Re your parents??

    • U r 13 yrs old n have no business with a boyfriend let alone having sex,n should at least b smart about it if u r! U have ur whole life ahead of u to have sex n have kids! Slow down,ur doing 2much enjoy ur childhood!

  42. &I’m sorry I have a 4 year old already so I am fertil.. I hope it’s my month I would b the happiest lady iv ever been.. I will really appreciate any comments pls. Oh yes funny taste in my mouth 2day..

  43. Hi there lady’s, my partner & I have been tying 4 a year tears every month… this month iv had spotting browny pink on & off. 2day had bit more after I had a bath more like reddish brown but not full flow I usually have. Was due on yesterday but still only only very light on a panty linner. 2day iv noticed a funny smell in my nose it’s there a lot.. not very hungry slight nausea light on off cramps back ache, hot & cold flushes. The smell in my nose is very strange. I’m not really sure what’s happening but I can’t wait 2 hold my baby girl in my arms I am positive I’m pregnant even though I having done a test yet as I’m still bleeding which I’m sure is implantation bleeding. Oh yes my boobs have been sore on & off has anyone experienced any of my symptoms pls let me me as I would love some comfort. Thanx girls..

  44. Hi ladies, im 19 going on 20 and been ttc for almost 6months
    Over the last few weeks ive vomitted only twice , both at night but am constantly feeling nausious, ive still had my period but very light compared to normal, sore back and lower left side of my stomach aches a little and feels strange
    This past friday i had pink/brown spotting from about 7-10 pm only when i wiped , then nothing all saturday and now sunday my back is so.sore,my stomac is sore and i have what appears to be a light pink/red period no where near normal , im so confused and concerned and help?

  45. Hi.. I had my period sept 1. Did a blood pregnancy test on 6th and it was negative, started bleeding on 7th which stopped the next day. Am having slight backaches, stomach cramps every time i eat, stooling, feel sick when i get up from bed early mornings, and swollen breast. I even treated worm bt i still get hungry immediately after i eat. Pls i honestly dn’t understand what is going on, has anyone had this experience before. Am I pregnant?

  46. In August I had a regular period, 23-28 days and heavy bleeding like every month. September 12-14 my bf and I had sex and each time he finished inside. The following weekend, I had a very light period. Started off spotting, then on and off would come back then completely stopped. I feel so off tune with my body, if it makes sense lol. I don’t feel normal like I usually do. I’ve been pregnant before but I didn’t find out till I was 8 weeks. No symptoms at all! Lucky me, but my bf says he feels I’m pregnant because of the way I’ve been acting but I don’t know. I do have bad mood swings, the weird metallic taste, stuffy nose, my hips hurt and so does my incision. I want to test around the next period is due. Just weird cause no matter what, my period is always the same, so last months period threw me off.

  47. hi. im 17 and my boyfriend and i have been sexually active for a month or so, but i was 5 days late on my period, and when it came it was really bad, i had had a misscarraige a couple of years back, and thought maybe that was what was happening, we are both very upset, and hurt. but for the past couple days ive had a discharge, much when i was pregnant before, i am very moody, and have weird cravings, i also get weird lower stomach pain. i just dont know what to do… any advice would be appreciated (:

  48. I may just be going crazy its okay if I am but I want to see if anyone can help me. Ive been feeling very odd since aug ust. I could have sworn i was pregnant but I wasn’t and shoved it off my shoulder. Well it’s the end of September im due for period in a week and two weeks ago I drank with my hubby well come five am i got suck in the bathroom and I couldn’t leave after five shots .. . Yeah it could have been a bad batch but I’ve never gotten so sick drinking in my life.for the past month i cant stand the smell of black coffee, and ive been feeling odd stomach movements. ive tried to get over it and stand by the coffee to smell it because i use to love the smell i dont see why now all of a sudden i cant drink,smell,or think about it without getting neasuated. everytime i try i feel really sick and if wakes me up in the morning my tummy hurts and i have to get up to make it stop.fml.ive also noticed i want to cry about the stupiest things like a sad episode on tv thinking whats wrong with me and it just happens. i dont think its a phantom pregnancy because im not convinced im pregnant and two we are in no rush so mentaly im ok with it if im not id just like some answers becasue my doctor wont help she said maybe a stomach flu which would explain alot but it also dosent add up on why the neasuated feeling was stronger in august all the time including dizziness,backache,constipation(she said i should be having the oppiste due to the flu) i hadnt have my normal two weeks of september only coffee has made me sick feeling,i have little dizzy moments, and stronger stomach movments i cant really explain it its kinda like something trying to strech my tummy alittle,i also get a bubbles feeling running across my stomach,and in rare moments a dense pain on my right side.back hurts but that is probably due to gardening. i would just really love a answer becasue im confused and feel crazy and dont want to talk to anyone becasue my own friend laughed at me and told me not to worry well i tried that and its not going away, negative hpt five to be exact a blood test and all negative. if im pregnant great but im worried something is wrong with me and wanted to see if anyone has gone through this.

  49. End of my last period was September 9th … Last week I had really sore nipples .. this week I feel nauseous I gave a light bleed with brownish n pinkish … Minimal cramping if any at all and my gums have been bleeding …I’m not suppose to get my period till this Friday Oct 3rd

  50. Hello, I’m Heather. I’m 38. My cycle is 8 days late. I’ve only had very faint spotting. No more than a tsp, daily. It’s an odd color. Brown or rust colored I’d say. I have leg cramps, headaches, fatigue, and increased appetite. No breast soreness. Only a few twinges of cramps. Normally, my cycle is 7-9 days with intense heavy bleeding for 3-4. I’ve taken two HPT both are negative. I’ve only been pregnant once before, and he is 8. I knew with him. One week late and morning sickness kicked in UNTIL two days after he was born….Suggestions?

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