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Category: Pregnancy Tests

Asked by a member

Q: Wondfo and early-pregnancy-tests.com evap lines?

I am 13 DPO today, expecting AF either tomorrow or Thursday. I POAS yesterday using the early-pregnancy-test.com cheapies. Not expecting much, I glanced at it and BFN. Chucked it.
This morning when I got up I POAS using a Wondfo cheapie with FMU. Again, I didn't stare at it and after a minute or two it looked BFN. I set it aside. After I got out of the shower about 90 minutes later, I noticed it was still sitting there on the shelf. There was a very faint line!
I dug out the one from yesterday (I know, I know) and that also has a faint line.
I've been TTC for 12 cycles and have never seen so much as a shadow of a line, always stark white BFN.
What are the chances of getting two evaps on two different kinds of tests two days in a row? Anyone?
Sorry it's so long. TIA!

This question was asked Aug. 17, 2010 12:41pm
Category: Pregnancy Tests

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Answered by a member - Aug. 18, 2010 8:12am
I took a FRER with FMU this morning and it was BFN. I checked it an hour later, still BFN. At arm's length I can see the three evap lines from yesterday. I don't know what's going on; I'll have to wait it out, I guess.

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Answered by Lydie82 - Aug. 17, 2010 3:36pm
That must be so annoying! Sounds good though - everytime ive had a BFN on cheap tests the ones ive checked later in the day have still had no lines!!!! Good luck! Let us know how you get on! I will be 13 days PO tomm so I might use a FRER tomm morning too as having some pg symptoms! Hope we get our BFP's!!!! x-x-

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Answered by a member - Aug. 17, 2010 3:22pm
Thanks for answering!
I used another internet cheapie this afternoon...same exact thing happened. Nothing was there when ten minutes clicked by, but a couple of hours later, there is a line. How frustrating.
I'll get some FRERs tonight and use them first thing in the morning.

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Answered by Lydie82 - Aug. 17, 2010 1:02pm
SORRY - I MEANT BFP!!!!!!!!!!!! Fingers x'd ditsy brain is an early pg sign for me! lol!!! xxxxxxx

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Answered by Lydie82 - Aug. 17, 2010 12:54pm
Most tests say to disregard any results that appear after 10 minutes but I know of people that this has happened to and they've been pg - it might be that you are only just pg so you hormone levels arn't quite showing a full on positive?! How exciting! If i were you I would go and buy a clearblue or first response test which show up pregnancy earlier and fingers x'd you get a BFN!!!!
Good luck!
x x

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