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Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Asked by a member

Q: Has anyone implanted at 4DPO?

I know most women will say you cant... But then you see women who have children say they did so its confusing. I had light red blood 4DPO on and off throughout the day when I wiped but then nothing since. im now 8DPO. Has anyone experieced this early? I was put on new medication a week prior but the doctor said it does not cause spotting. I have never spotted before.

This question was asked Dec. 5, 2012 2:43pm
Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Answered by Zebras2016 - 3 weeks ago
I k ow this is an old post but I do wanna say I had implantation cramps 4,5 and 6 dpo had a positive hpt on 8dpo it's just rare I guess

Answered by erinc0323 - Dec. 6, 2012 3:06pm
Yeah I had the flu so I did not temp quite a few days cause my temp was in the 100s. That freaky temp was when I was coming down off the flu lol

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Answered by dakotagurrl - Dec. 6, 2012 3:04pm
I would say cd25, becuz if u look at the temp for cd26, its already higher than the previous 7 temps, thats the start of the shift, cd27 is higher than the previous 10 (all of 'em if u ignore that creepy-high temp lol). Ur first temp after O doesn't have to go higher than the previous 6 temps, ur temps over 3-4 days has to go higher and sustain high levels. So ur coverline should be down around 97.7, FF would put it lower than that. =))

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Answered by erinc0323 - Dec. 6, 2012 1:56pm
Oh ya duh! LOl forgot I was private. Ok now I am not :)

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Answered by dakotagurrl - Dec. 6, 2012 1:46pm
I hear what ur saying, but (not trying to be rude here) I believe science over some woman's story on the internet. Not saying it isn't true, but the likelihood of it happening, damn near impossible. A lot happens in the time it takes to fertilize then travel down the tube, and it doesn't move very fast, then it has to implant enough to start giving off hormone. Then u gotta wait for hCG to hit to high enough levels in the bloodstream, then after all that, its all based on how much hormone is filtered through ur kidneys, thats called Glomerular Filtration Rate. So u can see how we would have a hard time believing an implant that early. Meisosis on its own is 4 days. Google it, read how the body works and u will understand what I'm trying to explain to u. Its possible ur spotting is leftover blood from O...that takes a bit to travels also, esp if its minute amounts traveling with no cm. Ur anonymous so I cant see ur chart, u need to post or pm me a link.

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Answered by a member - Dec. 6, 2012 11:58am
No I am thinl I am definitly sure about my Ovulation. I was on Ovulation kits, CM checks and did not have any type of temperature shift until day 26. I ovulated really late this month due to a series of illnessness and stress. I usually ovulate around day 20 or 21. I have been charting so I am 95% positive of my ovulation when I compare it to my other charts. Lol If I did Ovulate earlier than exepcted though, then Im really worried about the blood because my and my husband were only intimate right near ovulation haha. May be you girls can look at my chart and tell me what you think?

Fact is many women dont think certain things are possible and you have other women saying they have expereienced it. So it does get confusing about what can happen.

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Answered by dakotagurrl - Dec. 5, 2012 7:45pm
Or its ectopic...do urself a favour and go get an ultrasound.

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Answered by a member - Dec. 5, 2012 7:32pm
I don't believe it can happen. Egg meets sperm and then hopefully fertilizes. Then it splits to two cells. The next day, hopefully 4. The next day, 8. The next day, 16. It's impossible for a 16-cell embryo to implant -- you need a hatched blast of over 100 cells for that to happen. Even if you sped up cell division a bit, you're still looking at a minimum of 6 days. It's just not feasible.

I believe the people who think they implanted earlier than 6dpo ovulated earlier than they thought.

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Answered by Roo26ttc#3 - Dec. 5, 2012 5:46pm
I had really bad cramping at 4dpo which I'm now 8 dpo :) I believe it was implantation cramping. I'm just now getting very faint pos hpt will test agin tomorrow you could be I would test or wait a couple days. Good luck

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Answered by erinc0323 - Dec. 5, 2012 3:04pm

Conratulations should of been the first thing I wrote!!! :)

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