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Category: Am I Pregnant?

Asked by chloehannahxx

Q: Bad cramping, excess discharge and nausea after ovulation and unprotected sex?

Basically on th11th and 12th march(12th being apparent ovulation day), i had unprotected sex 4 times. Since then i have been experiencing pretty bad cramping in my uterus and stomach and sometimes shooting pains all over. People have said its menstrual pains before a period however I NEVER get these symptoms before a period. I have been feeling really sick, specially after i eat something and feel tired all the time. My stomach is unusually bloated and theres constantly cramps there. I am ttc and hope i'm pregnant but what could these symptoms be?? I need some advice! My period isnt due untill the 20th march so ill have to wait a week or so after then to take a HPT. :/ ive looked it up quite a bit and it says its too early to be implantation? Have i conceived? Unprotected sex around ovulation?

This question was asked Mar. 16, 2011 4:34pm
Category: Am I Pregnant?

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Answered by AmyBBB - Mar. 17, 2011 12:16pm
You had sex around ovulation time. It is very possible you could have conceived. It is too early to test but I would go buy some now just incase you get the urge to test early. Good luck.

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