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Category: Cycles & Ovulation

Asked by ChelseaAlexandria

Q: pinching/cramping in lower abdomen - 1dpo?

I'm new to ttc and I don't know when I ovulate.
My cycle started July 22, 2012.. and my average cycle length is about 28 days according to this site. I checked my estimated ovulation on the calculator on this site and it said I would ovulate from August 1st - August 5th. My husband and I bded everyday those dates. But I think I ovulated later because I had eggwhite cm on August 8,2012 and bded that day. The next day I had pinching/cramping in lower abdomen.. and back pain. It was not severe it was just more annoying then anything.
So my question is: do you think I ovulated within aug 1st to the 5th or on the 8th? and was what I was feeling ovulation or implantation?
I don't have any pain today.. so far.
Feel free to check my bbt chart, etc

Thank youuuu and baby dust to all!

This question was asked Aug. 10, 2012 7:40pm
Category: Cycles & Ovulation

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Answered by ChelseaAlexandria - Aug. 13, 2012 12:33am
Thank you soo much for the information, it helped lots. You were the only one who answered, therefore I need to thank you again!


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Answered by smulan32 - Aug. 13, 2012 12:00am
My first months temping were quite confusing too and forgot to temp and didn't realize how important it was that I took the temp at the same time (+/- 30 min is the best). Don't worry. If you have to be temping next month too, which hopefully you don't ;) ,it will be better.

Usually after BDing I can get discharge 1-2 days after too, sorry for tmi, and that also messes with trying to pinpoint the O. Maybe that's what you're experience? (not to be too personal)

Now when I look at your chart I would guess your O was the 9th, because of the pain, EW CM the day before and still low temp followed by what's called a rise-fall-temp. But maybe that doesn't matter much, cause just like you said you've BD quite a lot so no matter when it was you should have a good chance this month! :)
Baby dust!

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Answered by ChelseaAlexandria - Aug. 12, 2012 7:55pm
I'm having a lot of discharge now (more then usual I think). I'm 4dpo now (If i didn't miscalculate, but then again I probably did!!). I'm just going to take a pregnancy test after my period is supposed to be due (but I'm confused with that too since my period cycles haven't been the same!!).
Ugh, I'm just all around confused...

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Answered by ChelseaAlexandria - Aug. 12, 2012 7:52pm
I did have watery discharge prior (i think) to the 8th. I just started temping and I forgot some days and most of what is on my chart isn't at the same time each day. I take it vaginally. You seem confused and I am too!! LOL. Anyway, thank you for your response.. I've bded a lot this cycle so I'm not really concerned with when I ovulated now. It's just a guessing game as of now..

thankyouuu, babydust to you.

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Answered by smulan32 - Aug. 12, 2012 2:08am
I've been temping for over 1 year (just so you know where I'm coming from with this).
Most women, not all but really most, don't have EW CM more than 1 day after ovulation. You didn't have any Watery or EW CM on the days prior the 8th?
Your temp is really all over the place. Do you take the temp the same time every day? Is your sleeping pattern the same through out the cycle? Is it vag or orally taken temp? Orally taken temp can flunk a lot, as vaginally is more stable so if you're gonna keep temping consider taking temp vaginally if you aren't already. Anyway, all these things could explain why you have a quite high temp the 5th (over 99) and then low and then high again the 10th.

I can't really tell if you have Oed, or actually are yet to O (since no real temp rise-pattern). There isn't a clear pattern in your chart with CM and temp.
The pain the 9th indicates O was around then though. But the pinches can also have nothing to do with O.
Good luck!

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