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Category: Cycles & Ovulation

Asked by Jazzy12

Q: Is it normal for a period to stop completely after 2 days then start again?

I posted this in the discussion forum, but decided I might get more replies here!

As long as I can remember, my period has been as follows:
-2 days heavy
-completely stops for several hours
-starts again medium/light and continues with light flow/ spotting until the end of the period.

My periods are regular in the sense that they come every 27 to 28 days. it is very rare for my period to be late.

My period always lasts a total of 6 to 7 days.

Has anyone else experienced this? More importantly, has anyone experienced this and had no problems getting pregnant?

Thanks ladies!!!

This question was asked Aug. 5, 2012 1:35pm
Category: Cycles & Ovulation

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Answered by iheartpennstate - Aug. 5, 2012 3:49pm
I've experienced that before. When I called my doctor's office, they said it's normal. They said if starts and stop several times and lasts more than 2 weeks to let them know. They said there are all kind of things that can cause it. I also get a bit of spotting now before I ovulate, which never happened before. Aren't our bodies weird?? ;) Good luck to you!

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Answered by EmzCoo - Aug. 5, 2012 2:52pm
I have not had any period like this... some thmes it does lighted mid period but not stop...
If u are regular like that I wouldent worry about it....
Everyones periods are like different.
Best of Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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