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Category: Getting Ready - Emotionally

Asked by a member

Q: Maternal clock ticking?

Have you just out of the blue random felt like "its time to start ttc"? Im 22, met someone very wonderful, an the other day the urge for my own child has been unbearable. I feel like my maternal clock is ticking loudly in my ear saying its time! Anyone have any advice of preping physically and emotionally? Anything is much appreciated!

This question was asked Jun. 15, 2012 9:21am
Category: Getting Ready - Emotionally

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Answered by Deej1020 - Jun. 15, 2012 1:37pm
I am going through the same thing!! I have been married for a few months, and about two months ago I just said to my husband "I want a baby." I only in my late teens and all four of my girlfriends have babies. Its so cute seeing them and their cute little families. Seeing my friends become mothers and enjoy in all the wonders that motherhood brings. I guess I'm starting to feel lefted out. I don't feel my maternal clock is ticking because my mom is 36 and recently had a baby 10months ago. So, I know I have a lot of time, but I want a baby NOW! Its all I think about. My mind is consumed by baby thoughts. So, you can imagine my horror thinking for the past week I was pregnant to wake up today to AF. Hopefully this cycle will turn up positive results before I go baby crazy!! :)

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Answered by imatestingfool - Jun. 15, 2012 10:05am
Yes, I felt that way when I met my ex-husband! We kind of rushed into marriage in some ways, but I would not give my daughters up, of course. I had them at 24 and 26 and was divorced by age 30, but still have a good relationship w/ their dad and am remarried to a better match. Oddly, when I met my (new) husband, he told me we could ttc if I wanted to (well we had been together for at least 9 months, but he was letting me know he was open to more kids even though we both have our own from first marriages). I just laughed, since I have 2 and he has 3! But I swear, when you are young and in love, there is definitely something that happens to make you want to have a child together. Big hugs, honey! Try not to rush into it just because your ovaries say it's time! But I definitely have felt that. With 2 different men (at my ripe old age of 34, lol).

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Answered by heavenleigh1 - Jun. 15, 2012 9:53am
I'm experiencing this too.. Just make sure you tell your doctor you're thinking of TTC, they can help you with folic acid and things like that, they'll also talk to you about the emotional side (or at least mine did) but it didn't really help me. Just try to keep positive and have fun with it - You'll have months where you feel as low as a bottomless pit (and i talk here from experience!) when you get AF and have to try again but being a part of forums like this with like-minded people and a journal to just mash out your thoughts and feelings in a place where no one judges you is a great help. :) Good luck and I hope you get your BFP really soon! xx

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