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Category: Getting Ready - Emotionally

Asked by a member

Q: If AF comes on Monday, that is it, I'm done trying.... Anyone else been there emotionally?

I've decided to stop trying is AF shows up Monday. The last time I was tcc it took us over 4 years for it to happen, and I just can't go through it again. People don't understand the emotional toll it takes on you and your relationship unless they have personally experienced fertility problems like this. I have enjoyed keeping up with everyone and corresponding back and forth, and I wish you all the best of luck! I've just decided to ease the stress on myself and not do OPKs, charting, HPTs or anything else anymore. Baby dust to you all!

This question was asked Jun. 2, 2012 4:44pm
Category: Getting Ready - Emotionally

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Answered by coolbear90 - Jun. 26, 2012 9:19am
I don't think it's fair for people to be saying "hang in there." If you feel like it's become too stressfull and you need to "stop trying" perhaps that's your body's way of saying HEY, RELAX.
My mom was 17 when she got married. It took them 18 years to get pregnant. Can you imagine trying for 18 years? They tried to become foster parents and were turned down. They were getting ready to try to adopt. Dad says all it took was a two-track (TMI!). Some people just have a harder time to get pregnant.
I'm glad it took them that long, I wouldn't have met DH, really I would have gone to school with his older brother (not at all who i would have ever fallin in love with lol).
Things have a way of working out in the end when the time is right. Well, that's what I think. Right now i'm 21. DH and I got married in May and have been trying since the end of af in April. Obviously our journey is just beginning. I WISH EVERYONE GOOD LUCK. Relax! Good things happen to p

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Answered by angel197088 - Jun. 2, 2012 9:41pm
hang in there hun, it is like being on an emotional rollercoaster ride. And am feeling the same way atm, as I had my BFP last couple days, and started spotting yesterday and today, and pretty much letting up on everything, if I lose this one after 3 miscarriages in 4 mths. Feel just like you are, just drained from all the ups and downs. Not sure where we will go from here, I am also at the point where I just want to stop, and hubby is as well and wants me to just get my tubes tied. So I'm just not sure what to do and where to go. But if I lose this lil one, I'm just going to take a break and see what happens. I have heard that when alot of stress on yourself, with charting, monitors, opk's aren't good and don't help much. So after this just going to relax and go with out doing anything for the next mth or so and see what happens. I agree with the others when you stop trying and least expect it, it seems that is when it happens. (((HUGS)))

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Answered by a member - Jun. 2, 2012 8:38pm
I know how you feel. I have been trying for 6 yrs for another. I am about to go on Clomid. I want another baby. Good luck.

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Answered by chanda75 - Jun. 2, 2012 8:38pm
I'm so sorry & I know exactly how you feel. It took us 13 years before we got our miracle. And I reached that point of internal brokenness SEVERAL times during those years. I would quit for a while & then try again. Sometimes you just need to step away from it. But just be sure you don't put too high of expectations on yourself. If you're anything like me, even when I was in a quitting phase it was still ALWAYS in the back of my mind. & I would feel disappointment in myself because I couldn't truly let it go & I kept thinking I was keeping myself from being able to relax & allow my body to be able to be fertile. But DO NOT BLAME yourself..when you want something this badly then it will ALWAYS be in your mind, and that's ok. I can tell you this...when we finally got our DD every painful second of the last 13 years completely vanished. I can barely remember that feeling of mourning I would get at every AF. She was worth the wait. This too shall pass. GL & Baby Dus

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Answered by scooterbaby - Jun. 2, 2012 7:55pm
I wouldn't give up on your dreams but perhaps at this time, you could put all your baby-making energy into yourself instead and work hard at cleaning up your diet. It took me 18 months to get pregnant with my first child, then we tried for four years for a second without success. Then I started eating a lot of greens and vegetables, fruit, meat, and cut out all the empty carbs and refined sugars. Within six months I found myself pregnant without even trying. My diet has continued to get better and better each year and three years after that second child was born we were blessed with a third (very much a surprise). I feel at 46 I am more fertile today than ever in my life and I attribute it all to great eating.

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Answered by nlara022904 - Jun. 2, 2012 5:49pm
I gotta say I'm there right now...and ur right, nobody truly understands besides the ones who go thru it.
I've been about to quit many times, but always find myself tempted to start all over again. I find hope, even excitement at some point, then disappointment comes around and I'm deep in that hole for a while again. It's sort of an emotional vicious cycle.
This month, I experienced some spotting for 5 days starting on CD18, I got excited thinking it could be implantation, but now I'm 4 days away from AF, and I keep getting BFNs,..plus I have no PMS at all. I have no clue what's going on, but is the first time this happens to me.... I'm seriously thinking on quitting if it turns out I'm not pregnant. I can't deal with this stress... :(
You're not alone on this. I hope that makes u feel a little better.

Blessings and baby dust to u too.

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Answered by a member - Jun. 2, 2012 5:04pm
I was about to say. Sometimes after trying hard for a really long time, once you quit you get pregnant quite fast. Strange I know but I know many people this has happened to. I wish the best for you.

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Answered by a member - Jun. 2, 2012 5:00pm
I wish you all the luck!! My DH and I have been trying to conceive #2 for quite a while. I finally got tired of charting and getting disappointed every month when AF came. It was emotionally straining. But the first month of not trying, strange enough- we got pregnant.
Best of luck! Take care

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