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Category: Cycles & Ovulation

Asked by Jewels64Dylan

Q: Is it normal to have real bad nausea/dry mouth while on my 8dy period?? (longest period ever)

Is it normal to have real bad nausea while on my period?? this is my longest period ever. so far im going on 8 days. its been a straight normal flow for 5 days but the blood is an orangish/red color. (sorry if tmi).. and the last 3 days its been on and off spotting... I've never had nasuea while on my period or dry mouth and this period ive had THE WORST dry mouth and nausea... IS THIS NORMAL?? HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS?? DID YOU LATER FIND OUT U WERE PREGO?? JST NEED SOME HOPE :P

This question was asked May. 28, 2012 3:34am
Category: Cycles & Ovulation

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