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Category: Getting Ready - Physically

Asked by scorpia337

Q: Fellow belly ring ladies.....

So I don't have any friends that have belly rings that got pregnant. I am the first out of my close friends that started TTC. One of my friends said that when she does she is going to get the rings made for pregnancy so I figured I would probably do that as well. Another one of my friends was advised by her Dr. not to do that and told her she should take hers out a few months before she starts trying. Her Dr said that the ones made for pregnancy are no good and could cause complications and she said to take it out before TTC so that it has time to heal up so it won't rip or get infected as the belly stretches. Now I don't know what I should do!! What do you ladies plan on doing??

This question was asked May. 21, 2012 8:01am
Category: Getting Ready - Physically

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Answered by jackieO - May. 21, 2012 5:18pm
When my sister was pregnant with my nephew, she didn't take hers out till she was like 8 months along. And then after she gave birth, it was still open! So, she just popped it back in. I'm hoping that happens with mine.

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Answered by a member - May. 21, 2012 4:45pm
I do not have a belly ring, but I am 8 months pregnant. My belly isn't that big, but I would definitely have taken a ring out if I had one. My belly button seems to change every week and I would be paranoid about the holes stretching out. I would just put it back in/get it re-pierced after baby. GL!

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Answered by scorpia337 - May. 21, 2012 8:59am
Thank you ladies for your responses. Baby Dust!!

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Answered by jemsmom - May. 21, 2012 8:23am
I didn't have my belly button pierced when i had my daughter and i don't now but my sister has with all 3 of her kids and she wore the plastic flex rings for pregnancy. the only thing her doctor said was to take it out if her belly button started to pop out and only then because it will cause the hole to stretch and could cause scar tissue that would make it difficult to wear a normal belly ring after pregnancy. its perfectly safe to have your belly button pierced while pregnant and even if you were concerned about it you could always take it out after your get your BFP because it only takes about a month for it to fully heal and it can take anywhere from 4-6 month for your belly to stretch enough that it would bother with the piercing site anyway.

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Answered by mommytobandm - May. 21, 2012 8:20am
i had my belly ring with my second pregnancy, my doctor said whatever i wanted it wasnt going to hurt.. they do make the flexible ones for the preggo's , thats what i did.. :)

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