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Category: Fertility Aids

Asked by a member

Q: really confused about soy iso's i think i took them wrong please help

i took soy iso's for the first time this cycle i did research on them but i only found out a little bit of info on them well ive seen where women took them like i did cycle days 3-7 but they said they took 100mg for 2 days then 150mg for 2 days and on the last day they took 200mg i only took 100mg everyday of the 5 days now im thinking i took them wrong im so stressed that i will have to wait until next cycle to take them like the way ive heard of other women taking them and its untelling when my next cycle will be my cycle is all messed up im so mad at myself and more mad that i couldnt find more info on them to see if i was taking them right or not if anyone has took them could you please tell me if i took them wrong thanks.

This question was asked May. 20, 2012 11:27pm
Category: Fertility Aids

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Answered by a member - May. 21, 2012 10:29pm
i havent ovulated yet im on cycle day 9 right now my cycles are very wacky i had a period in january and febuary which was the first time its been normal in 2 years and boom march i didnt have on and i didnt have one in april i finally started may 13th i had a 91 day cycle which is weird because ive never went that long without af its always been around 81 days at the most and at the least 66 days but i took vitex in febuary to try to put my cycle back on track and i think it really messed me up so i quit taking them i hope i took the soy right but if not then ill try again on my next cycle i was just concerned was all cause i thought i did it wrong lol but thank you for all your positive feed back i feel much better now :)

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Answered by a member - May. 21, 2012 9:56am
I would be careful with the higher dose as i did that 200mg and i missed my period for 2 months! I finally had to take vitex to get my period back!

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Answered by mommy090910 - May. 21, 2012 12:03am
100 mg of soy is like taking 50 mg of clomid .people change up how much they take different amount ,Like me I started with 120 ,140,160,200,200 but I did that because i usally Ovulate really late ,well that seem to have worked for me ,I ovulated sooner ,I don't think I will be getting a bfp this month but nexted month I will try all 200 mg on cd 3-7 .Do you Know when you Ovulated .how long are ur cycles .I don't think you took them wrong ,I have read of people only taking 80 mg for the 5 days and they end up getting bfp the same month .hang in there .

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