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Category: Fertility Aids

Asked by a member

Q: How does caffeine interfere with TTC?

I drink sweet tea on like a regular basis but I hear caffeine can get in tha way with TTC i've not heard of this till now and want ta know why that may be? Thank you n **baby dust**

This question was asked May. 14, 2012 3:48pm
Category: Fertility Aids

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Answered by a member - May. 14, 2012 10:36pm
There have been quite a few studies linking very high caffeine intake with infertility and miscarriage. Most drs tell you to limit your caffeine both while TTC and while pregnant. A small amount of caffeine (like 1 cup a day of normal coffee) is considered fine, but to those that have struggled to get pregnant, have had multiple miscarriages or are going through fertility treatments are often told to avoid all caffeine while TTC and during the 1st trimester.

I got pregnant while limiting my caffeine intake (a few cups a green tea a week) and I have limited it during the pregnancy as well. I was having some bad headaches during the first trimester and my OBGYN actually suggested small amounts of caffeine (like a coke) to treat them--but I also have no fertility issues. Good luck to you!

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Answered by mandib - May. 14, 2012 6:59pm
I have heard of many studies linking caffeine and a mc. I have suffered a mc, so i try not to go there b/c I will just blame myself for all the coffee I drank. I would just stay away from it after you ovulate.

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Answered by dmartin65 - May. 14, 2012 5:33pm
I haven't heard of it interfering with TTC, but my OB did tell me it is bad for the baby. So I have quit caffeine all together while TTC. I am not taking any chances. However I believe it is a strictly personal decision. Good luck.

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