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Category: Fertility Issues

Asked by risa1313

Q: starting to loose hope

hi ladies. my husband and i have been ttc for 6 months now, and so far nothing. i have been to the doc and all she advises me it to loose weight. i am loosing weight and trying to get my cycles to regulate. i am getting so discouraged that i havent even wanted to bd anymore. im super stressed out and i know that doesnt help. i feel like it will never happen for me. now that i have babbled, can any of you great women give me some tips that maybe helped you? my cousin suggested wolfberries so i ordered some. does anyone have anything else? thanks in advance and huge baby dust to all of you.

This question was asked May. 12, 2012 3:57pm
Category: Fertility Issues

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Answered by iheartpennstate - May. 13, 2012 2:25pm
I'm disturbed by the fact that your doctor has only recommended you lose weight to help you TTC. Did you see a reproductive endocrinologist? If not, I think you should go see one. For a doctor to simply give you that "diagnosis" seems irresponsible to me. Your weight coulc also be attributed to a certain form of PCOS, in which you'd need medicine to help regulate your hormones and would also bring your weight down, and that would help you to get pregnant. I'd tell that doctor to go pound sand and I'd find someone else! I'm sure that was a difficult thing to hear from your doctor and you deserve more help than that. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and good luck to you! :)

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Answered by blaser15 - May. 12, 2012 8:03pm
Well, don't feel so bad. I have been trying now to conceive our second child for about 10 months now and no luck. It is super frustrating and has become a chore for my husband and I. We are actually seeing a fertility specialist on Monday to see what our options are. It took me 8 months to conceive my first, whom is a little boy and 15 months. The only thing that I have been doing is taking prenatal vitamins daily, using preseed for lubricant when we BD, and have been using the Clear Blue easy fertility monitor. I ABSOLUTELY love this thing because it gives me 5 days of a fertile window versus the CBE OPK kits. It is $200 but so worth it. I have a cycle every month but it ranges from 25 days to 32 days. I never know when I am going to ovulate, so that is why this monitor is a God send. Keep positive and your head up! It will happen for you! Don't you hate when people tell you that you are trying too hard and it will happen when you least expect it? Baby dust to you!

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Answered by risa1313 - May. 12, 2012 6:50pm
thank you so very much

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Answered by a member - May. 12, 2012 6:03pm
I understand, TTC can be very, very stressful. Getting to a healthy weight, eating right, and exercising can really help fertility for both men and women. Also you might want to add something to help deal with the stress... yoga (there are even some fertility yoga dvds), mediatation, or a favorite hobby. 6 months is a normal amount to be trying--even if it does feel like forever! Some people take some supplements, but I personally don't like adding anything like that unless advised to do so by a dr (aside from normal vitamins). Some people also try acupuncture, which I like because there aren't any side effects. Good luck to you!!

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Answered by a member - May. 12, 2012 4:51pm
are you not having reg cycles? I would suggest looking into Vitex and red raspberry leaf, it has helped me become more regular, good luck!!

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