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Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Asked by tatertahelon

Q: ANYONE 5DPO and wanting a BFP by end of NEXT WK?!?!?

I'm 5DPO and feel like I maaaay be going just a lil crazy...I wanna chat w/ SOMEONE who is where I am. Even if symptoms etc are too similar to, just someone to compare and wait out that brutal 2ww.
I have had 5 preg~2 which resulted in MC:( we ARE ttc and i'm believing THIS is THE month!!!!!!!! Just seems like EVERYTHING I'm experiencing NOW is soooooo sooooo diff from my other pregnancies...
for a 2ww sister can email me at bmtarr@yahoo

This question was asked Jan. 5, 2011 1:15am
Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Answered by tatertahelon - Jan. 6, 2011 5:57pm
I have told my DH, was thinking I was going through a tubal..so we were discussing it..I don't try to be obsessive w. HIM though..he wants it too, but not so sure as bad as I do..??
Everyone says that implantation starts 7-10days AFTER O, but 2day is 6DPO for me and I woke up with some cramping today...I guess thats what it feels like(apparently)when theres implant..? I'm praying that IS what I was feeling..course no way to know until next wk..I'm pretty POAS happy, which I WISH I'd cut out..but I'll probably take an EPT starting Monday...I've had those show up a FAINT + before,,,but when it's - it's such a waste of money...I can barely wait though...think I'm going to order bulk on Ebay so I can test and test and test and not feel guilty!!!
Why do you think we are having "symptoms" soooo early after O and then they go away..would we even BE experiencing realy symptoms THAT soon???

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Answered by crystalbeau - Jan. 6, 2011 1:07pm
The waiting is making me crazy as well. I don't want to tell my husband yet because I don't want him going crazy about it either way. so, this forum is all I got till I can test. It seems like most of mine have gone away as well,sadly. Still can't sleep and am extremely tired along with the off and nauseous feeling and the dizzy spells when I stand up ( which never happened until a few days ago) My bbs aren't sore though and they haven't been which is odd they are always sore. I would say AF is coming if I didn't know better but she isn't due till the 13th. Hope this is the month but it isn't looking good. Good Luck to all!

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Answered by tatertahelon - Jan. 6, 2011 11:36am
6dpo 4 me2day2!!this waiting, wondering, symptom spotting is making me a crazy lady though...I Also hope this is r month!!! Wouldn't anything much sweeter!!!!
It seems that the "symptoms" I (thought I) WAS feeling are disappearing...I'm having a slight headache today, but haven't had any caffeine, so that may be y..? Did wake up w/ cramps today(minor)and If I didn't know beter would think AF was coming but it's not due til 13th..couldn't be THIS early. I haven't checked manually(lol) but have virtually no CM:( want to see that..bbs not sore and really haven't been, every once in a while a shooting pain, but leaves quickly. Was having just Rside low ab pain, that seems to be done, but was experiencing pain in other side..what is THAT about??? I will proly start testing asap! I'm a poasa!! Mon would be soonest..right around the corner!!!!

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Answered by a guest - Jan. 5, 2011 9:30pm
I am in the same boat. o was the 31st. Last night I woke in hot flashes and mild cramps. I can eat the house and not feel full but nothing is tasting good. i have the same pain/ pressure on my right side when i empty my bladder. Some back pains, I haven't been able to sleep like I normally do for several days so tired but when i lay down I cant sleep. It seems to early for this though. I have thought it was the month before this month seems different than those. I'm worried my mind is doing this to me. How are you guys feeling?

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Answered by tatertahelon - Jan. 5, 2011 8:46am
HI! Everything I "feel" like I'm experiencing is totally &completely OFF from ANYTHING I'VE EVER experienced. I CANNOT Sleep(it's' the wierdest thing of all)..it's been many days in a row that I can't fall asleep until like 3-5am..it's MAKING ME LOONY;/ i NEEEED at LEAST 8hrs of snoozing~preferably 12 and this doesn't seem to affect me.??..also, everyone says runny/congested nose..I'm having an abundance of HARD boogs(ewww)multiple x's/day~bloking my breathing...also since O have had this low jab/poke pain~R side~ that goes into my back, but the worst part is emptying my bladder, it's like this horrible sharp pain in THAT spot...it stayed consistent for like 3ish days but finally subsiding..phew. minor occasional headaches, BUT if this IS THE month would I really be experiencing these things only 5 DPO?? I'm just going crazy..I HAVE lil joys~not sure why I'm obsessing about more..? families/children r such blessings...
Baby dust to you...prayers and hugs!!!!

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Answered by xxxZenaxxx - Jan. 5, 2011 6:39am
im 6dpo! going a little crazy i just hope this is the month for us both! i have few symptoms but not as much as last month so hopefully thats a good thing!! bbs sore crampy pains which im hoping means implantation! how are you getting through?xxxx

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