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Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Asked by a member

Q: Creamy/Egg white cervical cm at 4 Dpo. Help knowing what this neans??!!

I am 4dpo and have creamy/egg white lotion like cm.I have nothing on my underwear but when I check my fluid it's on my finger. Also my cervix feels kindof soft still and not to high nor low. My breast have been sore, tender, itchy since 1dpo. Along with having a headache 2dpo. Now I have slight nausea 3dpo.

Please give me advise thanks

This question was asked Apr. 2, 2012 6:29pm
Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Answered by a member - Apr. 2, 2012 11:12pm
Yes I am going to wait I don't wanna get disappointed. The other thing is strange to me I'm very very gassy...uuugghh I kept a air fresher near bye so hubby doesn't talk about me, on top of my breast they are very very sore and sensitive and seem fuller than before. I guess I'll go back to taking my temp. I never did this before I actually stopped yesterday because I don't know how it really works. If you have took temp throughout the whole time can you please help me with it. Thank you so much sweetie. May I ask if your pregnant or still ttc?

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Answered by a member - Apr. 2, 2012 11:03pm
It might not mean anything. You are still VERY early and way too early to determine if it's pregnancy or not. CM changes throughout your cycle, so you can't read too much into it. If it looks like egg whites and is stretchy, BD because you're probably near ovulation....but other than that you can't really determine much (with certainty) from CM alone. It takes 6-12 days for implantation to take place and another 2-4 days for hcg levels to increase enough in your body to get a BFP and to experience symptoms. Wait until AF is due and try testing. Good luck:-)

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Answered by a member - Apr. 2, 2012 10:49pm
Yes I was also thinking that as well but it was negative on Ovulation test yesterday as well as today. Thank you and best of luck to both of us

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Answered by lalarilley - Apr. 2, 2012 10:36pm
Normally CM like that would make me think O. Is it possible that you are ovulating now? I would say try to have sex if you can, just in case. Otherwise, I don't know why you would still be having so much CM. Good luck.

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