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Category: Cycles & Ovulation

Asked by kaydancesmommy

Q: No period after depo; help tracking ovulation

I was on depo for a year (sept '10- aug '11). I was due to get my last shot nov 1 but since I am ttc I didn't go to get it. I never had a period on depo. I had spotting for 2 weeks after stopping but nothing since. If I'm not having a period, can I still ovulate? If I am ovulating how will I know? Please help!!!

This question was asked Jan. 25, 2012 8:52pm
Category: Cycles & Ovulation

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Answered by Steffy - Jan. 27, 2012 9:31pm
I was on the shot for a year and due to get my next shot July 2011. Instead my husband and I started ttc. BUT i didnt get a cycle until Dec. and that was after 2 separate doses of progesterone medication. More than likely you will not ovulate without having a menstrual cycle. Good Luck!

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Answered by quiverfullofhaggards - Jan. 26, 2012 11:27am
I was on Depo. My last shot was OCt. 2002. I didn't start to ovulate or have periods til April of 2003. Got pregnant with my DD in December of 2003. My advice is to see if your doc will give you a couple rounds of clomid. It will start your ovaries to release the LH hormone to start ovulating. Some doctors think this is controversy but when I did my clinicals I seen it work for many women. If your doctor won't perscribe clomid, I recommend Wild Yams supplement and Vitex. If you start doing ovulation strips do be aware that these can pick up many hormones. When your are on Depo, it causes your body to release more Prolactin (which is what we secrete when we are breastfeeding) OPKs can pick this up and your opk will look positive. I would research natural ways to get your body back into a normal cycle. Baby Dust to you!!!!

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Answered by Linae90 - Jan. 25, 2012 10:15pm
I have been off Depo since November 2010 and I just ovulated for the first time this month!!!!! My cycles started about 6 months after stopping and they were really irregular :( be prepared to be frustrated because that depo is a doozy.... I definitely think it is a good I idea to buy OPK's and talk to your doctor.

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Answered by jewlz83ttc - Jan. 25, 2012 9:39pm
I've been on the depo and it took me 10 months for my period to come back. You should definitely get some OPK's. Baby Dust to you!!!

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Answered by dbrad1490 - Jan. 25, 2012 9:12pm
I was also on DEPO. My period came back to normal after a few months. You may not be ovulating yet. Sometimes it can take a year to get fertility back. However, buy some OPK test strips if you want to find out when you O each month. You can find them in bulk on amazon.com.

Sometimes you may feel pain in your right of left side that may be ovulation. Also, your cervical mucus will be either watery or egg white and slippery.

If you're serious about starting TCC now I would suggest a pre-conception dr visit. GOOD LUCK AND BABY DUST! :)

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