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Help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to figure out if I could be pregnant.
Is it's possible to be pregnant, I had period. Beginning of this month. Now I have sore nipples,nausea,tired,keen sense of smell,s... more
Asked by highlyfavored - Mar. 26, 2013 9:59am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
How accurate are the internet dip stick pregnancy tests?
I got a bunch of the super sensitive internet dip stick pregnancy tests, and I'm curious to know if any of you have had a good exp... more
Asked by jjgibson - Mar. 26, 2013 9:28am - Category: Pregnancy Tests - 2 Answers

Does this mean clomid is working for me????
This is my 2nd round or clomid 50mg. I took it days 3-7 this time instead of 5-9. I ovulated over this pasted weekend. And I know ... more
Asked by blueyed0528 - Mar. 26, 2013 9:15am - Category: Fertility Aids - 4 Answers
If I tried soy, but didn't work. Would clomid work for me?
So I got my reading back from Tania. And it was great! She said there's a possibility of twin boys.. Which is scary! But she also ... more
Asked by wishful4baby - Mar. 26, 2013 9:11am - Category: Fertility Issues - 1 Answer
HELP! TTC! What could this mean?!
TTC buuutttttt seems like my cycles are getting shorter. I went from having a 28 day cycle to 25 day cycle to 23 day cycle. Durin... more
Asked by whitnee - Mar. 26, 2013 8:36am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
Does your cervix move up during early pregnancy?
I normally check my cervix during my cycle for charting purposes. Checked it two days ago and it was low and hard. Yesterday, pref... more
Asked by BenjaminsMommy2012 - Mar. 26, 2013 7:46am - Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms - 3 Answers
first month after nonsuccessful infertility treatment
I did a IUI cycle in January and I should have got my period days ago. I am so confused because I have been spotting since 7 dpo ... more
Asked by lilangel2nd - Mar. 26, 2013 6:29am - Category: Fertility Issues - 3 Answers
What do you think?
I'm on clomid did days 3-7 started doing the deed last Sunday wed then Friday. Now on Friday I have a negative opk test at 5am ca... more
Asked by blueyed0528 - Mar. 26, 2013 6:25am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
Any ideas?
Ok its abit of a long one ladies, i had around a 37 day cycle last month and then on the 3rd of March i had 2 days of brown spotti... more
Asked by hardtimes88 - Mar. 26, 2013 6:17am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
Day of AF and BFN but no AF? Am I out?
Im devastated!!! Hubby and I conceived our son 1st time we tried, we conceived the last pregnancy 2nd time of trying but it ended ... more
Asked by TaylorsMummy - Mar. 26, 2013 5:01am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
Is This A Good Sign??
Usually before my period I have the white creamy discharge, well this cycle I am having clear, watery discharge, with a little whi... more
Asked by tiarafarris - Mar. 26, 2013 4:58am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers
What's going on ??
I'm 16 days past ovulation and AF is 2 days late, did a test this morning and it showed the faintest line but when I wiped there w... more
Asked by Cozmo79 - Mar. 26, 2013 3:39am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 3 Answers
Af 6 days late ,negative pregnancy tests
Hi everyone af is now 6 days late all bfn on tests took the last one yesturday morning with FMU and nothing I really don't no what... more
Asked by aj1234 - Mar. 26, 2013 3:24am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers
I got my period 17th Feb. my next bleeding was 10th March very short. bright red and its like fresh
I usally 28 days. on the day of 7th I was very sick with high fever and bad flue .. in the day of 10th the started bleeding was v... more
Asked by lae014 - Mar. 26, 2013 2:13am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 0 Answers
{POLL} I had an early, light 3 day period, then 3 days of nothing and then spotting and symptoms? Opinions?
First off, I hadn't really thought about having another baby before this scare, so we were NOT TTC and ALWAYS used condoms start t... more
Asked by GabbiRy - Mar. 26, 2013 1:11am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer / 4 Votes
TTC and need some advice
so my boyfriend are trying for #2 so my cycle went off on the 17th of this month and we had unprotected sex the same day but he p... more
Asked by mikalah09 - Mar. 26, 2013 12:49am - Category: Trying for Another - 1 Answer
it was a mc
hello to all of you i jst wanted to inform you guys as i had promised.i had a miscourage ladies.hope you all are ok,babydust to yo... more
Asked by lindsay omondi - Mar. 26, 2013 12:45am - Category: Miscarriage & Loss - 1 Answer
About 3 Days Late but Negative HPTs??
LMP was February 24th. Usually on a 26-27 day cycle and since I have been off of my pill for 2 months (3 periods) I have been ver... more
Asked by jefforysmommy - Mar. 26, 2013 12:39am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
Feminine wash/soap vs fertility
Do feminine wash affect your fertility?... more
Asked by MrsBlue - Mar. 25, 2013 11:59pm - Category: Fertility Issues - 1 Answer
Af 3 days late bfn!!???
My period was due Sat. Haven't been a regular tracker but started af 2/7 &. 3/1 puts me on a 22 day cycle. Period still not he... more
Asked by NewlyMarriedMommy - Mar. 25, 2013 11:28pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers