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Early Pregnancy - Page 30

Help! Used pullout method for BC
I had my IUD(Paragard) removed 06-11-15 and had my period start on 06-10-15 i have a 31 day cycle and my husband and i used the pu... more
Asked by BrookePrice - Jul. 6, 2015 11:27pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 4 Answers
So I'm feeling a little confused. I just went to the doctors and after what I believed to be cp on 5th June he feels that maybe I ... more
Asked by hailsmcl - Jul. 6, 2015 10:26pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 4 Answers

Jumping while pregnant
I'm 15 weeks pregnant and everything has been good I have a highered truck and I have to jump to get into it and kinda jump to get... more
Asked by Nessamya - Jul. 6, 2015 8:40pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
High hcg
Does anyone know if its normal for the gestational sac to be the only thing present on a us with hcg being 9157 and supposed to be... more
Asked by Kgriffin112289 - Jul. 6, 2015 8:07am - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
Waiting on blood hcg results, but cramping&light red bleeding today. Need advice please :(
I've had 4 faint positive hpt tests, Neg urine test at drs,& get blood hcg results tomorrow. Approx 18dpo, I'm cramping and fe... more
Asked by peanut87 - Jul. 5, 2015 3:18pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 2 Answers
{POLL} Does anyone think I'm pregnant ?
I've done two 15 miU tests and both have a very faint line that appeared in seconds then I done a 25 miU and it was negative Wat d... more
Asked by mummyof4eldestis4 - Jul. 5, 2015 11:27am - Category: Early Pregnancy - 0 Answers / 8 Votes
Showing at five weeks?
Hi I am only supposed to be five weeks and my stomach has looked swollen just at the bottom for two weeks now I was taking clomid ... more
Asked by Relly1991 - Jul. 5, 2015 11:09am - Category: Early Pregnancy - 2 Answers
Progesterone ....... Early bleed???
I'm on 2 doses of prog every day & just got BFP yesterday at 14dpo - I had a little bleed this morn is that normal on it does ... more
Asked by Spring131 - Jul. 5, 2015 4:14am - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
{POLL} Positive pregnancy test 8DPO (I think)
I took a test last night, thought I saw something but wasn't sure.. Looked at it again this morning and it had 2 lines, so I took ... more
Asked by anotherchildplease - Jul. 3, 2015 12:20pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 0 Answers / 7 Votes
Pregnancy testing - confused!?!?!
I have been feeling very tired and sickly the past few days, so decided to do a pregnancy test (baby #2) and it was very faint on ... more
Asked by Mrs_Jackson - Jul. 1, 2015 3:13pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 2 Answers
Anybody have an arcuate/bicornuate uterus? What did you do after getting a BFP?
For those of you ladies who have an arcuate or bicornuate uterus: I did an HSG last month and the gynecologist and radiologist to... more
Asked by WBF123 - Jun. 29, 2015 6:02pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
4dpo cramps
Ive been feeling dull cramps in lower belly. So low it is practically by my crotch. I cant remember fweling this in any othwr cycl... more
Asked by LolaNY11 - Jun. 29, 2015 2:30pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
Am I pregers out what???
About four days ago took hot got faint positive one hour ago I pee and go to wipe and there is a brown tinge in my cervical mucus ... more
Asked by Family#1 - Jun. 28, 2015 10:30pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 2 Answers
Am I pregnant? ?
Okay here we go, been off birth control since September of 2014 and have had a regular period a 28-30 day cycle each period 5-6 da... more
Asked by Mariaaaah13 - Jun. 28, 2015 7:10pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 2 Answers
Positive pregnancy test
Hello everyone , I'm new to posting on forums so I apologise if I waffle ???? I took a pregnancy test 3 days ago And it came bac... more
Asked by Poppy09 - Jun. 28, 2015 1:44pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 2 Answers
Has anyone used Ovex for fertility support and during early weeks of pregnancy?
I have had 2 faint positive pregnancy tests and was feeling really great about them, but Im scared my issues with suspeced low pro... more
Asked by peanut87 - Jun. 28, 2015 11:44am - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
Light pink spitting on progesterone?
I have taken a 200mg suppository once for the last 3 days and saw light pink spotting this am. I took a HPT and got a standard pos... more
Asked by deccruise - Jun. 27, 2015 8:07am - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
20dpo lines are not getting darker??
hi all, i am 20dpo after my second round of clomid, i found out sunday gone that I am pregnant, i have taken various tests everyda... more
Asked by shepgirl - Jun. 27, 2015 1:42am - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
Should I be concerned about low hcg level and average progestrone?
I am currently 4 weeks pregnant. I had a beta taken yesterday and got the results today (6/26). My hcg level was 34 and my progest... more
Asked by candy89 - Jun. 26, 2015 5:39pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
Baby aspirin after bfp
Of course I will be checking with my doctor when I schedule my first pre natal, but i am just curious if anyone has ever continued... more
Asked by ashleyj14711 - Jun. 25, 2015 7:37pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer