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9 DPO CHANGING SYMPTOMS. yesterday felt unmistakable morning sickness, today nothing.
My first month TTC 2nd baby. I'm extremely sensitive to any progesterone changes so it made sense for me to be feeling pregnancy e... more
Asked by nscartwright24@gmail.com - Jul. 20, 2017 9:54am - Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms - 2 Answers
BFP THEN BFN? Ended up pregnant?
I have pcos and this is the second time I've ovulated on my own. Yesterday at 13 DPO I took a test in the morning and it was a fai... more
Asked by Dogmom95 - Jul. 20, 2017 9:12am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer

Sharp, painful pelvic cramps?
I'm currently 11dpo and today and on 7dpo, I experienced really sharp pelvic pains, like a pulling which hurt to even move. I was ... more
Asked by mtwantsababy - Jul. 20, 2017 8:28am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 3 Answers
I've been doing the Opk and gotten positive for 4 days straight , what to know what does that mean ?
the LH surge started on Monday the 17th and hasn't been negative since , my calculated date for ovulation was that Monday also... more
Asked by Milly3 - Jul. 20, 2017 7:27am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 2 Answers
{POLL} I am late on my cycle and ive taken 6 hpt and all have a very very faint line u can barely see
Im not sure if there so faint bc im super early or if its just the evaporation line. I have nausea and sore breasts and i have to ... more
Asked by BrookePrice - Jul. 20, 2017 6:20am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer / 2 Votes
11DPO Prganancy test negative
Today 11DPO for me,morning i had tested but result is negative. but I have some mentioned sysmptoms like Fatigue,Nausea and Backa... more
Asked by saranyaravi - Jul. 20, 2017 5:12am - Category: Getting Ready - Emotionally - 1 Answer
Implantation bleeding?
On 5DPO I had what felt like dull aches in my lower abdomen and lower back, very similar to what I'd start feeling coming up to AF... more
Asked by JanieMac - Jul. 20, 2017 2:26am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
15 dpo
I have 2 children tested bfp by 14dpo with them both. now 15dpo and no usual signs of AF- none at all! anyone else had this? ... more
Asked by Aishap123 - Jul. 20, 2017 1:59am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers
Going crazy here....
So I'm two days late for AF, tested yesterday and today with internet cheapies and got BFN. This is my third round of clomid so I... more
Asked by Wrangler07 - Jul. 19, 2017 10:54pm - Category: Pregnancy Tests - 1 Answer
Where can I track my BBT?
Where can I track my BBT on the page?... more
Asked by Sunelbritz - Jul. 19, 2017 8:28am - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer
In 10dpo I got backpain bit...I feel very tired some tim gas and nausea....it's any positive symptoms of ppregnancy ... more
Asked by saranyaravi - Jul. 19, 2017 3:31am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
What's going on with my body?
You may have seen my other post warning about using Superdrug tests... I did 4 before my period and all were faint but very much t... more
Asked by shazzie86 - Jul. 19, 2017 2:12am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 5 Answers
How should a women choose maternity swimsuits.
My sister is 6 months pregnant. Weather also started to heat up and all the pregnant women start their searches online and hit the... more
Asked by ZoeBalcombe - Jul. 19, 2017 12:04am - Category: Getting Ready - Physically - 0 Answers
{POLL} 24 days late; many bfn's; negative blood test; can I still be pregnant?
I'm 25 years old and never missed a period in my life which is why being 24 days late is really getting to me. What's the likeliho... more
Asked by Layla0881 - Jul. 18, 2017 10:03pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 3 Answers / 2 Votes
Will taking Vitex increase my chances if I have regular period and ovulate every month?
I am 25 and have been trying for a year. Willing to try anything at this point! I have had a couple doctors appointments but th... more
Asked by BreeannaV - Jul. 18, 2017 5:29pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
IB & Cramping for Longer Cycles
So we're in our 3rd cycle of TTC and my cycles tend to be 34 - 35 days. I use CB's digital OPK & my peak days were July 3r... more
Asked by bigapplestyleworld - Jul. 18, 2017 3:27pm - Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms - 0 Answers
I started about 3 days late..
And today is the second day of my period and normally it's in full force by now and I only am bleeding when I pee or wipe, barely ... more
Asked by chelsea67 - Jul. 18, 2017 3:09pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
Implantation Bleeding
My husband and I had unprotected sex and has been pulling out but the last time he actually went inside of me. I am no longer on t... more
Asked by Riaree143 - Jul. 18, 2017 11:30am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers
Are my cycles considered irregular?
I'm currently on cycle day 24 and haven't ovulated yet ( I use opks and gave strong ovulation pain so I know when I do ovulate). I... more
Asked by KaseyKasem - Jul. 18, 2017 10:56am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
pls tell me my fertility days
hai my friends, i faced 2nd miscarriage on last may and i got first periods on 12 June and second one on 13th July so i ha... more
Asked by chathurika - Jul. 18, 2017 8:57am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer