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{POLL} Wishful Thinking?
Some backstory - I had a miscarriage at the end of May (blighted ovum, no D&C required), and started TTC again right away. So... more
Asked by LinnyBuck - Jun. 29, 2017 10:11am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 0 Answers / 3 Votes
TTC no2, 4DPO, found a lump on my cervix - not at do its until Monday and really freaking out!
We are currently on out second cycle trying to conceive baby no 2. We have a DD (almost 4) and sadly had a miscarriage in December... more
Asked by Scarlettpimpernell - Jun. 29, 2017 9:56am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 0 Answers

Am I Pregnant?
I have taken about 7-10 Walmart First Signal preg test and after the time limit (about an hour) every single one of them had a pos... more
Asked by Mommaof217 - Jun. 29, 2017 8:20am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
I have not experienced a change in my breast but I'm still BF my 2 year old. Will this be delayed?
I honestly never paid any attention to symptoms before. This time around I'm still breast feeding a 2 year old. There doesn't seem... more
Asked by Elw0114 - Jun. 29, 2017 6:57am - Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms - 2 Answers
Why do people call it a "chemical pregnancy"?
I don't understand why they don't call it a miscarriage. A "chemical pregnancy" is a REAL pregnancy that ended in an ear... more
Asked by Goth237 - Jun. 29, 2017 4:56am - Category: Miscarriage & Loss - 2 Answers
Two false digital early response tests?
How likely is it two get two false positives 5 days before period on digital ept? Anyone experience this? Am I paranoid? Don't an... more
Asked by Secretsmama - Jun. 29, 2017 4:14am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 3 Answers
Can you ovulate twice in one month? Like hyperovulate?
Hubby andi had sex 1day before my period and it cut short to 4days which is weird for me, then after that we had sex maybe twice a... more
Asked by Mali89 - Jun. 28, 2017 10:09pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers
Who's dad??
I recently broke up with my boyfriend and had a drunken night with a friend. I'm unsure if we had full penetration this was on the... more
Asked by Meldavies - Jun. 28, 2017 3:22pm - Category: Early Pregnancy - 7 Answers
I recently had a chemical pregnancy. Had 4 days of positive tests and then started bleeding 9 days after my af was due. My hcg was... more
Asked by Beachgirl1291992 - Jun. 28, 2017 2:33pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 2 Answers
Will this be our month?
I got my period on the 1st of june for 2 days then off 2 days and started again for 2 days. I feel as though I did ovulate. sinc... more
Asked by SAMAYA14 - Jun. 28, 2017 2:22pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 0 Answers
Am I right?
I got my period on the 1st of june for 2 days then off 2 days and started again for 2 days. I feel as though I did ovulate. sinc... more
Asked by SAMAYA14 - Jun. 28, 2017 2:20pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
I'm Stumped on what my ovulation date is :(
This cycle I tried using 2 different brands of OPKs. (One was the strips and the other was Clearblue digital advanced) and I got 2... more
Asked by poptart8926 - Jun. 28, 2017 2:18pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
Took a test just 10 min ago or so and it came back super faint, took a FRER and it was negative...?
Took a clearblue test it was faint pos, took a FRER and it was negative what do I believe? CD 15.... possible pregnant?... more
Asked by RAINBOWBABYMAMA - Jun. 28, 2017 12:54pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 6 Answers
Asked by SNROMERO15 - Jun. 28, 2017 11:49am - Category: Pregnancy Tests - 0 Answers
Never paid attention during first pregnancy, 11dpo symptoms?
Just wondering if anyone remembers experiencing a few symptoms at 11dpo. Back story-I got a BFN on 7dpo, so I've decided to wait u... more
Asked by anita_pizza - Jun. 28, 2017 11:39am - Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms - 8 Answers
Estimated 13 DPO, Negative HPT but huge amounts of stretchy CM? Am I pregnant?
According to my cycle tracker my period should be due tomorrow, unless this is the time when my cycle is going to run on the long... more
Asked by socksgirl - Jun. 28, 2017 9:14am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 4 Answers
Iam getting light white discharge is it good for early pregnancy
Hi my last period date may25 2017 ichecked june 24 pregnancy test very faithline now today morning i checked pregnancy test little... more
Asked by Sunshine9 - Jun. 28, 2017 9:05am - Category: Getting Ready - Emotionally - 1 Answer
3days i checked pregancy test veryfaith line after 3days chevked faith line if im pregant or not
My last period date may252017.24 june i checked pregnany test very faith line now today morning again i checked pregnancy test agi... more
Asked by Sunshine9 - Jun. 28, 2017 8:06am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 3 Answers
Hey ladies. I think im going crazy but my partner and i did the deed exactly 24hrs from now and ive
What do the signs mean? Help... more
Asked by yung_jezzy9@outlook.com - Jun. 28, 2017 3:43am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 5 Answers
Possibly pregnant 5 weeks after D&C?
I had a D&C 5 and a half weeks ago. I know that i ovulated exactly 3 weeks after D&C. I thought there was a good chance I ... more
Asked by Mag_leigh - Jun. 27, 2017 8:25pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers